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NEW 2023 Bee in my Bonnet Planner by Lori Holt

2023 Bee in my Bonnet Planner along with a vintage sewing machine and some Chunky Thread by Lori Holt
2023 Bee in my Bonnet Planner graphic header

We’re tickled pink to announce the 2023 Bee in my Bonnet Planner by Lori Holt! This spiral-bound, dated planner includes monthly and weekly planning sections and a notes section for each month. Every busy bee needs a pretty planner to keep track of all of their special dates and deadlines!

Another pic-nic shot of the Bee in my Bonnet Planner

Just like in 2022, Lori’s 2023 planner has a decorative woven fabric cover with silver embossing and comes in a sturdy keepsake box. The planner and keepsake box are proudly made in the USA!

Open-page spread of the planner's weekly layout on top of a quilt.

The 2023 Bee in my Bonnet Planner covers January to December of 2023 with 12 months of tabbed monthly and weekly planner pages, each with a corresponding notes section. Laminated monthly tabs separate each month to keep you organized.

View each month at a glance, and go in-depth with weekly planner pages to schedule your daily goals, lists, and tasks. One exciting update to the planner’s design is the addition of more space between each line on these pages to fit handwriting of different sizes.

Pic-nic setting showing the 2023 Bee in my Bonnet Planner open and various other props

The 2023 Bee in my Bonnet Planner features a 12-page Notes section at the back to capture inspiration and ideas! If you have an itch to create, this book can easily be made into a beautiful passion planner.

We wanted a dated journal that allows us to be creative and orderly, and Bee in my Bonnet Co. delivered! 

Snag your copy today!

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Haven’t reserved your copy of the 2023 Bee in my Bonnet Planner? Don’t worry. This planner is available for pre-order, and you can reserve yours today!

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Happy Planning!