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Tiny Tidbits: Pat Bravo

Happy Saturday! Today we have a special treat from Patricia Bravo. She is visiting with some tiny tidbits about her new collection, Hyperreal Garden, This time she also brought along an alluring fashionista video filled with her inspirations for each print.

I’m proud to introduce to all Jolly Jabberettes out there my newest fabric collection: Hyperreal Garden.

The line between dreams and reality disappears in this electrifying collection; think surreal flowers in hypnotic colors that inspire you to create your best as you enter this magical garden.

I find this collection particularly interesting for sewing projects; and with the huge array of new sewing pattern Kim has added to the shop, now you have even more excuses to start sewing! For example, a Boho Dress, or a Capri Bag?

Many many times I’ve encountered myself with the tough question of “What was your inspiration for this collection?”, and my heart starts pounding and my hands start sweating, cause honestly, sometimes I don’t even know how to put it into words!

So this time I’ve armed myself with a video that puts all of my inspiration together; from the music to the colors, you’ll see where each print comes from and how Hyperreal Garden came to life. Enjoy! And big hugs and kisses for all my fans at the Jolly Jabbers, love you all!


  1. love the video — nice to see where you got your inspiration. Thanks for sharing and I love the fabrics too — I wish I sewed clothes!

  2. Wow-i'm tied now between this collection and Terrain by Kate Spain being my favorite – and this video may have just pushed Pat Bravo ahead. I just love it…such great colors and patterns! Better get some WIPs done quick so I can buy some!

  3. This was an AWESOME video. I love the way it showed nature and then drawing of fabric and coloring in. Then showing the whole fabric line!
    Beautiful! I have a textile design degree from University of Arkansas from 1983. I wish I could go back now and do it all over again. I had no direction 30 years ago of which direction to go. I ended up in Pharmaceutical Sales. BLAH
    This video truly fires me up! I have got to get this line of fabric. Thanks for sharing!