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Sweet and Sultry

They sound so good together, yet they could not be more different. Sweet by Urban Chiks and Sultry by BasicGrey have just arrived from Moda!

Sweet, for all you Urban Chiks gals, is a candy-colored carnival of retro-modern prints, a great follow-up to Swell, a previous Urban Chiks line! In fact, Carnival is the name of one of the prints, so there you go :). With colors like Popsicle, Bubble Gum, Creamsicle, Lollipop and Icing, you can’t not have fun. The prints feature big blooming roses, wandering paisleys, retro-y dots, stripes, and checks, and cute “peep” birdies! Use the large red rose prints to make a statement, or the coordinating stripes and dots for just a hint of Sweet-ness.

It makes for great accessories, for Baby Girl and Big Girl alike. And if you’ve got a Boy in mind, there’s plenty of “Icing” to go around :). Try some of these ideas with Sweet…

Sultry, on the other hand, whispers of mystery and a place where flowers still grow wild. Fandago pink, Friar brown, and Citron lime fill this line of urban-grunge peonies and posies, an interesting combo of pizzazz and demure. Shadowy petals frame the silhouettes of other florals every which way, and other coordinating prints include tiny dots, an updated houndstooth, textured pinstripes, and grunge solids. If you couldn’t get enough of Urban Couture, this is your line for spring!

This is the pink collection for the modern urbanite. GREAT for any home decor project (I can see some gorgeous throw pillows and tabletoppers!), quilt patterns that will let those huge blooms sparkle, and it begs to hang in your closet or sprawl out on your bed. Some ideas for Sultry…