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Twin Updates

Thanks so much for all of your outpourings of love and well-wishes! Happy to report Mom is doing great, just needs a lot more rest, and babies are wonderful. We were finally able to tell you the names they chose after Emma heard them first.

They are William (Will) Matthew Jolly and Peyton James Jolly, and last we heard they weighed 8 lbs and 5 lbs 12 oz. Kevin said Emma was “as sweet as could be” when she met them for the first time 🙂

We’ll have more photos next week! Until then, keep commenting on Wednesday’s post! Got their 1st pictures up! We love reading your life-changing moments & tidbits of wisdom! And I guess the fat quarter bundle giveaway isn’t hurting it any either 😉

Have a great weekend, all!


  1. Love the names! Glad to hear the bubs and mum are doing well. Emma is going to make a wonderful big sister. Blessings to the Jolly family.

  2. The Jolly family is growing! how wonderful.

    My daughter had twins for her second pregnancy, which she says prepared her 'somewhat' for the overwhelming job of having two for the price of one!

    My advice? never turn down anyone's offers to help! can't wait to see the additions to the 'stash'

  3. My gosh, I didn't look far enough down on the blog posts…you have to forgive me, I have a broken ankle and I'll blame it on the meds, LOL. The twins are absolutely beautiful. Emma's 5 month picture is so darling. Well done Kimberly, oh, and of course hubby also played a roll in all of this. Again, congratulations. Thanks for sharing these pictures.