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Sew Sweet Quilt Kit

The Sew Sweet quilt by Holly Holderman is brightening up the pages of McCall’s September/October issue!

Fun four-patches dance around bright, candy-colored stars, in an array of prints that range from the traditional to the whimsical. A handful of rainbow borders, including a lovely pieced stripe border, give it the finishing touch. We quilted ours with a simple stitch-in-the-ditch, so as not to take away from the sweet concoction of colors. Taste the rainbow, anyone?

Pick up a kit today! And let us know, what do you do to brighten up your home?


  1. I love to make new curtains to quickly brighten up a room. Also, pillows can pull a room's color scheme together, or change the mood with the change of seasons.

  2. I have tried to strategically place colorful objects around our house so you get a pop of color in different places you wouldn't necessarily expect. For instance, I have these butterflies made from plastic bottles and glitter glue that hang on the wall in our dining room, just for flare!

  3. Hi, I have recently become a member of your site and while browsing cane a cross the Sew Sweet Quilt. I would love to make it for my six year old grand daughter. Is the pattern still available to purchase. If so would love to purchase it .
    Regards Dianne Hart