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Vintage Memories Block of the Month — And a Chance to Win!

Martinique arrived from Moda just the other day…which means, among other things, that our Vintage Memories Block of the Month Club is about to start!

Sherri Falls blogged for us about her beautiful quilt design back in December, and now that the fabric is finally here, we’re sooooo ready!! (And yes, if you’re wondering, there are still spots available – you can sign up here! If you’re already signed up, there’s a button over on the right side bar for your use!)

But you know how it is when you get your blocks — you totally intend to be diligent in making that block as soon as it arrives…but then something comes up and distracts you and…before you know it, the finishing kit is there, and well…there’s nothing to finish yet. And it may very well be another year before you finally pick up the first month’s fabrics. I think I speak for about 68% of the quilting community here, give or take a few.

So we want to give you a little carrot to get this lovely finished in a timely manner!

Each month, we will post a Vintage Memories photo call — whether you’re on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, or on your own blog, post a picture of your finished block each month, and you’ll be randomly entered to win 2 Charm Packs of your choice!

From whatever service you decide to use, post a link to your block photo in the comments section of that Vintage Memories photo call, simple as that! We’ll announce the winner of that month’s round the following week.

If you’re on Twitter, Twitpic and Yfrog are two popular applications you can use to upload your photos.
If you have Facebook, here’s how to upload photos on Facebook.
If you have a Flickr account, here’s how to upload photos to Flickr.
And if you have your own blog, depending on what service you use, you should be able to find instructions on uploading photos from its help center!

Gosh, we are soooo loving the web and all the ways we can reach you guys!

OH, also, if you Vintage Memories peeps want to talk to each other — we’ve started a discussion topic on our Facebook page for you! Share questions, comments, and we’ll be chatting right along with you!