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Simply Fat Quarters Book

Happy Friday, everyone!

We have exciting news today. Emma started kindergarten, Will Peyton and Christopher started pre-school and we are revealing our first book.

Yes, go back and read that line again – our first book. We are still taking it in.

For those of you who religiously visit our Coming Soon page, you have seen our cover already, but here is the real deal official announcement.

We are self-publishing our first book, Simply Fat Quarters. This has been a dream for years, and it has finally come true.

We have hinted in the past few months that we were working on a super-secret project. And now the cat is out of the bag. 10 beautiful fat quarter quilts designed by the whole It’s Sew Emma team await you, and each can be made in four sizes.

Click to read more about our new book and to reserve a limited-edition signed copy at a special discount! Of course you could always get a regular copy and then track us all down to sign it, but that might involve snooping, stalking, other unsavory tasks… Trust me, just get your signed copy now.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll show you some behind-the-scenes photos and more good stuff. But for now, just pop some champagne with us!


  1. Simply Fat Quarters looks like a fun book that I think is going to be very popular. I love the idea that the projects in this book can be made in four sizes too!

    Congratulations to the Its Sew Emma team on publishing your first book. I look forward to many more.


  2. Fat quarters are my favorite thing to buy ~ have so many of them.
    Just went over to the shop and reserved my copy of the book ~ can't wait to start making things with my fqs!!!

  3. Congratulations on your new book, I look forward to learning more about it, I too have lots of those cute Fat Quarters saved up in my stash just waiting for the perfect quilt to make them into.