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Snuggle[s] All Up!

We just got some oh so comfy-snuggly-delicious fabric in 2 yard cuts. Snuggle Packs are perfect backing for some of your favorite quilts. Not quite sure what Snuggle Pack color to pair with your fabric? Here is a list of fabrics that pair with each of our 6 colors of Snuggle Packs.

White Snuggles Pack:
[Matches Bella Solids White Bleached SKU #9900-98 & pretty much every line we have- but here are a few in particular]

1. Flurry
2. Ready Set Snow
3. I Heart
4. Hoo’s in the Forest
5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
6. Dr. Seuss

Butter Snuggles Pack:

1. Lil’ Rascals
2. It’s a Jungle Out There
3. Animal Party Too
4. Dolly Dear
5. Love U

Baby Pink Snuggles Pack:

1. Me & My Sister Favorites
2. Delovely
3. Flower Sugar
4. Hoo’s In The Forest
5. Penny Lane

Cherry Snuggles Pack:

1. Appleville
2. Flutter
3. Circus Alphabet Soup
4. Hullabaloo

Baby Blue Snuggles Pack:

1. Flower Sugar
2. Strawberry Fields
3. Oasis
4. Hoo’s in the Forest

Chocolate Snuggles Pack:

1. Sew Sporty
2. Off the Hook
3. Pirates
4. 5 Funky Monkey
5. Urban Zoology


  1. OMG – I love that you are telling us what these solids match. I often want to order solids on-line with my other fabrics but can't tell on my screen which I should order with which current lines.

  2. Oh it looks baby soft.. I'm thinking it would be fabulous on the back of a baby quilt.. delightful and snuggly! Sure to be a favorite for all time!

  3. That looks so inviting. I have never used this as a quilt backing. Is there any special requirement when quilting? I suppose you don't need wadding either.

  4. This is fantastic! My monitor always shows things differently from others…I've even had it side-by-side with a laptop to see how much difference there is! This is a wonderful way to show which solids can go with which prints. Thanks for your ingenious solution!
    Jacque in SC

  5. Any suggestions for what Snuggle color would go best with quilt top made out of Jenean Morrison's California dreamin'? I have the fat quarter bundle and may use a little of everything, or just the pink colorway.