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Spring Quilt Market 2016: Favorite Collections

Wow, Spring Quit Market 2016 was amazing! We had the best time meeting up with our quilty friends and seeing all the gorgeous new fabric collections. With all the new trends we got to see, we can’t wait to go home and start up new clubs, kits, videos, patterns and more for you!

The Fat Quarter Shop team is flying back home today, so we thought we’d close our Spring Quilt Market 2016 coverage with our favorite collections.  Each of us has chosen a favorite fabric collection to share with you, and these favorite will be available on Fat Quarter Shop as soon as we can get them!

Please take a peek below and leave a comment sharing which of these six collections is YOUR favorite. We’re dying to know what you think!


Kimberly’s favorite collection is Handmade by Bonnie & Camille for Moda!

Kevin’s ๏ปฟfavorite collection is Modern Background Luster by Zen Chic for Moda.

 Sarah’s favorite collection is Hello Ollie by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabrics.

Codi’s favorite collection is Slow & Steady by Tula Pink for Free Spirit. 
Nova’s favorite collection is Desert Bloom by Sherri & Chelsi for Moda.

Melody’s favorite collection is Les Fleurs by Rifle Paper for Cotton + Steel.

Thank you so much for joining us for our Spring Quilt Market 2016 coverage.  We hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have.  Keep an eye out for these new fabric collections to appear on our Fat Quarter Shop website, and be sure to reserve your bundles once they’re available!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Thank you for sharing Quilt Market on Jolly Jabber. Being a customer (and living in Australia), the only way I get to share in the buzz of Quilt Market is via blogs or Instagram. Not only do I enjoy the coverage you and your staff provide, I get inspired to create. Again, thank you ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Tula's Slow and Steady would be my favorite, but it is followed very closely by Handmade and Modern Background.

  3. I love the Magic by Sarah Jane. This is totally out of my box but since I have a granddaughter I have drifted to the pinks and bright colors. I love the little dresses.Hope you pick me!

  4. From this selection of fab fabrics I would choose Slow and Steady and Handmade second. Thanks for taking us with you to share some of the fun at market and introducing us to more new fabrics for our 'collections'! Cheers!

  5. Hello Ollie followed by Modern Background Luster……a fun couple of days…thanks for sharing and the chance to win a bundle !!!!!

  6. Desert Bloom by Sherri & Chelsi for Moda!
    Wow it was as great ride seeing Spring Quilt Market thru your eyes. Thank you.


  7. Thanks for the great coverage of Market! My favorite is Rifle Paper – I'm very excited to get several of those great designs!

  8. Thank you for all the pictures from the quilt market. It's hard to beat anything from Bonnie & Camille. What a talented mother/daughter team. Tula Pink is also great. Guess I have two favorites.

  9. They're all pretty, but Handmade is my favorite. Lori Holt's booth is my favorite booth.

  10. A fan of Bonnie and Camile! Excited to see Handmade in person. Always enjoy your pictures and videos thank you!

  11. I love the colors in Desert Bloom (and I wish I could see the desert in bloom!!) Thanks so much for all the photos you posted – it was really fun looking at them

  12. Wow, thanks for sharing.Looks you have fun days and the new collections are awesome and itยดs hard to choose only one best favorite.

  13. How can I pick just one?? That's crazy-talk!!
    I love Handmade, Olive's Flower Garden, Slow & Steady, Les Fleurs and many more!!!

  14. My favourite of the six is Slow and Steady. It's so bright and cheerful – perfect for the coming summer.

  15. Hello Ollie is my favourite! But all are just wonderful! Great choices and thanks so much for giving us a glimpse of them.

  16. Love seeing your pictures of the booths. Very hard choice but I think Tula Pink's booth (Slow & Steady) is my favorite. Her fabrics always make me smile!

  17. I did like Sew and Steady for that wonderful color but I did love the booth where Olive's Flower Market was displayed! I am so looking forward to that fabric!! Oh to win would be so Wonderful!!!

  18. A delight to be able to see some of Quilt Market through your photos/posts. Love the Pam Buda latest and certainly anything Primitive Gatherings. It is great to see what is upcoming.

  19. Thanks for all the posts, grams etc. for those of us not fortunate enough to attend – there goes all my spare $$$ – I loved all the Cotton & Steel collections, that quilt of Tula's and so much more

  20. I love Modern Background Luster by Zen Chic for quilting. And,I'm loving Les Fleurs by Rifle Paper for clothing.

  21. I would have to say Les Fleurs is my favorite. It's very unique and different from all of the others. I can already envision certain patterns from it going together beautifully!

  22. Hope you all have a safe trip home and Thanks again for all of the wonderful pics and info you shared to make us all feel like we got to attend market as well.

  23. Handmade from Bonnie & Camille and then LeFleurs 2nd. They are really all great! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  24. Since Quilt Market is not open to everyone, thanks for sharing all of the booths! I found the most inviting (and my favorite) booth to be Sarah Jane's. The "bed-like" display you were sitting in made me want to curl up under that quilt, put my head on those pillows, and take a nap (to have the energy to see the rest of Market…if I were there :D)

  25. Slow and Steady wins the race in my book!!! Love, love, love the color that Tula puts in her collections! Safe travels back home!

  26. Slow and Steady wins the race in my book!!! Love, love, love the color that Tula puts in her collections! Safe travels back home!

  27. Tula Pink's Slow and Steady…love the quilt behind you! Hope that will be a pattern coming out! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  28. My favorite is Modern Background Luster by Zen Chic. This is a group that will work in all projects. Thanks for the chance to win.

  29. Love the greens and blues of the Franny & Jane, Manderley! Thanks for sharing

  30. Thank you for sharing in this article
    I can learn a lot and could also be a reference
    I hope to read the next your article updates

    [-] KLG

  31. Modern background luster by Zen Chic, it just so happens that I am looking for fabrics for young adult males and this hits the spot….

  32. I had already fallen in love with Desert Bloom so guess I will stick with that. Love all the pix on instagram – head is still spinning from all the beauty.

  33. I'm really excited for Bonnie and Canille's Handmade!! It's been fun to see all the great new collections.

  34. Wow… any one of them is really nice and have to say that love them all. So, if choosing between them I did go back and forth between Desert Bloom and Handmade as fabrics I would use right off the bat. Could find projects for all I think though!

  35. Modern Background Luster is my favorite. Thanks for sharing your fun and all the pictures of what you saw.

  36. Thank you for bringing the Quilt Market to us. I like the Handmade collection, Manderley, and Chestnut Street. I can't wait to see what we can do with the new collections.

  37. Handmade is my favorite. Can hardly wait for it to appear on the scene. Bonnie is such a lady. She is the real deal inside and out. Thanks for sharing all the photos. At least we can see all the beauties.

  38. Slow and Steady by Tula Pink get my creative juices flowing. Can't wait to go shopping to find some of this fabric. The Market just gets my shopping shoes ready.

  39. I love the Zen Chic for Moda. It can be used together for a stunning quilt or as a background for a myriad of items. Love the versatile possibilities with this line. Thanks for all the updates from the show. I'll bet you all had a great time.

  40. If I can only have one favorite it would be Les Fleurs by Cotton + Steel. But if I can have another it would be Handmade by Bonnie & Camille. Awesome quilt show this time!

  41. I've decided that my favorite is the Handmade collection from Bonnie and Camille… Thanks!

  42. Hi Kimberly,

    Hands down my fave is Handmade by Bonnie an Camille. Loove the peachy tone and light mint. Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos of the collections and your staff with us.
    Kathleen Mason

  43. Desert Blooms by Sherri And Chelsi, AND Handmade by Bonnie & Camille. Both are so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing pics with us!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Going with Kimberly on this one. Love Handmade by Bonnie and Camille, but then again, I love all their fabric lines. Really enjoyed visiting the Quilt Market through your posts and photos.

  45. Thank you so much for virtually taking me to Quilt Market, I am such a Tula Pink fan that Slow and Steady has to be my favourite but after Les Fleurs I was very interested to see the new Zen Chic fabric Modern Background Luster. Just seeing this collection has inspired me to make a wall hanging in grey and black.