Introducing Solid Jolly Bars!

This Summer, we get to introduce so. Many. New. Awesome. Things.  Starting with these things right here!  The first ever set of BELLA SOLID Jolly Bars that you will only find at the Fat Quarter Shop!  Jolly Bars are our exclusive 5″ x 10″ precuts, and now they finally have companion solids to join them.  Solids can work for just about any project, so you can’t go wrong with having a few of these on hand!  These first three hues are White (9900-98), Bleached White (9900-97) and Porcelain (9900-182).  To find out which solid will pair best for your project, you can find a really good post here on which ones Moda designers prefer for their collections.

All through June, we will show you these lovely little Jolly Bars full of solid-y goodness one by one, starting with Porcelain.  This creamy, buttery white is the darkest of the light range and complements collections with dark neutral tones, such as Howdy, Rachel Remembered and Gooseberry Lane.

One of the best things about our Jolly Bars is that they all come with a free pattern, even the Bella Solids!  The free pattern for the Porcelain Jolly Bar is called On the Wing, and we selected the Howdy Jolly Bar and Porcelain Jolly Bar for our quilt sample.  (See our post on Howdy!)  It comes together quickly and measures 47″ x 57.5″.  We love the simply geometry of the hourglasses and diamonds, and it’s a great design to show off fun, graphic prints!

Thanks for joining us, and stay tuned for next week’s post to see the next solid Jolly Bar and free pattern quilt!  Also let us know, what other Bella Solids colors do you want to see join the Jolly Bar family?  What are your tried and true background colors?  And what size do you like your Jolly Bar quilts to be?