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2024 Temperature Cross Stitch & Quilt Patterns

Temperature quilts and cross stitch patterns have gained widespread popularity in recent years, offering a creative and charming way to document the passage of time. Dive into the delightful details of these projects, turning daily temperatures into a visual and tactile celebration of your year. Read on for all the details on these new temperature patterns!

Temperature Quilt Pattern

Our love for cute, cozy cottages led us to this year’s design. The 2024 Cottage Temperature Quilt Pattern includes a selection of 20 fabrics to represent the range of temperatures for your location. You’ll use each day’s average or maximum temperature and the corresponding fabric color to record the temperature in stitches. You can also pick different colors or collections to suit your taste and personalize your quilt even more!

This year’s temperature quilt is made with the Moda Temperature Quilt Fat Quarter Bundle featuring Bella Solids by Moda Fabrics. The fabric placement in the quilt diagram above is based on the daily average temperatures for the Fat Quarter Shop area in 2022.

Don’t forget to gather all of your supplies:

Kimberly will be sewing her Cottage Temperature Quilt with Flower Girl by My Sew Quilty Life for Moda Fabrics.

You can use your favorite weather app or www.weather.gov/wrh/climate to get the daily average temperature and we included a temperature key in the pattern to help you stay organized!

Temperature Cross Stitch Pattern

For our 2024 Cottage Temperature Cross Stitch, we have included a selection of 23 different colors to represent the range of different temperatures. Like with the temperature quilt pattern, you’ll use each day’s average or maximum temperature and the corresponding color from the selection to record the temperature in stitches. This beautiful cross stitch pattern perfectly pairs with this year’s Cottage Temperature Quilt Pattern design!

Don’t forget to gather all of your supplies:

Follow along with Kimberly in 2024 as she records the temperature here in Central Texas! She will be stitching weekly and sharing monthly updates on social media and Fat Quarter Shop’s Flosstube!

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    1. The pattern addresses this in a really clever way. There are slight differences for February and months with 31 days. Great diagrams, too!

    2. Hi Nancy!

      It’s up to you what you’re tracking each day, so you can take the average, high, or low temperature to choose to represent throughout the year. Kimberly will be doing the daily average temperature. We’re glad you like the design!

  1. Thank you Kimberly and Fat Quarter Shop this pattern for the cottage temperature chart will be fun to do already purchased my fabric.

  2. Wow! this is absolutely adorable! and I love the tree addition for 31 days/month.
    Thank you so much for sharing!!

  3. I am in love with this concept!! I’m going to make one for 2024 and use the highs and lows for the days in the two triangles. I have an electronic weather station in my home which records the temps throughout the day and records them. I just have to pick my fabric now. Thank you!!

    1. If you use the high and low for each day won’t you often end up with a square rather than 1/2 square triangle?

      1. Hi Debra! The pattern is designed for using the average temperature of the day or you can choose to use the high or low, but it’s not designed for both in one day. Hope this clears up some of the confusion!

    2. Hi Marchelle! That’s such a fun idea. If you share on social media please be sure to tag us, so we can see how it turns out in this style!

  4. I am curious about 2 things. How would it look using a color different than the back ground for the house 1/2 square triangles, maybe a pearl gray? Also I know my areas (DC, NY, VT) will not reach all of the temperature ranges listed, should I just by 1/2 yard for what ranges are most likely my areas and skip the ranges we will never reach? I would like to make one for both of my children and myself so temperature ranges will be different and would like to work in colors that are favorites.

  5. I’ve been wanting to do a temperature quilt for a few years. This pattern is really cute easy and free. I downloaded the pattern and looked at the Bella solids color chart and I already have 12_15 other solids that match the color range. Found all of this in one quick pass. I have 2 bins of solids I will check tomorrow. I’m thinking I will just do the cold temps for the year, and do the temps where I’m physically at. I will note the difference in locations by facing the hsts in the other when I’m not home. Feeling excited! I hope I can get this finished in the next 12_ 13 months. Thank you for the great pattern.

  6. Love this pattern! Can I use this pattern and use the high and low temperature of the day? The high temperature in the top left corner and the low temperature in the bottom right corner? Not sure yet how to add a low temperature to day 31?
    Just a thought!

    1. Hi Val! As Lori Holt always says, “You’re the boss of your own quilt.” If you do choose to do highs and lows on the pattern please share it with us, so we can see how it turns out!