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What’s New from South Sea Imports

Here is a glimpse at what’s new from South Sea Imports. These two novelty collections are perfect for a charming quilt. Garden Patch by South Sea Imports reminds you to love your vegetables and My Hometown by Cat Williams for South Sea Imports makes you a bit nostalgic for your childhood days. Which collection is your favorite?

Garden Patch is full of bright colors, cute flowers, cuddly animals and most importantly, juicy vegetables.  Let your garden grow with this bountiful collection. 

My Hometown takes you back to the place where you grew up.  Walk the stone streets and look up into the starry sky while recreating your hometown.  


  1. I collect textures for applique, so some of those My Hometown fabrics need to be in my "textures bin"!! I love the colors of Garden Patch better, so maybe I need some of that too!