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Top 10 Tips to Transform Your Creative Space

Your sewing space is your creative hub. It’s a place where things are dreamed, created, re-created, and organized when your stash gets really crazy. We’ve compiled a list of our top ten tips to re-juice your creative sewing space!

#1 Tip: Color Coding Your Stash
Color Coding your fabric will automatically make them pleasing to the eye. Plus, it will be easier for you to find a particular color in  your stash when everything is neatly arranged. We love Vintage Modern Quilt’s organizational shelf for her yardage and fat quarters. A quick tip is to find and refurbish some old shelving units from the thrift store or vintage shops if you’re on a tight budget. 

Photo courtesy of Vintage Modern Quilts

#2 Tip: Create an “Inspiration” Wall
Creating things with your hands, whether it’s crafting, knitting, or quilting, is a creative endeavor and having an inspiration wall is a great way to put things that you love on constant display. You can post photographs, pieces of fabric, or a pattern that you like to inspire your next project. 

Photo: Helle Jogernsen studio by Toby Scott

#3 Tip: Customize Your Pegboard
If you have a regular wooden peg board, why not paint it your favorite color? Peg boards are a great way to hang all of your tools and favorite threads for sewing. We recommend using spray paint when painting your pegboard to prevent the holes from clogging when using a paint roller. 

Sew Caroline’s teal peg board

#4 Tip: Store Knick Knacks in Clear Containers
If you collect buttons, ribbons, or even Wonder Clips, it’s a great way of keeping things that you love always in view. We’ve all experienced those moments in our sewing spaces where we cannot find anything!

Margaret Sindelar’s Family Sewing Room

#5 Tip: The “Little One’s” Corner
We love to share our passion for sewing and quilting and what better way than to create a “Little One’s” Corner in your sewing room. We love Hayley of Mouse House Creation’s sewing corner for her daughter. 

Photo courtesy of Mouse of House Creations

#6 Tip: Have A Scrap Bucket or Jar
We’re huge fans of saving your fabric as much as possible. That’s why we recommend having a scrap bucket or jar near your cutting and sewing table. After you’ve finished your current project, slip back to Tip#1 to re-use leftover pieces. 

Fat Quarter Shop’s studio

#7 Tip: Labels Are Your Best Friends
Labeling your storage bins, boxes, and shelves are great for keeping everything organized and you’ll always know where things are in a pinch. 

Olabelhe’s Studio

#8 Tip: Build Your Own Design Wall
Design walls are great to have when planning your quilty creations. Check out Karin of Leigh Laurel Studios’ tutorial and Melanie of I Heart Stitching’s video to learn how you can make your own design wall! 

Leigh Laurel Studios’ Design Wall

#9 Tip: Keep It Sew Ready
Lay out your tools, prep your fabrics, and keep your machine threaded so it’s always ready to go! it’s infinitely more enticing to sew when you can just sit down and start, rather than spending an extra 20 minutes threading your bobbing, finding the right rulers you need, and changing your rotary blade. 

Miss Sew It All‘s sewing room. 

#10 Tip: Add YOUR Personality
You want to avoid having a drab and dreary sewing room. So, whether it’s painting the walls your favorite color, adding a chandelier, or displaying your vintage sewing machine collection in your room, make it reflect your personality! You spend countless hours in there anyway, so might as well make it a place that you love! 

Lori Holt of Bee in My Bonnet’s room 

Do you have any sewing spaces tips? Share with us in the comments section, we would love to know! Thank you so much for joining us on the Jolly Jabber! 


  1. No matter how much fabric and notions, etc. I have, I'm always sure to leave a space for my speaker and/or cd player. I can't cut and piece without listening to a book on tape, and I machine quilt to music. It's a must have!

  2. I save those clear packages with zippers that bed linens or blankets come in. They are perfect to marry up fabric and patterns and then shelve until its time to get to that project. They stack nicely, I can see what's waiting for me (when I feel like it!), and it helps to remind me what I was going to use that fabric or pattern for!