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What’s Your Remix VOTING!

Hello everyone! Remember last week when we launched out “What’s Your Remix?” contest with Cotton + Steel? We received over 200 entries and it’s time to vote for YOUR favorite Cotton + Steel Remixes! head on over to our poll 1 and poll 2 and VOTE for your favorites until Friday, February 6th, 2015! Remember there will be two winners, one picked by you and once picked by the amazing Cotton + Steel designers! We will announce the winners on the blog on February 10th! Good luck!


  1. I am also wondering why mine was not included. I notice some are 10 fabrics. Was I disqualified for only picking nine? Sorry if I didn't understand the rules. Still had fun and love all the contests!

  2. My link is not included either. It seems as though one poll was linked up twice. I'm sure it will be fixed soon enough. It was really fun to make selections for this contest!

  3. Hello everyone! We apologize for the inconvenience, there was an error when uploading the voting. It should all be correct now! Everyone's name and link had to be manually updated!