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Welcome to International Sewing Month 2016! Giveaway #1


Hello, everyone!  Welcome to International Sewing Month 2016! We’re very excited about Sewing Month, as you can imagine! We love this little business Kimberly started 13 years ago, and thank you for being a part of our Fat Quarter Shop community!


We’ll be posting weekly here on the Jolly Jabber blog, and will be offering at least FIVE different giveaways during the month.  Better yet? We’ll have multiple winners for each giveaway. Woo hoo!

In addition we’ll be sharing some of our latest AND some of our greatest. Prizes and inspiration will abound!  We’ll also be offering an exclusive, FREE pattern at the end of the month, so stay tuned for more Sewing Month fun!




Let’s start this celebration off with a bang!  THREE lucky people will win one of our September Sew Sampler Monthly Subscription Boxes, which will be shipping out on September 20th.  The boxes retail for $24.95 per month (+ shipping and handling), but the product value is always much greater.

If you’re not familiar with Sew Sampler, you should be! Our happy customers rave about it each month, and we love bringing joy and great products to our customers.




Leave a comment on this post sharing your favorite type of quilt block or quilt. For example log cabin, simple squares, equilateral triangles, tumbler, etc. Giveaway ends on Sunday, September 4, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. The winners will be chosen at random and will be notified by email.  The winners will be announced in an update to this post. Good luck, everyone!


Congratulations to our three winners: Mara, Carol C. and Veronica! They’ve been contacted by email regarding their prizes. We thank you for your entries, everyone, and look forward to treating you to more surprises and giveaways during Sewing Month!

Happy Sewing Month from Kimberly & Kevin Jolly, and everyone at Fat Quarter Shop! 


  1. I'd say that my favorite block is a star block, with the basic nine patch running close behind.

    Ann Arbor quilter 🙂

  2. I'm so NEW to quilting I don't really know just which block pattern I like most. I have found the 9 patch is difficult for me. So that is my least favorite right now. LOVE the SEW SAMPLER box!!!

  3. Goose in the Pond block. A friend has an antique GITP quilt on her wall – that's part of what inspired me to begin quilting years and years ago.

  4. My current favorite is the churn dash. I love how it can look very traditional or very modern depending on fabrics, scale, or placement.

  5. I am brand new at quilting so I am practicing my favorite block, half square triangles, by making a Moda Love Quilt:) I love all the possibilities with hsts!

  6. I am brand new at quilting so I am practicing my favorite block, half square triangles, by making a Moda Love Quilt:) I love all the possibilities with hsts!

  7. I am still a very new to quilting and have received every sew sampler box since April. I was happy to get in at the beginning. I love all the blocks that have come in them but I am really enjoying pinwheels! They are sew fun!


  8. Happy Sewing Month!! I love star patterns, and the drunkard path block. The Bow Tie or the 9 patch are great too. There are just so many I can't choose just one. I just taught a small workshop on New York Beauty block using paper piecing. Irish chain is fun to make too.
    I want to try my hand at a traditional log cabin too.

  9. Oh my gosh I totally want to win this! I have wanted a Sew Sampler Box since they started but can't afford it right now. My favorite block is the pinwheel but I have only mastered the nine patch 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. I love traditional blocks, especially log cabin, Ohio star, churn dash, etc. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. I love to sew all types of quilts and blocks that provide a challenge to me in sewing. Currently, I am drawn to the sew a block, cut and lay out to a new form, such as the disappearing 4 patch.

  12. I'm a new quilter so I am enjoying quilt as you go – it seems the easiest way to practice quilting and have a finished product too.

  13. The first quilt I made was a log cabin. I also love stars of all kinds! Would love to win a Sampler Box…it may suck me in to a subscription!

  14. I don't have much experience, but I love how many different patterns you can make with half square triangles. I would love to receive that little box in the mail!

  15. Wow! Favorite block or quilt design…a few years ago I would have said any design with traditional hand applique but now with the availability of precuts
    in fabulous colors and Youtube tutorials, I now have to say simple, easy quick-pieced quilts because I can try all of the new fabrics, spend less time piecing and make beautiful accessories for my home and gifts for my friends.

    Absolutely love the layer cake lemonade quilt – I have made it as a baby quilt, housewarming gift and a graduation present!

  16. My favorite quilt block is the Dresden plate. Close second is the bear paw. And I thank you, Fat Quarter Shop, for bringing all the beautiful fabrics and wonderful patterns to us.

  17. I love log cabin and Bargello quilts, sadly I've not yet made either, but they are on my list! Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. My favorite block is stars and nine patch blocks. I am addicted to any and all Bonnie and Camille fabrics love Swoon and Red Letter day quilts.

  19. I never get tired of simple patchwork squares so I'm going to say a 16 patch or postage stamp block. I so look forward to the Sew Sampler each month, if I win I'll give it to my sister, she'll love it too! veeveebug@aol.com

  20. Half square triangle is my favorite block. So many design possibilities can occur when using just this block. Thanks for a chance in the giveaway! Thanks for all the creative ideas from FQS staff.

  21. I love stars and the simple Sawtooth Star would be my favorite! Thank you for the great giveaway and daily inspiration!

  22. I love the always charming Pinwheel block. There's just something about the simplicity of the Pinwheel that makes my heart happy to see them.

    Honestly any quilt block based on HSTs is a win for me. I love HSTs so much because they have almost endless possibilities when it comes to the block design.

  23. Log cabin is my fave. I want to make one so badly but I feel so intimidated by it all at the same time!!!!

  24. Rail Fence is my favorite quilt block. It's so versatile! Have made about six quilts with only black & white fabrics and lastly using a Me & My Sister pattern & their fabrics made our great niece a rainbow version.

  25. That's like asking me who my favorite grandchild is – it depends on the day! But if forced to choose, I would say today it is any type of 9 patch.

  26. I love the look of hand applique but I am not very good at it so I resort to raw edge applique. I enjoy doing wall hangings so that I can try out different techniques and won't get bored with a project that takes alot of time.

  27. Happy Sewing month to you! I love the buckeye beauty block especially in 2 color way scraps 🙂 Thank you for the celebration giveaways!

  28. For me it is a tie between the dresden plate and the log cabin blocks. I love all quilt blocks but those 2 happen to be my favorites. Thank you for the giveaways.

  29. Any block that has a Star of some kind in it is a sure favorite of mine! Love getting my Sew Sampler box of goodies. You are doing an awesome job selecting great items to put in them!!

  30. I also want to wish everyone a very Happy Sewing Month. I love the 9-patch block. It is so easy yet so versatile. It just become quite addictive. I have enjoyed my Sew Sampler boxes so much. You learn so much more about tools and notions and they become part of your quilting world as your learn and grow with them. Thank you for this fun and exciting Happy Sewing month.

    Sandi Timmons

  31. Fascinated by all types of patterns, but just starting to quilt. I love the variety of possibilities with equilateral triangles.

  32. I just finished a Christmas quilt using the "Presents" quilt block and it turned out better than I expected. My all time favorite though is the "Irish Chain." Love the simplicity. Thank you FQS for the fun giveaway.

  33. I would say I have many favorites right now – most of them Lori Holt blocks. I really like how the blocks can tell a story or be used in many different ways. They look complicated but are very easy to put together.

  34. The first quilt I made was a log cabin quilt and that block still remains my favorite. There are so many fun layouts to choose from.

  35. I'm still a rather inexperienced quilter so I really love the ease and simplicity of a charm square or sliced four patch. Both for piecing and quilting (I just straight line quilt, haven't mastered free motion yet).
    Thanks for the giveaway(s)!!

    sewystuff at gmail

  36. My favorite block of late is the friendship star block. Simple but with so much potential with scrappy fabric or specific fabric lines!

  37. Oh my, it's hard to pin down to one…..I would say I love pinwheels most right now. I prefer patchwork over paper piecing although both have their place. I love to add hand made embellishments such as yo-yo's, embroidery, hot fix rhinestones for sparkle and hand applique pieces to make a quilt truly unique beyond the published pattern.

  38. My favorite block is the dresden plate block. I also love all the different arrangements you can make with the log cabin Block.

  39. I love samplers! Quiltblocks abound! Thanks for the chance to win.
    cottonpaperflowers at gmail dot com

  40. I'm not sure I could pick a favorite block-it's like having to choose your favorite child. I just love sewing quilts. I love to participate in clubs and samplers though. Thanks for the chance.

  41. I love the Dresden Plate block especially in bright colors. I also love English Paper Piecing with hexagons. Thank you for this great giveaway!

    Have a great day!

  42. I love the wedding ring quilt, although I've never attempted to make one yet. But someday… I also enjoy the apple core quilt done in retro prints.

  43. I hope it will count for me to say that my favorite quilt block is all the blocks in Lori Holt's Farmgirl book. I adore the versatility of the two sizes for each block and how you can mix and match the different blocks, both six inch and 12 inch, to make literally hundreds (or probably thousands) of different designs!

  44. I love Cathedral Window quilts but will probably never make one as they are so very labor intensive! I really appreciate seeing any that others have made:-)

  45. Dresden plates! I am just in love with the many, many ways you can change them around to make new patterns. Right now I am working on a neutral fabric dresden plate pattern that I hope will thrill my girlfriend's daughter as much as it does me.

  46. I'm a star block junky, second to that, half square triangle blocks. There are so many variations on stars that I could sew stars the rest of my life and never tire of them. The HST blocks are way too numerous to count. I teach a class on making HST because so many ladies are afraid of triangles.

  47. I love piecing and loved doing my snowman gathering BOM. I also love doing log cabins but I think my favorite would be anything with stars. I also look forward to my sew sample box every month to see what I can do with whats in the box. I look forward to the 20th of the month. thanks for offering that.
    Leslie smith

  48. I really like modern looks and clean lines. The bright colors on neutral backgrounds. Currently my favorite block is stacks by Tula Pink, not because they are easy (although that's a plus), but because of the look you can create with them.

  49. Sew exciting about the giveaways and free pattern. Thank you. Hard to pick favorite block, love log cabin and it's variations and do go back to this block again and again, so let's go with that.

  50. Lavana, I love love love the Log Cabin Block in miniature with so many different settings.

  51. Happy International Sewing Month!! My favorite block? I haven't met one I didn't like in the 5 years I've been quilting. That said, I love Bear Par Blicks, HST blocks, flying geese blocks, and churn dash. I like quilts I can applique on. Thank you for the give a way(s)!

  52. I love the Ohio star and churn dash blocks. Well, I just love making blocks of all kinds. Thank you for all your great ideas and products. I am so guilty of never staying on my budget when I see all your fabrics and goodies!

  53. I love doing Block of the Month quilts. I usually get applique – holiday quilts – I love doing Halloween quilts. I look forward to getting my blocks each month and seeing the quilt come together.

  54. Can't pick just one favorite! Anything with stars, churn dash blocks, pinwheels, log cabins! and I love applique blocks! Just not enough time to make all of them! Thanks for the contest!

  55. My current favorite block is the disappear nine patch and all that can be done with it! Love the ability to create NEW blocks – opens the mind, gets my creative juices flowing!

    LOVE my FIRST Sew Sampler Box that I received in August – 2016, The Fat Quarter Shop blew me away with their generosity, I'm a NEW FAN!!!

  56. My favorite quilt block, so many choices it is hard to chose. If I have to pick just one it would have to be a simple 4 patch, it is quick, easy and so many options depending on the fabric chosen. But I really so love them all.

  57. I love the x plus blocks. I couldn't commit to a full quilt so I made small runner for my kitchen table. Thank you for the chance to check out the sew sampler box. They look so fun.

  58. I'm new to quilting and so far have only done simple squares and don't have a favorite yet! But next I want to try hst and flying geese! Let's see how it works out????

  59. I believe my favorite quilt and block is the wedding quilt. I love how the blocks intertwine. One of these days I'll get my nerve up to try it!

  60. Loved making the 21 stars required for the Blue Barn Frivols and can't wait til my quilter puts her finishing touches on it. I like anything with stars on it. Thank you for being a great online shop.

  61. I love take HST and rearranging them into 4×4 blocks, and then into a larger 4×5 quilt. It's a great way to clean up the stash and make all sorts of different blocks.

  62. I love the Sew Sampler boxes. Very great value!

    I love piecing so my favorite has become sampler quilts. They provide the opportunity to make a variety of blocks and learn new techniques. I'm currently working on the 365 Challenge Ultimate Sampler. What fun!

  63. I am still pretty new to quilting. I am not sure that I have a favorite block yet. However, I do love using precuts in my quilts. It makes it so much easier!

  64. I have so many blocks that I like it is hard to chose a favorite. If I have to choose one, I would say tumbler blocks. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win this prize.

  65. I have been quilting for 38 years now and after trying many many types of blocks and quilting I find I am now being drawn to scrap quilts again. I think the size of my stash could be the reason…lol!!

  66. My favorite type of quilt block is ANYTHING WITH A HEXIE!! I am totally obsessed with hexies and I see them everywhere!!

    Thank you FQS!! You always have the best giveaways!!

  67. I LOVE the blocks for the RUBY quilt along quilt, very cheerful. 2nd would be the churn dash. I would love to receive a sew sampler box!!!
    Julie at (tornado_alley@hotmail.com)

  68. It's hard to pick just one favorite quilt block, if I narrowed it down, I would have to pick Twisted Ribbon. I love the sample boxes. I am back from deployment and am catching up with all the goodies, it is like Christmas! Kim thank you for the wonderful videos, I enjoy watching them and always learn something new. Thank you for being you and for the Fat Quarter Shop.

  69. I have always been a huge fan of hexagons. Grandmother's flower garden quilts are so pretty! I find hand sewing to be very relaxing, so, of course, hexagons fit right in! They are portable so you can fit them into your bag and off you go.
    The smaller they are, the more joy I get from working with them.
    Thanks for the chance to win. Hope it has hexagon papers in it! 🙂

  70. I enjoy the folded star block pattern. The various colors and fabrics forming a star pattern is eye catching!

  71. I've been hand piecing Oriental Star blocks (Nancy Cabot) lately, so I'm going to go with those.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  72. So many blocks to choose from. Currently my favorite has to be The Duchman's Puzzle. I have been using a great paper-piecing pattern to make mini blocks.

  73. Thank you Fat Quarter Shop for adding brightness to my day. I am changing the way I quilt–using more modern designs and solids. When work is stressful, I envision the next project!

  74. My favorite block is the nine patch done with modern colors & patterns. I like that you can make it look totally different just by block placement! Thanks for the giveaway!

  75. I love the chain block — it goes with everything. The chains coordinate myriad types of blocks and make them look as if they "belong"! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  76. I love the pieced quilts and blocks, like log cabin and Martha Washington Star, but I seemingly always end up making applique quilts or stitcheries. What I do love, no matter the type of quilt, is the calm almost meditative feeling I get from hand sewing and hand quilting (until I stab myself on the needle.. x.x )

  77. I love the Double Wedding Ring design, with a Dresden plate coming in second. Love shopping with Fat Quarter Shop–fabulous selection of fabrics, notions, and patterns!

  78. It is very difficult to choose a favorite, however, dunkard's path block would win with friendship close behind. Thanks for the chance.

  79. I like so many types of quilts! Log cabins in their many variations, paper pieced pictorial quilts, things that look complicated but are not hard to do, sweet baby quilts, brightly colored quilts, scrappy quilts, bed quilts, wall quilts, quilted bags, etc. Quilts just make me happy!

  80. I am in love with the triangle quilts. I haven't tried one yet but I will in the near future.

  81. My favourite quilt is the Feathered Star. Guess it's my favourite block, too!

    Thanks for this opportunity to win a Sew Sampler subscription. The ones that you've shown on the blog looked fantastic.

    B from Canada

  82. My favorite type of quilt block is applique, especially something fun and whimsical like animals, snowmen, etc. I've completed several quilts using this technique, and I'm in love!

  83. When I first started quilting. I just made log cabin quilts. For the first couple of years that is all I made. Everybody and the dog got one. So, log cabin blocks are still my favorite. I smile whenever I seem them.

  84. I will always love the Log Cabin, but I'm also fond of the Bear Paw. Plus I love Lori Holt's applique quilts. Currently working on Cozy Christmas. Thank you for the opportunity!

  85. my favourite block is probably the half square triangle. it's so versatile and is the base of so many blocks. you just can't go wrong!
    thanks for the chance to win!
    chrissie wunderlich at hotmail dot com

  86. I think my favorite block is the log cabin, but I do like pinwheel blocks too. I really just like to piece and quilt and try new things. Thanks for the give-away. Love the Fat Quarter Shop.

  87. I am new to quilting and am drawn to Ohio stars and variations on stars right now. There are so many I want to try, I practically drool over every new design.

  88. I love half square triangles because you can use them to make pinwheels or a wide variety of other blocks.

  89. It may seem silly but my favorite block is the half square triangle as it's just so versatile! I love playing around with the many patterns you can make with them.

  90. I love the disappearing nine patch. It's simple but looks great. Thanks for having a giveaway. Would love to win.

  91. My favourite quilts are appliquéd ones with flowers, leaves and vines. Sounds like it's going to be a fun month I'm looking forward to lots more sewing time with the kids back in school :0)

  92. I love working with 2 1/2 squares so a nine patch or any form of it is my favorite. Plus it lets me use up so many scraps. I love a scrappy quilt too.

  93. My absolute favorite (that I have yet to make) is the log cabin. I love how you can change the size of the logs and make curves out of it. There are so many different options to create a beautiful quilt. Once I finish up all of my UFOs I hope to make a log cabin quilt.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  94. I love any block that looks "old and worn" especially the primitive or Civil War blocks. I guess I am an old soul. Thank you for the give-away. 🙂

  95. My favorite type of quilt block right now is either a modern log cabin, or maybe just simple triangles! I'm a sucker for anything beautiful. Which is everything when it comes to fabric & quilting! <3

  96. My favorite block to admire is a New York Beauty, but the ones I enjoy making the most are star blocks of all kinds. I also really love basket blocks in all their variations.

  97. I'v always been in love with the Log Cabin. I have several blocks in several different forms but I have yet to complete quilt!

  98. It is difficult to choose a favorite block or type of quilt, it varies with my mood. There are so many different ones that I can almost always find one to suit my mood.
    But I love stars. Any kind of star.

  99. I'm relatively new to this craft and at this point anything I can make without screwing it up is my favorite! lol! HST's and stars are my latest projects so wish me luck!

  100. My favorite kind of block is one that reflects the thought of the quilt and how it will be used, in what room of the house, etc., perhaps the recipient. I love a log cabin for a traditional kind of person and love the more free form blocks for teenagers. I personally love to applique on a pieced background to add levels of interest and color. Thanks for the giveaway!

  101. I love any kind of star block but I really love a disappearing nine patch too. I pretty much love whatever catches my fancy at that time!! I'm hopeless!!

  102. Thank you for such an exciting prize. I love making hexagon quilts, especially with EPP too as it is so calming. x

  103. My favorite type of quilt is made up of pieced quilt blocks like the Snapshots quilt from last year.

  104. My favorite quilt is crazy quilts. I love all the different embroidery stitches plus embellishments. I would love to win one of your boxes. Thanks for having a giveaway.

  105. I would say that the log cabin would be my favorite block because of how versatile it is in changing up the design with just the same block and also I love the fact that at the center of the block is the hearth representing the heart and that is what I place in each of my quilts.

  106. Oh my gosh my favorite block, I have no idea so many to chose from I guess my favorite would be a pinwheel block. Thank you for the chance to win this month!!! Love all you do!!!

  107. Love appliqué quilts, and star blocks, the more complicated the better – I love a challenge. At the moment I'm currently working on a Talking Turkey block quilt. Great stash buster – and I have a considerate stash thanks to FQS.

  108. I've been doing squares for so long as a "newbie", but after 2-3 years and about 15 quilts under my belt, I'm starting to branch out a bit more with more half-square triangle designs. Too much fun!!

  109. I have to admit that I don't know the name of most quilt blocks. I find a block I like and make it. I don't use patterns I just look at the design, figure out sizes and sew. I do like stars.

  110. I haven't found a block I don't like yet but I'm only new to quilting and still trying them all. I think the Drunkards Path and the Log Cabin would stand out the most for me. I'm in love with the Sew Sampler Box, can't wait until I get my next one.

  111. I love churn dash blocks. It is one of the first blocks I made, and it can be made in so many color variations, modern or classic. And, I love your tutorials with the fabric and quilt designers, ie Sherri and Lori, etc.