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Woman of Courage Block of the Month

The Women of Courage collection by Nancy Gere has finally arrived! It is a beautiful range of classic florals and wreaths in rich teals and browns. This also means that the Women of Courage Block-of-the-Month by Denise Lipscomb will begin soon!

Click here to read our interview with her about this intriguing quilt. If you have a love of traditional quilts in fresh colors and beautiful intricate blocks, be sure to join!

Each block commemorates the memory of different women of courage, from different backgrounds, eras and significance in world history. Each block and woman of courage is fascinating and inspirational in her own way.

In honor of this coming Memorial Day, we’d like to mention some of the women who served bravely for our good in times of war.

Nancy Wake, a native New Zealander who joined the French Resistance during WWII and became a British agent and at one time the Gestapo’s most wanted person.

Maud Fitch, hailing from Eureka, Utah, ventured into France to get as close as she could to the WWI frontlines as an ambulance driver, which also required furnishing her own ambulance.

Mary Edwards Walker received her medical degree prior to the American Civil War, during which she served as a volunteer and was eventually appointed as the first-ever female surgeon in the U.S. Army’s employ.

Mary Louise Roberts Wilson, R.N., was the first woman to be awarded the Silver Star for her leadership under fire. In 1943, she served for 29 months in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps in North Africa and Italy.

Last but not least, Cornelia ten Boom from the Netherlands, whose family helped Jews during the Holocaust by hiding them in their house. As a consequence they were arrested and some died in concentration camps, including her father and sister.

Which woman stands the closest to your heart ? You can view the rest of the women of courage here. Enjoy!


  1. I have read The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom. What an amazing story of forgiveness in spite of cruel injustice!

  2. Ooh, this looks gorgeous. I wonder if I can fit in two blocks of the month with all my other sewing and the 'job' that pays for it all. Thinking, thinking…

  3. I love this quilt. Design and color are beautiful. I wish i was brave enough to do a block a month like this being a new quilter.