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Sneak Peek: Vanessa Christenson

Last Quilt Market Vanessa Christenson of V & Co. debuted her very first ever book, Make it Sew Modern. After a huge success and only 6 months later she is now a not only a fabric designer, but designing for our friends at Moda Fabrics!!

Her new line, Simply Color, is officially debuting at Spring Quilt Market in Kansas City, but she gave us a few sneak peeks. (I am so stinking excited to see it in person at Market!!)

The collection was inspired by vintage fabrics and modern taste. Vanessa also added solid ombres into the collection in each colorway so that you can create wonderful quilts and projects with just one fabric print, or of course you can combine them all together!

What will you create with this line?


  1. I love all the beautiful colors, I can envision making so many beautiful quilts with just this one line. Can't wait to buy some!

  2. These fabrics are absolutely gorgeous. I'm thinking a plus quilt would showcase these – or the Prism quilt. Love ombre's – they would look great in a narrow border going around a quilt with the gradations.

  3. Eu quero!São tantas possibilidades que mal posso esperar.Quando V postou em seu espaço uma linda coleção de tijelas eu corri em lojas para comprar tecidos naquelas tonalidades e comecei uma colcha KING para minha cama.Fiquei muito triste comigo pela precipitação…Agora esperar tecidos e inspiração para outro padrão,camas aqui em casa é o ´que não falta.Um beijo.

  4. What a talented designer. I can't wait to get my hands on some of these. Maybe ….. oh, I don't know, I just want some.

  5. I WANT IT ALL!!!!!!!

  6. First thing in my head is a random 16 or 25 patch block with black or white borders.
    Next thing was a DWR using the shaded solids going from 1 side of the arc to the other.
    Lone Star.
    I NEED to get some.

  7. First, I'd make a swishy skirt. Then a tote/bag with blendy colors so it goes with. Shoes? Yeah, I could cover some blah ones up. Lots of shoes. Just use lots of color and repeat in another color. (And a wide hair band that tapers.)

  8. Oh my gosh, they look incredible!! I would make a bottled rainbow quilt among about a dozen other ideas 🙂 Really yummy and beautiful looking, I cant wait until they come out!!

  9. That first picture has me hooked! I need all the fabrics from this line in that lovely limey color! I'm working on a red & lime quilt right now.

  10. All those pretty fabrics are almost too much! I want time all! Especially like the solid fabric that fades. Really wonderful!

  11. Vanessa has created an awesome line of fabric colors. I just LOVE all of these and am very much hoping to be able to get some of those in my own home.

  12. I LOOOVE it! Do I really have to commit to something? I want it all just to fondle, and caress, and stare at….at least until inspiration hits (and it has to be CANT NOT DO THIS inspiration!) and all I do is quilt….so yeah

  13. Oh the possiblilities! Very happy colors- I can see matching skirts for me n my sister and niece, with matching bags