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3 for Me: Cheryl Cohorn

Happy Friday!  We hope you are doing well and ready for the weekend! We’re glad you stopped in to the Jolly Jabber today as we are very excited to welcome back Cheryl Cohorn:

“Long, hot summer days are getting me down, so this week I chose 3 fabrics from a fabulous new collection by Kris Lammers called Fresh Fallen Snow! I’m very fond of snowmen, so this first print makes me happy – each snowman is befriended by a sweet little feathered friend. The color palette in this collection is so striking, I wanted to show the entire group. But because this is 3 for Me, I finally decided on the snowflake print on the black background and the red scrollwork, both of which give quite a visual punch to the cool blues and greens. Ahhh, snow!”

Cheryl’s 3:

1. Fresh Fallen Snow White Falling Snowmen SKU# 16004-W

2. Fresh Fallen Snow Red Scrollwork SKU# 16005-R

3. Fresh Fallen Snow Black Falling Snowflakes SKU# 16007-J


  1. I am crazy about any fabric with snowflakes and/or snowmen… so these are fantastic… will go look for them this week…

  2. I absolutely LOVE the snowmen! I have seen some fabrics before with them but I have fallen in love with yours! I see an adorable quilt in my future!!