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Susan Jackson on Fun, Freedom, and Baby Fats

Susan Jackson of Cracker Jack Quilts is passionate about the fun and freedom of quilting, and it shows in her new pattern book, Baby Fats. Read about how she got her start in designing quilts, and for all you lovers of pink, check out our Perfectly Pink Baby Fats Quilt Kit!

Writing patterns happened by accident for me. The first quilt I designed, Charmin’ the Monkey, was my youngest son’s first birthday present. It was made out of love for him, not for “business”. The infectious smile brought to everyone’s faces by that little sock monkey was so rewarding! I never really set out to start a business, but if you truly set out to do what you love, the rest will take care of itself. Cracker Jack Quilts was born! I really have to thank Kimberly Jolly for taking a chance on a new designer and supporting me through her shop. Her customers are second to none and I have enjoyed the emails I have received from them.

I am passionate about whimsy and fun…not perfection. When I was taught to quilt I was so intimidated by the “rules” that I would stiffen up at the sewing machine. One day I thought to myself, “Why am I so worried about the dreaded Quilt Police showing up and ruining my day?” You know the old adage “Once I gave up hope I felt much better?” Well I adopted that theory and just went with it. Quilting was supposed to be fun, free and make you happy. I vowed to do just that.

Since then I have designed a line of patterns geared towards chunky appliqué, quick piecing and actually finishing quilt tops! The quilts I design are full of opportunities for you to play with your fabric. Now who wouldn’t want to do that??

My current project is a brand new pattern book called Baby Fats. It’s a method for turning 24 fat quarters into 4 completely different baby quilts. Create them all in one day and don’t think twice about that new baby spitting up on them. They are meant to be used, loved, and adored! Have a daughter due about the same time that neighbor is having twins and your niece just announced her bundle of joy? You can crank these wonderful quilts out with no stress! I promise, playing with fabric is fun and this booklet gives you a reason to do just that!

Well, Fat Quarter Shop Fans, I must thank you for the opportunity to blog…but my baby (Mitchell) just toddled in and is demanding “mmmm-mmmmm” kisses while my other 2 loves (Connor and Savannah) want to decorate a cake for Daddy’s birthday. You know, I just may get the inspiration for a new quilt while we’re up to our elbows in icing…Stay tuned! 🙂

Susan Jackson


  1. What a great way to look at quilting. I’m quite a perfectionist and know exactly what you mean about the quilt police, lol. Congrats on your success and doing what you enjoy!