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Spring Market 2010: Fabric 2.0 and Sample Spree

Hi guys! Here we are in Minneapolis, MN, finally (after the usual airplane delays, broken airplanes, aircraft changes, etc. You know the drill). No photos from traveling, because you’d probably just see some frustrated faces! Anyhoo, we’re ready to see what Spring Quilt Market has to offer. (If you don’t know what Market is, you can read about it in this previous post.)

Tonight we kicked off the start of Market by doing a little mingling at Fabric 2.0 (a meet & greet for bloggers) hosted by the always charming j. caroline. Chatted with the know-it-all of fabric, True Up’s Kim Kight, and met Kelly Stevens, Melissa Averinos, and Betz White

We only got to stay for a little bit though, because…

Then we headed to Sample Spree!! Yes, it’s every quilter’s dream to rummage through Sample Spree. In fact, the first ladies to enter the room rushed in at full speed, shrieking like someone was chasing them! (Someone had asked if Sample Spree was a free-for-all; it can feel like it, yeah! The goods are future release lines usually, at greatly reduced prices so shops can get it ahead of time and make samples for their stores.)

Anyhoo, here’s what waiting in line for this event looks like…well, it’s even longer than it looks…

And the doors are finally opened! Hurrah! And watch out!

People we saw…
Anne Sutton with a little “Scooter Pie” goodie made from her own fabric for Moda, Lily & Will! So darn in love with this line, especially since little Will Jolly is one of the namesakes!

Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup, showing off her patterns and fabrics for Henry Glass, including her newest Hip Holidays!

Barb & Mary of Me and My Sister Designs showing their Moda lurve.

Kaari Meng (French General) and Joanna Figueroa watching the madness from a safe distance.

Money shots of the Moda booth, pre-crowd!

And what we snagged for tonight’s Sample Spree giveaway!! A Bliss Fat Quarter Bundle and a Maison de Garance Fat Quarter Bundle by Bonnie & Camille and French General!

So how do you win one of these beauties? Get three chances to win like so…
1. Comment on this post with whose booth you’re excited about seeing!
2. Retweet this blog post on Twitter!
3. Comment on our Facebook wall!

This giveaway will end on Monday, but come back tomorrow for more giveaway fun! OK, talk soon!


  1. Oooooh That looks like SO MUCH Fun! Enjoy and take lots of pics for those of us *me!* who couldnt come in person!
    Hugs from Rainy Idaho

  2. I helped set up the special exhibits yesterday and will be coming back tomorrow to work the desk and to be guardian of the show quilts. But, I am excited to see all of the booths set up after seeing all of those boxes in the aisles yesterday!

  3. W hat stunning bundles you are giving away- someone is going to jump for joy when you choose their name for that beautiful fabric.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win your fabrics.

  4. What an awesome giveaway! LOVE the new Bliss line. I think Bonnie and Camille's booth would be the one I would most want to see. Or Kate Spain.

  5. I'm excited just to see the Bliss FQB! But otherwise, Id love to see all the new fabrics and patterns that will be coming our way πŸ™‚

  6. Wow! Quilt market always looks to incredible! It's wonderful that the rest of us and join you virtually, keep up the news!

  7. What a lovely giveaway! But such an unfair question? Whose booth am I looking forward to? All of them! I love Moda like everyone does, and btw, thanks for the pic of Kaari Meng and Joanna Figuerola, two of my favourite designers! Looking forward to theirs too and the new line of Amy Butler, then Anna Maria Horner,Heather Bailey, Sandi Henderson, Joel Dewberry… I am sure you want me to stop now don't you? So I will but there are SO many talented designers out there.. and lots of exciting very new ones too. Thanks for all the pictures, so looking forward to experiencing market with you! and thanks for the chance to win!

  8. I couldnt decide whose booth I would like to see first. I have never experienced anything like market before so I would probably be the one in the middle in the fetal position crying 'I dont know where to start. Help me!!' I would love to win some Bliss though πŸ™‚

  9. Where to start? I think I would love seeing all the booths but especially those of my favourite designers.

  10. I wish I was there! I would like to see Moda… Greetings from Slovakia and thanks for a great giveaway:-)

  11. I would just love to be there the Sample spree sounds like a lot of fun.
    I think I am looking forward to all the new fabrics coming our way soon (I have a quilt design in mind I know just need to find the right fabric)

  12. You lucky people!! I wish I could be there too but as I live in Sweden it's not possible unless I win the lottery. But this way I follow you and at least be able to look at all the fun. I find it impossible to pick one booth as a favorite as I love everything you show.
    Have a great time,
    Lotta in Sweden

  13. I'd love to see it all; most likely the booths I'd enjoy are the smaller ones that just look special! Moda's pre-cuts always make me drool. πŸ™‚ You can contact me using forsara at netzero dot net thanks!

  14. Oh I wish I could just get my hands on that whole moda precuts table before everyone!!! Wow you must be having so much fun at market!! I am excited to see French General and Lauren and Jessie Jung (not sure if that is spelt right?)

  15. Always want to see the MODA booth and Sandi Henderson's as well.
    I sure would like to experience Market sometime.

  16. I don't know that I could pick a booth that I would be excited to see (vicariously through your blog). I'm not sure I know enough about fabric to pick a designer or a manufacturer or whatever. I really enjoyed seeing these pictures, though!

  17. I cannot wait to see Anne Sutton's Bunny Hill Designs booth. I always love everything she designs..and now she has MODA fabric!!! Yeah!!!

  18. Hooley Dooley! I have no idea what I most wanna see at Spring Market but I love seeing what you're sharing. :o) Just seeing the Moda bundle makes me excited. He he!

  19. It looks like great fun, and all the booths will probably be a sight to see.. Looking forward to pics of Fig Tree's booth and Bonnie and Camille.. And all the rest.

  20. I wish I where there. It looks like such fun. I would be in heaven with all that fabric.


  21. I definitely want to see more of the French General booth and ofcourse Moda!
    Wish I could visit but it is a long way from the Netherlands.
    Have fun

  22. Wow what a rush seeing all those yummies for the first time. I too would rush to the French General booth, their fabrics just sing to me.

  23. Looks like it would be a version of heaven for a patchworker and quilter – only problem would the bank balance stand going to 'heaven'!!

  24. Oh, gosh, I don't KNOW whose booth I most want to see! I think I'd like to see Monica at the Lecien booth, or maybe Anne Sutton's Bunny Hill booth. Or Carrie Nelson's. Or Sweetwater's. But really? I'd just love to wander around market and see all the creativity that goes into designing the booths. I'm looking forward to seeing all your photos!

  25. Please show us French General's booth!!! Thanks for letting us get a sneak peak at what goes on behind the scenes. Love to see what is happening at Market. You guys are the best!

  26. I love Barb and Mary's lines! I would have loved to see anything new they have out πŸ™‚ I'm so jealous! I really love Deb Strains lines, wondering if she's got anything new coming out πŸ™‚

    Have a great time!

  27. I would love to see Me and My Sister Designs booth. I love their fabric. It's so bright and happy and fun and their patterns are easy for beginners like me!

  28. I am just so happy to see any booths from Market but I would love to see figtree's……….and that sample spree just amazes me everytime I see anything about it……….

    can't wait to see whatever you post…….

  29. I'm looking forward to seeing photos from the old standbys like Heather Bailey, Sandi Henderson, Anna Maria Horner, Joel Dewberry & Amy Butler, and of course anything Moda…but I'm super excited about new fabric designers like Laurie Wisbrun (Tufted Tweets), Laura Gunn (Poppy), Kate Spain (12 days of Christmas) and Lauren & Jessi Jung (Botany)!

  30. oh my, bliss by bonnie and camille, i think i have died and gone to heaven!! pick me me me me me me!! haha. they are my fave designers for Moda, and as for whos booths, anyone from moda, patty young, any, really, you guys do a real good job of making me live market through pictures!!!

  31. Choose which one to see? That's like choosing your favorite child! They are all so amazing. Thanks for sharing it all with those of us who can't be there.

  32. Would love to be a part of market and see Me and My Sisters booth. Thanks for the updates.

  33. I would love to see Barbabra Jones of Quilt Soups new line, Hip Holiday. BUT…that Moda table would have me mezmorized!

  34. You said it right, that definitely is a quilters dream. WOW!
    I'm so looking forward to that Bliss line!

  35. oohhh the excitement of sample spree. All that Moda fabric!! Can't wait to see Bunny Hill designs and Figtree oh what the heck I want to see them all. have a great time I will be watching.

  36. Maybe when I grow up I will be able to go to market! I can hardly wait to see Heather Bailey's line and Camille's, and tons more that there just isn't room to mention.

  37. Thanks for the sneak peek into the madness. Please, show Bunny Hill booth and Carrie Nelson's – I'm excited to see both new lines of fabric!!! Yall have fun!

  38. I would love to see all of the booths. ha! But especially: Sandi Henderson, Fig Tree Quilts, Bonnie and Camille, and Anna Marie Horner.

  39. Oh how I wish I could go to one of these. Are they ever in Florida. To pick a booth is so hard, I would have to Bunny Hill or Moda.
    But I love them all!!!!! I

  40. I can't wait for Bliss to hit the stores! I loved both of thier previous lines and the sneak peek I've gotten of bliss promises the same wonder.

  41. I would love to be in that line!! Would like to see lots of booths, Bonnie and Camille the most, Fig Tree Quilts and Sandy Gervais also. What a fabulous giveway!!

  42. I would love to see a booth from Bari J. Ackerman and Laura Gunn, and, and, and….I wish I used Twitter and other things to get more entries, but this is it! Wish me luck.

  43. I would love to see what wonderful and fun things Sandy Gervais has at her booth. Looking forward to living the market through your pictures and postings. Thank you.

  44. I can't wait for Anne Sutton's booth pictures. Lilly and Will will be my first purchase from this market.

  45. Love to see the KT & Whimsical both …. couldn't pick just one booth.

    Nancy E

  46. Would love to see the French General's booth…fell in love with Kaari Meng's stuff at the Mary Engelbreit Home Companion Workshop!

  47. I love these posts on Quilt Market. I wish I were there. I can't wait to see Patty Young's booth and Bari J's and Amy Butler's new line. So many fun stuff!

  48. That looks like loads of fun. Which booth? All of them! Those fabrics look great – thanks for a chance to win.

  49. Thanks for the pics – I so wish I could experience that myself someday! I'd love to see the Michael Miller booth – I love their fabrics. Well, gosh, what fabric don't I love? πŸ™‚

  50. OMGosh it loks like so much fun. French General, Figtree, Bonnie and Camille and BBD…. Can't wait to see all your pictures. have fun!

  51. I'd love the Bonnie and Camille booth, too. I have purchased several of Camille's patterns, and I'd love to see them all made up and displayed creatively.

  52. Sample Spree looks like SO much fun!!! I am looking forward to seeing Heather Bailey's booth, and Sandi Henderson's. Oh and Anna-Maria Horner. That is, if they are all there?!!

  53. You look like you are having so much fun, I wish I could be there too, never been to a quilt market before! I love Denyse Schmidt and Heather Bailey, I'd love to see what they have brought to the market!

  54. I love the Bliss collection and it would be wonderful to see the Lecien booth with Monica's fabric

  55. The pictures look amazing… this is something I REALLY need to see in person! I think I'd just drool all over myself and get kicked out for fondling all the fabrics at the Moda booth.. and I mean that in a completely non-creepy type of way!!!

  56. On my bucket list: attend a sample spree and be there all alone with unlimited $$$$$!!!! On my knees begging: I want to see the booths of Blackbird Designs, Jo Morton, Carrie Nelson, Minnick & Simpson, Bonnie Blue Quilts, Primitive Gatherings, Wooden Spool, YES . . . some of us love the repro/Civil War fabrics, and I would feel like I had died and gone to heaven if I could see something about Yoko Saito and learn her books were available in English!!!!!!! Thanks!

  57. A LOT of eye candy at market – love French General and the Bliss looks plenty beautiful. Benartex booth/Nancy Halvorsen would be heavenly to see. Let me win !!!

  58. Sounds like an amazing market already! I am most excited to see Amy Butler's booth because I hear she has a new book coming out, and also to see Lizzy's new Castle Peeps fabrics.

  59. Would love to win either of these bundles, they are both wonderful! I am looking forward to the Kate Spain booth, love her designs.

  60. I am loking forward to seeing all the fun you have at Market. I would love to see Amy Butler, Anne Sutton and the Fig Tree booths!

  61. I'd love to see Sandi Henderson's booth, oh and Betz White's as well. Can't wait to see more photos – the sample spree sounds like a lot of fun, hope you didn't get crushed in all the mayhem – LOL.

  62. Please let us see some new stuff from Me & my Sisters! Have fun at the show!

  63. You mean you would have to pick ONE booth! I guess I'd have to pick Jo Morton, or maybe Minnick and Simpson, or wait, maybe Miss Rosie's Carrie Nelson……. Sorry I don't have facebook or twitter, so no extra entries πŸ™

  64. I would love to see Miss Rosie's booth (Carrie Nelson) and Heather Mulder Peterson's booth (Anka's Treasures)

  65. Wish we could all go to market and see what you see. I'm sure the Fig Tree booth is fantastic as well as so many others.Betty

  66. that's a tough question,

    First I'd probably look for Riley Blake stuff cause they are really interesting me, Fig Tree, Kate Spain and French General, and can't miss Izzy and Ivy!

  67. Would love to see the booth from Blue Hill Fabrics, some of the prints look pretty cute. Just right for new grandbabies.

  68. What fun! I like Robert Kaufman fabrics – especially those designed by Amy Schimler. Not sure if they're at the market though!
    Looking forward to seeing more photos.

  69. I would love to win the Bliss fabric. I'm excited to see the Thimble Blossoms booth and also the Fig Tree Quilts booth.

  70. Love hearing about Quilt Market and seeing pics of all the fab booths, especially Fig Tree and Anne Sutton, anything Moda!!

  71. I love reading about market! Thanks for the updates and the opportunity to win something gorgeous!
    Marsha in Iowa

  72. I would love any and all you have as a give a way. I'm a fabric junky!!! ;o)

  73. Next market, could you PLEASE squeeze me into your suitcases? Please?!! I'll tell you, I think we all live on the posts from Market – just to see the familar faces and names and to see what yummy new things are coming out. A booth I would visit for sure would be A Quilted Fish – Amanda Herring. I was a tester for her last Market and I would love to meet her in person.

    I am almost giddy looking at the sample tables – OMGosh – what a dream!! I can't wait to see what you post next πŸ™‚

  74. Love all the photos and seeing the fun you are having at market. I love Anne sutton's patterns. It would be awesome to win some Blissful fat quarters. I saw it on their web site just before market. Shelley

  75. LOL my hubby took one look at the photos and said "You should be there!" i told him it's only for designers and shop owners and he said "Well you know enough of those, you should still be there!"
    LOL, gotta love the man!

    as for booths,#1 choice is Minnick and Simpson,(YEA!!! such sweet ladies!) Branneck and Pateck, French General,Lecien,& Fig Tree, and Moda. hope you have lots of fun at Fall Market.

  76. I can't wait to see all of the new knits from Michael Miller– the sneaks I've seen so far are super fun! Thanks for the giveaway!

  77. I'm so excited to see all these pictures from Market!

    As for the booths, it's a toss-up between Minick & Simpson and American Jane!

  78. Are Lila Tueller and Anna Maria Horner going to be there? I am always excited to see new stuff from them. And anyone designing for Alexander Henry! Hope you enjoy Minnesota! I just love it!

  79. So many favorites – mainly ALL the Moda ladies. Love seeing all their booths. Thanks for taking time to send pictures and comments, and thanks for the chance to win samples. Market is so exciting even for those of us who stay home!!

    mary jb – who can't remember google acct password today.

  80. Looks like you are having great fun. Can't wait to see the Fig Tree booth and always Anne Suttons with her creative skills. Love the blissful fabric! how divine!Shelley

  81. Every quilter's dream would be to attend Sample Spree! I always love seeing the stylish booths of Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, and Anna Maria Horner.

  82. What fun! I would love to see the Hoffman booth because one of my quilting buddies was asked to make a quilt for it! It is an original design called Coffee Time. I am very excited for her.

  83. Can't wait to see some pictures of Heather Mulder Peterson's booth and the booth of Bonnie & Camille! Keep sending on the pictures!!

  84. I can't wait to see Anne Suttons and/or th people who did Make Life…was it Sweet Water? Oh how Iwish I could really go. It's only two states away from me but work, children, home, money…maybe someyear!!

  85. Be still my heart! BLISS!!! Oh I want! I would love to see Heather Mulder Peterson's booth as well as Camille and Bonnie's. But anything you show us would be just fine. πŸ™‚

  86. Love Camille and can not wait to see what they have in store for us. Need to have the new Bliss line, ok maybe want..want…want!!!! Thanks for sharing I love seeing what goes on!

  87. Oh, where to start!? Miss Rosie, Heather Mulder Peterson, Atkinson Designs, but really, anything you show us will be a treat! Ann in NC

  88. Wow, how fun does that look!! Love the fabric lines you snagged. Will have to buy one of each.


  89. I would love all of the booths I am sure. I can't get enough of feasting my eyes on fabric. I liked the Moda booth and the Quilt Soup booth. I think everyone was enjoying themselves very, very much.

    Have a great day.

  90. Hi! Great giveaway. I love me some French General. I am looking forward to seeing Anna Maria Horner's booth, with the sofa covered in her fabric. Also Heather Bailey's. And every other booth, really. Thanks!

  91. I am most excited to see Lizzie B Creative's booth. They always have a fun, colorful booth. Have fun. Thank you for sharing. Take care and God bless, Cory

  92. What a wonderful giveaway! I don't know a ton about market, but if Sandy Gervais has a booth – I'd love to see hers.

  93. Thanks for all the great photos! I would love to see French General, Sandi Henderson, Anna Maria, Amy B~ everyone's booth. It would be hard to choose one!!!!!!

  94. Hmm…. is Fig Tree there? Because that's where I would head first! I'm making a Fig Tree quilt right now and absolutely loving it…

  95. Wow – what beauties! Looks like you are having so much fun! I'm excited to see Happy Zombie's new line with Lecien (as well as their other prints). Thanks for sharing market with all of us left at home!

  96. I can't wait for bliss and I want to see Joanna from figtree and Camille of thimbleblossms' booths!! I am so excited to see Bliss and would be beyond overjoyed to win some!!!

    Thans for the giveaway!

  97. French General and Art Gallery lines would be the booths I would run to see.
    Thanks for the glimpse of Market.

  98. How fun! I can't wait to see all the new stuff. It's so inspiring to see the market booths and such. Thanks for sharing it with us all.

  99. I really want to see Anne Sutton's booth with her new Moda line featured. A peek at all the booths would be fabulous – just to see what's new and going to be trickling down towards us in the next few months.

  100. I can't wait to see Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.'s booth! And I'd love to get a better look at that new French General – swoon!

  101. omg omg omg.. I want to get my hands on bliss!!

    I'm most eager to see the booth of Camille Roskelley. I've been reading her blog as she's been getting ready for Market and can't wait to see what she did!

  102. I can't wait to see more pictures from Market! And I love the giveaway! How can you part with those beautiful fabrics???

  103. I'm glad you're having so much fun and I know I'll have just as much fun if I win the Bliss giveaway πŸ™‚

  104. I'd be thrilled to see any of them! But would definitely head first to any of the Moda booths. Thanks for sharing pics of the action!

  105. You have me drooling all over my keyboard πŸ˜›
    I love Me and My Sister…would love to see their booth

    What an fantastic giveaway! Thanks for the chance at a win!

  106. I think my eyes will be zooming here and there but I think it will be attracted to the Nicey Jane line. Thank you.

  107. Wow, I'm excited to see it ALL! If I have to choose just ONE booth, it would be Anna Maria Horner's, but I'll be eager to see everything you show us! GREAT prizes! Oh, how I would love to win one of those beautiful bundles.

  108. Thanks! I've always wondered what the Market looked like–I wish I was there! I really liked the "Me and My Sister" booth–it's great to see the people behind the great designs!
    Sally Daly

  109. That looks like fun. I can't wait to see Joanna's booth, and Anne Sutton, and Camille's, and, well all of them. Thanks for the chance.

  110. Oh, I wish I was there…
    Using you as my eyes I would love to see the booth from Me and My Sister, Fig Tree and Moda (as well as all the other)

  111. Would LOVE to be there…..and would ESPECIALLY love to see Anne Sutton's booth! Fun Fun! The bundles are gorgeous! Would love to win one!

  112. Great giveaway! It sounds so exciting to be at quilt market. I would love to see Heather Mulder Peterson's booth. Have fun!

  113. Sample Spree looks absolutely wonderful!!! I would think I had died and gone to heaven just to be there. To decide which booth to see would be had, but Renee Nanneman has to be my choice, though either of the bundles that you as giving away would be nice as well.

    Thank you so much for allowing us to come along with you.

    Ellen in Kansas City, MO

  114. I'm in love with Joanna Fig Tree's new line of Fresh Cottons. I'd love to win one of the scrumptious bundles πŸ™‚

  115. I'd want to see Tula Pink, Camille & Bonnie, Anne Sutton, and French General…. really I'd just probably stand there drooling and miss out on all the bargains at sample spree…

  116. I LOVE when you share photos of everything happening at Quilt Market. Oh, what fun it must be.

    I REALLY look forward to any photos you might share of Sandy Gervais's booth. She's one of my all-time favorite designers.

    And, if time permits, a couple photos of Kansas Troubles would be wonderful as well!!!

  117. Bonnie & Camille's booth! I love their patterns and fabrics!

    I also would love to see some Kate Spain Fandango.

  118. Thanks for the pictures – I love how many pictures you take at Market – it almost makes me feel like I'm there. The Booths I want to see are Fig Tree and French General.

  119. Everything Moda, Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry, Denyse Schmidt…okay I'm just excited to see pic's of EVERYTHING at Marked!

  120. Well I want to see RJR's What's Cookin fabric. Because I made the sample quilt!! Exciting reading your twitter and blog updates. Keep em comin!

  121. I would love to see Bonnie and Camille's booth, Heather Bailey, and pretty much anything Moda!! Love their fabric!!

  122. I want to see Bonnie & Camille, Sandy Gervais, & more French General.

    How fun!! Thanks for posting all the pics…it is vicarious Market fun!!

  123. I have never been to Market, but have heard about it for years – it seems like a magical land to me! So what booth would I want to see…every bloomin' one of them! Lovely bundles – thank you for the chance to win one.

  124. I am excited to see Bunny Hill's booth because my friend Pauline did some embroidery for her that is up in her booth. Thanks for sharing your FQ bundles. I am sooo excited to see the Bliss line of fabric too.

  125. I do so want to see what Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill has to offer that is new!
    Is Crabapple Hill there, too? I'm crazy for their embroidery patterns.

  126. So fun to see pics! Anything Fig Tree, Thimble blossom, or French General! Miss Rosie's too!! So exciting!

  127. I would head straight for Cotton Blossoms then Bunny Hill and would wind up at Fig Tree. I'd be a happy camper!! Lisa C.

  128. Sounds like an exciting time! I'm a fan of Joanna Figueroa and also Heather Mulder Peterson and Carrie Nelson. I read their blogs, so I've already gotten some sneak peeks. I guess the booths I really want to see are the ones I've never heard of!

  129. Would love to be there and see ALL the booths. Would be willing to settle for winning a FQ bundle, either one.

  130. I'd love to see Amy Butler's, Valori Well's or Bonnie and Camille's booths. I love the colors in Bonnie and Camille's new line!

  131. I can't wait to see Anna Maria Horner's setup with her patchwork couch, velveteen and new voiles! I am assuming I want everything from Lecien and Kokka too! Thank you for all of your pictures and updates.

  132. OMG, I get heart palpatations (the good kind) when I see all those pretty stacks of fabric! Sounds like a great time is being had by all.

  133. I love Moda in general!! They have so many talented designers that you can't really just choose one designer…but to win a bundle, what a dream come true!!

  134. I'm so jealous! That looks like a dream! I "d love to see Patty Young's booth-she has a really cute line coming out and new patterns for her knits coming out to, which I'm really excited about!

  135. Please, please, please get pictures of the
    Oliver and S booth. New fabrics (woven and knits) and new patterns. Oh please have lots of fun for us because I love going to quilt market with you guys.

  136. I can't wait to see Fig Tree, of course & also Minnick & Simpson's booth!!! Other fav's… Quilt Soup, the Vintage Spool & I'm really interested in seeing Jill Finley's booth.

  137. Man–that Bliss bundle is TDF! It is a line of fabric I just can't wait to see. That booth is one I would def. be checking out as well as the Lecien booth–can't wait for Sugar Flower 2–it looks amazing!!

  138. Ohhh, looks like so much fun. I'd definitely head to the Moda booth first, and then Amy Butler.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  139. That looks wild and crazy! Do you have to be first in the door to get the best stuff? I would love to win one of your bundles.

  140. Sandi Henderson and Riley Blake? I'm having so much fun following those who are attending Market. Next best thing to being there. πŸ™‚

  141. What fun you must be having. If I were there I would be heading to Bonnie & Camille's booth, followed by Kate Spain & then to Anne Sutton. Can't wait to see all the new patterns too.

  142. I want to see it all– Fig Tree Quilts, Miss Rosie's Quilts, the Moda booth, Bonnie and Camille's booth, Crabapple Hill, Bunny Hill Quilts…
    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  143. I loved seeing the display of Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup, everything so inviting. It looks like a wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway opportunity.

  144. I would love more than anything to attend a big quilt show like this just to gaze at and fondle fabric. I could not imagine having to pick one booth to look at. You should see me at my own local quilt store. I could sit in there for hours, and it's tiny.

  145. My favorite is Moda but it all looks so good. It's fun to see what we really can't see. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the rest of the trip.

  146. Hoe big is the chance that a quilter from Holland could win the give away?If I only could be there to see the ModaBooth,Wish You a great time and make lot of pictures for us.Marianne S.

  147. I would love to win the fat quarter bundle. I would also like to see the Moda booth in person. Thanks for the giveaway.

  148. Thanks for all the photos. Participating in Sample Spree is a fantasy of mine. I'd love to win The Maison de Garance Fat Quarter bundle. I love every line that French General has created.

  149. Thanks for the fun to try and win something fabulous!! You guys are amazing at sharing with your fans!! As far as booths I'm waiting to see… Show me the Fig Tree!!! I can't get enough of Joanna's amazing talen!!!!! Thanks!!!

  150. Thanks for the photos, and the giveaway! I'd love to see the Tula Pink booth, and Thimbleblossoms! Thanks!

  151. Moda is always #1 on my list, but I'd love to see pics from Bunny Hill's Anne Sutton too!!! LOVE the Bundle pics – they make me D-R-O-O-L!

    HAVE FUN – I'm jealous!!!

  152. Well, I would just have to see them all since going would be a once in a lifetime experience coming from Denmark. As would winning probably …..

  153. Please let us see some photos from Fig Tree, French General, Kate Spain, Camille Roskelley, Amy Butler, Heather Mulder Peterson, Minick & Simpson, etc. and the list goes on and on and on!! I'd love to win a Bliss Fat Quarter or the one from French General. How fun.

  154. I would be drooling all over Bunny Hill and French General. Thanks for the delightful give away. I really home I will. Sharon

  155. Anything Moda will do, but I will have to pick Tula Pink! Every year I wish I could go to Spring Market! Thanks for the great posts that you do while you are there!

  156. I'd want to see French General's booth! I love her fabrics. Kansas Troubles would be a close second. Thanks for the giveaway!

  157. Love going to market !!!! If only via your posts. I enjoy the Moda displays and new fabrics by their great designers, am so excited to see Anne Suttons new line.
    Thank you for sharing!

  158. Camille's and Joanna's for sure! All of them though, I want to see everything! LOL
    Oh my, I am positively drooling over the fabric yummies!

  159. Ahh.. it would be a dream come true to once in my life be able to go to an event like this… think i would be in heaven with all that fabric… I just love Moda fabrics… and the French General fabrics… think it would be one of the first stops I would make… think I have to go to bed and dream sweet dreams..:o)

  160. I love the photo of fabric by Moda! I hope someone takes photos of the Blackbird Design booth and also Minick & Simpson…oh don't forget, Bunny Hill Designs….ugh there are so many!!!!

  161. A wonderful giveaway. If I had to chose, I would go see Anne Suttons Booth. Wished I could have been there.

    Both bundles are wonderful, but I'm partial to the Bliss.

    Billie K in TX

  162. I'm anxious to see what Sandy Gervais has cooked up for her booth, or what Moda's booth looks like. Wish I could be there!
    Leslie S. in MN
    esclante [at] comcast [dot] net

  163. I would probably like to see the full Moda Booth, but then it is hard to say since everything looks so yummy!! I have started to have a little love in with Cheri Strole, Heather Mulder and Anne Sutton with her new line for Moda. Looking forward to living Quilt Market with you all!!

  164. I would love to see Kaari Meng's booth. I've fallen in love with her fabric lines. Oh good. She has a new one! I'd love to see the booth from Minick and Simpson. Thanks so much for posting photos and reports! It helps us feel involved with Market.

  165. Oh what fun. i can't wait to see Crabapple Hill Studio,Moda and Bunny Hill. Keep the goodies coming. Oh so many toys. LOL
    Elizabeth Quigley

  166. I'm most anxious to see Camille's booth & what she's done with her Bliss fabirc. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

  167. Oh my! What a question…?! Can I say ALL of the booths??? 'Cause I've never been to Quilt Market! And, just LOOK at those D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S French General fabrics…MmMmMmMm…!?!?!?

  168. Looks like so much fun, would love to be there. I think the booths I would love too see are 3 Sisters as well as French General (and of course Bonnie and Camille). Have a great time and lots of pics for us that have to live vicariously threw you guys πŸ™‚


  169. Thank you for this giveaway. The booths that I would like to see (assume they are there) are Joel Dewberry, Amy Butler, Heather Ross, Denyse Schmidt, and Tula Pink. I enjoy looking at shop blogs to see what is new at market (and of course, what do I want to buy?).

  170. So many bundles so little time. I don't know which I would choose! Thanks for the giveaway. I would love any one for sure.

  171. I'd to see the RJR booth with Thimbleberris and Robyn Pandolf fabric.

    I seem to like the tan / red bundle better.


  172. Well, I love to see the fun designs of Michael Miller's booth. Kate Spain has become a new favorite of mine. Fig Tree stuff too! Actually I'm not picky – I want to see it all.

  173. Looking forward to seeing French Generals new line and Bunny Hills booth – they both do wonderful things with fabrics and patterns. Have a great time at the Market – wish I could be with you. Cathie

  174. I'd love to be entered into the giveaway. I would most like to see the Moda booth and I love, love anything by Heather Mulder Peterson (Anka's Treasures). Koye Hendrix

  175. Thanks for the chance to win the beautiful fabric. I'm looking forward to seeing Anne Sutton's booth … love her stuff. Also my friends from the Quilted Crow in Tasmania who are at market this time.

  176. I want to see what Kate Spain and Anna Maria Horner are doing this year. The french general looks perfect for what my husband has said he wants.

  177. I'd love to see Miss Rosie's booth, and French General and Bunny Hill and Little Acorns, and, and, and well, all of them!!

  178. Hi! Thank you so much for doing such a great giveaway. Love both fabrics so if I'm lucky enough to be picked, I'd be thrilled with either one. I would love to see the Bunny Hill booth since they are new designers for Moda.

  179. Quilt soup is top of the list!! Thanks SO much for the chance to win one of these sweet little bundles!! Have fun!!

  180. There are two booths I would love to see…the one from Lake House Dry Goods and the one from Bunny Tales. They always seem to have such cute things!

    Have fun at Market! Wish I was there!

    Sandy A

  181. I would love to see the booths in person, but your photos are always appreciated. I enjoy seeing the Fig Tree booth and also love to see what is new at Moda Home.

  182. For fabric, I'd love to visit Moda and Fig Tree Quilts are some of my favorite eye candy. You must be having a grand time! Thanks for sharing.

  183. I love seeing all of your photos of the booths, but especially love Fig Tree. I also like to see what is new at Moda Home.

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  188. so many booths I'm excited about – French General, Thimbleblossoms, Minick and Simpson, Fig Tree…pretty much any Moda line.

  189. Does Joanna from Fresh Figs have a booth? I'd love to meet her.

    I'm so jealous – quilt market sounds like so much fun. Have a great time!

  190. I can't choose only one booth to see the new goodies — the more the better (of course not for my wallet, but hey, I can dream can't I).

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  191. What an exciting time you had! I'd love to see the French General booth particularly – but all the rest too!!
    thanks for the giveaway opportunity

  192. It must be amazing to be there! All those great booths and tons of new fabrics! I can't wait to see the new French General line. Sharonj.

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    What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win. πŸ™‚

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  197. These are two of my favorite fabric people. I can only imagine what going to market would be like. I would love to win one of these. We are moving to Korea this summer and I could have so much fun with this fabric during my 1 year there.

  198. I LOVE them all! HappyZombie's new fabric line looks interesting. . . and of course, Anne Sutton and Fig Tree and I could keep on listing!!Thanks for sharing all the great pictures — it's the next best thing to being there! Julie

  199. OMG! 408 comments! Well, I sure would love, love, love to win one of those bundles, so count me in as #409!

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  201. I really want to see Anne Sutton's booth (Bunnyhill) and of course anything Robyn Pandolph ….. The spree looks like so much fun.

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    Thanks for the giveaway!

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  204. I'd love to see Amy Butler's booth, and of course everyone else too! The awesomeness must be overwhelming. Keep up the good work!

  205. I would like to see Anna Maria Horner's booth. I have been hoarding some of her voiles–so beautiful I can't bear to cut in to them (but I know not what she intended!).

  206. Hi I would love to have A Bliss Fat Bundle..
    Thank you for running a wonderful blogg and I realy loved the Spring Market post, Thank you for sharing;-))

  207. Sandy Gervais! and everything Moda, and keep those pictures coming…absolutely a treat. Thank you for posting. It is especially nice to see the designers with their work…sigh…if only in person. CarolA in Troy, ID.

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  210. How to choose? Of course Moda would be great to see, Heather Mulder Peterson, Bonnie & Camille . . . any and all of the booths!

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  213. I wouldn't know where to go to first–I love French General, Minnick and Simpson, Blackbird Designs, etc., etc., etc….so much FUN!!!

  214. !!!O.O!!!

    I'm a Patchwork-Greenhorn. And this year I#m in a Quilting Bee named Blockzeit (www.blockzeit.blogspot.com)
    And I'm a fabric-Yunkie.
    I need to win this Bundles!!!!

  215. I'm new to quilting, so market is all new to me too… thanks so much for helping us experience it through your blog! I love Moda, so I'd be looking out for their booth.. but I'm sure I would be delightfully distracted along the way πŸ™‚

  216. I wish I was there but I love seeing the blogs about market. I would love to see every booth but if I had to pick one it would be Figtree.

  217. I can't wait to see Camille Roskelley's booth! I'd love to get a beter look at Bliss, and those 6 new quilt patterns she's been mentioning!!

    missavene (at) gmail (dot) com

  218. I am especially looking forward to Bunny Hill, Bonnie & Camille, Fig Tree, and French General! Oh, and I'd love a fat quarter!

  219. Hi,

    I want to see Minick and Simpson's!

    And if I get a second choice, Blackbird Designs. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Windy Meadow

  220. I can't wait to see Fig Tree's booth – her colours are just so refreshing and elegant. And then being a Brit, I always like to see what red, white and blue Americana ideas are over at Minnick & Simpson. One day I might get to see in person – for now I rely on you to do a great job!

  221. Do you hyperventilate, when you are looking at all the new fabrics and tools that are soon to be on the market? I do!

  222. It looks like it could become a fabric feeding frenzy! There are so many ideas motivated from seeing the new fabrics!

  223. I'd love to see anyone's booth in person (I live in almost outback Australia)… living vicariously through you, I enjoy looking at everything that's on offer. I feel that I'm looking into the futur, as a few of these ranges won't make it to my lqs for quite some time.

  224. I would love to win!
    What fun everyone must be having.
    I love seeing all that fabric and the patterns….
    Connie F

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  227. oh my–sample spree! i want to see carrie nelson's quilts from her books. anything lecien. and of course lakehouse–holly always has the cutest booth.

  228. I'm excited to see Bonnie and Camille's booth, Fig Tree's, and the Bunny Lady! And I would LOVE to have a fat quarter bundle! Dream come true for me!! Thank you for the opportunity!

  229. Ok I have re-tweeted the link, added it to my facebook profile and I am letting oyu know I would love to see Sandi Gervais stand at the market! Please let it be me!!!

  230. Ok I have re-tweeted the link, added it to my facebook profile and I am letting oyu know I would love to see Sandi Gervais stand at the market! Please let it be me!!!

  231. Oh, the booths that I would love to see are Carrie of Miss Rosie's and Kaari Meng of French General. Love both of them. Thanks for the chance to win, but if I don't, thanks for all the updates from market, they are wonderful!

  232. What am I most excited to see….EVERYTHING!!! Thanks for taking us along for the visit and would LOVE to win your giveaway !!!

  233. Oh my! i want one of those! I'll be having knee replacement tomorrow but wouldn't that be a nice home from the hospital surprise later in the week????

  234. Wow…you must be having so much fun! I'd love to see pictures of Joel Dewberry's booth (if he has one)and Moda's booth.

  235. OMG are u kidding???Whose booth do I not want to see….oh yeah, the one I don't know about. I want to see them all. Of course Amy Butler, Camille Roskelley & her mom Bonnie, and Kaffe if he's there. See? I don't even know whose supposed to be there. I am sooo out of the loop I don't even know where the loop is..am I pitiful enough for ya???????

  236. The chaos… the mayhem… the frenzy!! Wish I was there too!! Would love to see Fig Trees booth because Joanna is so creative!!

  237. I loved seeing the start of the Spree. You could title it "Nine ladies dashing…"

    I always want to see Anna Maria Horner, Patty Young, and look forward to Michael Miller land. Will he be camping? exploring the galaxy? in a treehouse?

    I would love either of those magnificent fat quarter sets!

  238. The fabric keeps getting better and better. Can't get enough. Bliss would be heavenly right now! I'm sure Bonnie and Camille's booth is amazing.

  239. I love seeing all the pictures. Wish I could be there. Love everything. I really liked seeing all the booths. I especially liked Sherri Falls block of the month and Laurie Simpson's Halloween apron. Can't wait to see that new halloween line. Thanks for the chance to win. Karen M

  240. I have not even looked at all the pictures yet, but I always love the mimick and simpson booth. I always love their designs and fabric.


  241. I am so breaking the tenth commandment right now! I would be in heaven if I could see Thimble Blosom and Cotton Way. So lucky!

  242. Thanks for the great giveaway! I can't wait to see more of French General's new line and Sweetwater's Pure line or anything else from Moda:)

  243. That pile of Bliss makes me giddy! Look at that yummy mix of red and aqua πŸ™‚

    Most excited to see more of Bonnie and Camille and Riley Blake… Oooh and AMH!


  244. Thanks for sharing all the quilt market fun! I was excited to see the Thimble Blossoms booth, the Bunny Hill booth and the Sandi Henderson/Michael Miller booth.

  245. Ladies…thank you for all the great pics…this was the best start to a Monday morning!!! I'm really hoping for a Bliss bundle…a great end to a Monday :o)

  246. Thanks so much for a chance to win!! Loved to see the Bunny Hill booth. Can't wait to see and touch that beautiful fabric!

  247. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures from quilt market. I always look forward to seeing the Minick and Simpson booth as well as Bunny Hill Designs. They were awesome! And your giveaway is awesome as well. Thanks!

  248. Oh Wow! Love both lines of fabric. I could use either one. I actually went to market, and was so overwhelmed by the Moda crowd, that I kind of lost my interest in buying anything. I was so mad at myself for not fighting harder to get one of the Bliss lines, so if I could win it…I'd be a happy girl! Thanks for the chance.

  249. I was really wanting to see the Moda stands, Michel Miller, Happy Zombie's gnomes in situ, they are amazing. LOve the look of the yummy Maison de Garance, thanks so much for all the pics.

  250. I would have to say excited about seeing anything Moda! Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures of the show. Makes us non-market people feel like we're there! How exciting!

  251. I think the Moda both would be my favorite! I alsp like Me and My Sister paterns and colors.

  252. I would love to go to Market someday – and see Amy Butler's booth. She is guaranteed to have something wonderful!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  253. Aloha-

    Thanks for blogging about your Quilt Market activities!

    As a vendor at Quilt Market, I do not always get out and look at all the beautiful booths so thanks for sharing!!

    That's pretty cool you let your readers know what went on!!

    Douglas Eagleson
    President, Kona Bay Fabrics


  254. Ohhh who's booth?…I'd like to say all but I will say…Carrie Nelson, JAM, Primitive Gatherings, Quilt Soup, and so on….thanks for the chance to win this lovely pile!!

  255. Oh, I would love to see Kate Spain's booth and Bunny Hill – Anne Sutton's booth :0) Thanks for such a fun glimpse of the line and after of sample day!