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Star Light Star Bright

Have you seen the newest issue of QUILT? Why do I ask? Because our quilt is on the COVER! It is a complete honor to have our newest magazine quilt, Star Light, Star Bright, be chosen for the face of this issue. Thanks, QUILT!

Of course, we think it’s lovely enough for the job! LillyBelle by Bari J. for Art Gallery Fabrics was the inspiration here. The combination of sweet and sassy colors and multitude of prints presented a new challenge. I chose to go bold with the color and print selections, but reined them in with a familiar block (stars!) and framing them in white. To amp the uniqueness, I paired it with uneven strip borders that are so easy to do. It melded together perfectly. I love the punches of teal and fuchsia, toned down with white and lemon. The blocks feature the novelty prints, which are adorable, and the strip border reveals the diversity of Bari’s artistry.

If LillyBelle is not your look, this design will work just as well in other fabrics, like batiks or even shabby chic. Check out this version in Padstow Range. It comes together just as nicely!

Whatever fabric you choose for Star Light, Star Bright, please share it with us!


  1. Congrats! Love this quilt, and love the fabric. You are not making it easy for me to keep my vow to not buy anything quilt-related until after Christmas…but I forgive you. 😉