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Tina Givens on “Annabella”

Fabric and stationery designer Tina Givens has created a masterpiece in Annabella. The collection is full of rich brown, intense aqua and lively pink hues. Today she shares with us her wandering vision behind the fabric.

Well I am just tickled pink with this collection…. It’s sort of this crazy collection which began as a water garden… If you look at all the art, I seem to have captured this watery, wavy liquid thing…. I adore a water garden… In fact, I always fill a few large pots in the garden with stones and water plants at the start of each summer… (got to be hot enough), including those lovely lily pads… they always bloom if they get enough sun.

Now, as always I ventured off somewhere else midstream (that’s me) and a gerbera daisy, hydrangea and other non-watery specimens; and a couple of adventurous birds… made their way into the mix. Perhaps neighboring blooms & bathing feathered friends… within my various gardens…. who knows how the creative mind works, ey?

I’ve heard ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhhs’ of this collection. And everyone who sees the birds all say the same thing “Oh I don’t like birds, but I like these…”… see them top left corner… lovebirds yes? On the top right is BEATRICE which is an amazing polka dot with large blossoms… below that is VENICE, a swirly dark chocolate black and light ivory… a nice base fabric… center is ANNABELLA which is almost vintage in nature… layered with lacy leaves; bottom left is BLISS. I love this fabric… it’s a beaut. Loads of aqua and ivory in this colorway….

New Annabella colorways are in the works and I should have my fingers on them within the next few weeks… Can’t wait! A dreamy warm colorway called MINK, a bluesey palette called CHARLESTON and a wow unique greeney one called GABRIEL. I promise images when we can send em…

Tina Givens

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