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The Story of Sweet Baby Jane, Part I

Our friends Barb and Mary of Me and My Sister Designs can find inspiration just about anywhere for their beautiful fabrics. They’ve whipped up a darling new collection called Sweet Baby Jane. We are sure you’ll love it and that you’ll love it even more after reading the story behind it!

Sweet Baby Jane has arrived! Our newest fabric group for Moda can best be described as “whimsical shabby chic.” Our signature bright colors are mixed with more traditional prints to get a fresh new look!

The inspiration behind Sweet Baby Jane dates back to our younger days—much younger days! It was inspired by a blouse that I bought with my first paycheck!

+ It all started at Taco Bell +
My first job was working at a Taco Bell making 95 cents per hour! I remember cashing that check and heading off to spend it all! I ended up in one of those unique little trendy shops that bordered the University. I found the cutest peasant style blouse that had tiny pleats and white buttons downs the front! It was loaded with the best pink flowers ever…and besides it would look great with my new fringed moccasins! That blouse quickly became my favorite…and was my blouse of choice when attending special events like the Jethro Tull and Jefferson Airplane concerts. I think it even saw the Doobie Brothers! I wore that blouse until it was threadbare at the elbows—and will always remember the tag inside the collar—Sweet Baby Jane.

+ The Sidewinder +
We love fabric and everything associated with it! This October we will also be debuting a new quilting tool and book! The tool is called The Sidewinder. We worked with Wrights to develop a personal bobbin winder. It will allow us to easily wind bobbins without unthreading our sewing machines!

Hope that you enjoy this newest collection. Don’t forget, every one of our fabric groups include a printed panel, and there is always a free project on our website that uses that panel!

Barb and Mary

Barb and Mary gave us too much good stuff to post, so come back tomorrow for Part II of their entry!


  1. Great story behind the name of your new line! I had a peasant blouse that also saw tons of concerts – although they were in the era of Peter, Paul & Mary, etc. LOL

    Love gadgets, and the SideWinder looks fabulous. Can’t wait to try it out!

  2. Love the memories. I still have my mocs, they are knee highs. Don’t fit anymore though! Remember the CB radio days? My “handle” was Baby Jane. Now my little black and white terrier dog is named BJ for Baby Jane. Can’t wait to read the second half of the blog. Sidewinder looks like a ‘must have.’

  3. OK, this may be a dumb question, but you still have to unthread the machine to wind the bobbin, don’t you? Unless you have two identical spools of thread? Or can you leave the thread in your machine and run it to the Side Winder? Am I missing something? I’m really hoping I am because I HATE unthreading my machine to wind bobbins :-). I collect antique and vintage sewing machines, so I have a sewing machine set up beside me that’s dedicated to winding bobbins. But, this SideWinder looks like it would take up a lot less room!

    Jacqui in Canada