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Tidbits from the Designer: Le Petit Poulet

The French are so good at making country look so classy! I tried to do that as well.

There are several pieces in this line that can be used in a variety of ways.
I love using the multiple stripes, not just for borders but also for the blocks, as in the market square quilt.

The large border stripe I also used for vertical sashing, with only two vertical columns of pieced stars. The panel that looks like tile squares I used as a border in the Market square quilt and for the center of pieced stars in the French country quilt.

Party in the hen house quilt has only two borders with the chickens and the other two sides are the floral.
Evan if you don’t care for chickens…

…there is plenty of fun in the florals, grids, stripes and bees. So bring a little french country home with you, and save yourself the trip.

Au revoir,
aka American Jane