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Thimbleberries Collection Review

Thimbleberries has come out with a new collection of quilting lifestyle products, made especially for quilters! The collection has a hand lotion, linen spray, and fabric wash. Our friend Vicky McGee has courageously documented her experience with them. Thanks for sharing with us, Vicky!

I just wanted to let you know that the new Thimbleberries products – Hand Care, Linen Spray, and Fabric Care – are wonderful! All three products say they are inspired by the “essence of thimbleberries.” I didn’t know there was a thimbleberry plant (had to look it up)! It is the softest, most gentle scent ever!

The Hand Care lotion is fabulous! Just a little dot of it made my hands and arms so soft, and the best part is it’s not at all greasy. My hands have gotten so rough as I’ve gotten older, and I’ve lately noticed that the silk thread was catching on them while I was appliqueing. Not any more! I must have two more bottles – one for my sewing table and one for my office!

The Linen Spray has such a soft, refreshing scent. I lightly spritzed my pillows with it, and tried one quick spritz in the clothes dryer before drying some special linens. Just a hint of the essence of thimbleberries as I was putting them away. I will be using these on all my special linens!

I gave the Fabric Wash the ultimate test. One of my favorite lap quilts has been adopted by my sweet little Daisy dog. That quilt gets washed once every week or so, and detergent was starting to take its toll on the quilt. I was really interested to see just how clean the quilt would be using just the Fabric Wash. The instructions say to use two capfuls for every gallon of water in the machine. I have no clue how many gallons in my washer, so I tested it by filling the washer and then putting four capfuls in the water. I washed the quilt in warm water on a normal cycle. As shows in the picture, it worked perfectly. The quilt is totally clean, very soft, and smells wonderful!

I think these will make wonderful holiday gifts for my quilting friends and family! And for me!!


  1. These sound wonderful! I would especially love the fabric wash- I wash my quilts all the time! Thanks for letting us know about them!

  2. I hope I’m on Vicky’s Christmas gift list! Thanks for trying these out Vicky–I’ve tried the hand cream samples and love them!

  3. Wow!!! What a wonderful opportunity to test these first hand. I totally trust your judgement so…I guess I better get over there and order me some right away!! Thanks for the review, Miss Vicky!!
    Miles of Smiles to ya!!