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Sew Sampler September 2016 Box Reveal!

Welcome back! It’s time to share the contents of the September Sew Sampler Subscription Box! This month marks our sixth box and we are super excited about its success, thanks to all of our subscribers! As an added perk of being a member this month you will receive an exclusive coupon book packed with amazing offers. 

Sugar and spice and everything nice. That’s what Sew Sampler boxes are made of! At least that’s what the September Sew Sampler box is made of.

Sweet Orchard Rolie Polie
Down Grapevine Lane for Riley Blake Designs
A sweet floral and fruity collection mixed with bias stripes, dots and text.
Contains 21 – 2.5″ x WOF strips
100% Cotton

Custom Fat Quarter Shop Aqua Ruler Pal
Pleasant Home
This adorable little block will no doubt give you easy access to your rulers and templates and keep them off your cutting mat and work area!
Measures 7 1/2″ x 4 3/4″
Made of Wood

White Seam Ripper

Not all seam rippers are created equal. Clover’s white seam ripper fits nicely in your hand and has a sharp blade to cut threads easily and cleanly.

Small Spool Holder
June Tailor
A cute way to organize and store your spools! Constructed of natural, durable hardwood and can accommodate up to 16 small spools. Conveniently stands on flip-out legs or hangs.
Measures 5″ wide by 6 1/2″ high

Exclusive Twirling Flowers Pattern
Fat Quarter Shop
Sweet little pinwheels adorn this adorable crib-sized quilt. A wonderful precut friendly pattern, just grab your Rolie Polie and some background fabric!
Finished size: 39 1/2″ x 48 1/2″
Exclusive Sew Sampler box item. 

Create Zipper Bag
Fat Quarter Shop
This Create Zipper Bag is perfect for fashionably storing your favorite on-the-go sewing supplies!
Made of canvas and measures 6″ x 7 1/2″

That’s not all – we also included our next block recipe! This pattern will give you cutting and piecing instructions to make an 8″, 12″ and 16″ block. This month we have featured Bella Solids Peacock!

This is a collectible card, and you can expect to receive one in every box.  At the end of the year, we will have a finishing pattern as well.  If you want to sew along with us, pick up the coordinating Fat Quarter Bundle we created using Bella Solids.

If you haven’t already signed up, do it soon to make sure you receive our September box! Also, if you are enjoying your box, be sure to take a moment and write a review on our website here.

What did you think about the September box?  Comment below to let us know, and be sure to share your box reveals with us by using #SewSampler #SewSamplerSeptember


  1. TBH I was pretty disappointed in September's box, and canceled my subscription because of it. I think the spool holder and seam ripper were silly because I don't know of a single sewist, even brand new, that doesn't already own these things. And the bags and tins are getting to be too much, I keep having to give them away because I have no use for so many. That being said, I was super happy with most of the other boxes, so I'll be keeping an eye on the future sew sampler reveals. Maybe they'll get better and I'll renew! 🙂

  2. I have loved all of my boxes since the beginning! Like Christmas every month. Know I will be making this quilt soon with the Rolie Polie. Thank you for fun mail every month.

  3. I have loved all the boxes so far except for this months. I agree that most already have a spool holder and seam ripper. I would also love to see some more mature or modern fabrics come in the box.

  4. Based on comments from my friend's, I subscribed and received my first box this month. The Rolie-Polie of Sweet Orchard is fun. I followed a Blog Hop that used this fabric. The spool holder will come in handy for threads I'm using in current projects. Thank you for the box idea, FQS!

  5. I am pleased with the two boxes I have received so far! It's a nice treat that I give myself. Thank you for quality products to try. I have a seam ripper in several places because unfortunately I read for one often! Thank you!s

  6. Since all things retro, vintage and cute scrappy are my faves I would love to win the Rolling Stone Quilt Kit and the Cuddly Quilt Kit. Thanks Kimberly for the opportunity.


  7. I LOVE the monthly Sew Sampler box! I get excited when I see that turquoise box on my porch! Who doesn't need a brand new seam ripper? And to have the threads handy that I'm using during a project is awesome. I think evetthing you all do is above and beyond! The customer service is incredible! My loyalty is with Fat Quarter shop, your blog,You Tube channel and ALL of the clubs that I'm in!

    Keep doing exactly what you are doing! There is something amazing for everyone!

  8. Well you can't please all the people all the time. My favorite item is the Ruler Pal, love, love it! Could definitely use a larger one!
    I love the variety of the boxes, thank you for coming up with different items! I look forward to each month, there is always at least one item that is new to me!

  9. As soon as I opened the box I put rulers and spools of thread in their respective racks and loved how neat they looked. Every month there are perfect notions and fabric I love.

  10. I LOVE coming home to a turquoise box on my front porch. It's my favorite day of the month. his month I actually squealed with joy with I saw the sweet orchard rolie polie! I am OBSESSED with strawberries but already have so many projects I never would have purchased this for myself. YAY! I also am so thankful for the book of coupons. I frequently want to buy items but try not to shop too often and pay lots for shipping so THANKS!!!!

  11. I love my sew sampler boxes! I have been getting them since the beginning. I am like a kid on Christmas waiting for this box! This month's I loved also. I put my smaller rulers, like my add a quarter rulers, in the ruler rack on my desk. I put my most frequently used spools in the thread rack, also on my desk. It all looks so cute and organized, so thank you! I'll be watching for the postman and my blue box next month also! Cannot wait!

  12. I think you must have snuck into my sewing room before you loaded this months sampler box. I needed a new ripper, I was looking for something to keep my most jsed rulers on the cutting table and I needed somethkng to hold the filled bobbins for my sit down quilting machine.Even my husband was impressed and he is not very interested in my sewing treasures. I love the Crossroads kit and the Rolling Stones one. Thank-you for this giveaway.

  13. First let me say that I'm a big fan of the Fat Quarter Shop and Kimberly. I've never had a subscription before but after seeing the first couple of boxes, I had to dive in.

    I've received four now so I thought it was time to share some feedback. The way we feel about what's received depends very much on our taste and what we already have in our stash. For that reason, you may have a completely different opinion that me without either of us being 'wrong'. For what it's worth, here's what I've enjoyed and not enjoyed about the boxes I've received so far:

    1) Fun to receive a box each month
    2) Always a great value for the price paid
    3) Fabric included is always one of the month's new releases – FQS isn't trying to get rid of old fabric that hasn't sold
    4) I really appreciate the coupon codes (particularly this month's book)
    5) I like receiving small notions that fit easily into my storage

    1) I've already received too many items I already own (Alphabities, binding tool, duplicate tin to the one I'd just ordered, Sewline pencil). I didn't mind getting another rotary cutter or seam ripper, but all the rest was superfluous
    2) Items I would never have ordered and don't want or value (pie ruler, wooden spool holder I have no room for, bobbin nest, quilt clip holders, fabric bag)
    3) Fabric frequently isn't to my taste. I really like modern fabric. With no offence to designers intended, there's no chance I'll use the fabric from either of the last two boxes. I just don't care for that kind of 'country' style. I know many love it and they're well curated collections, but they just aren't my thing.
    4) I'll never use any of the patterns I've received (not my style)
    5) Fabric provided isn't enough for a project I'd complete. If I love it, I'll buy more to make a throw. If I don't, I don't know what to do with it.

    Obviously I know that the cost of the box is far too low to include a layer cake, jelly roll, etc. Even a half size is generous for the price, but I don't do table runners or mini quilts, so I'm left with fabric that isn't quite enough to do something with. Those of you who make lots of baby quilts, table runner, bags, etc. may feel very differently. I also recognize that there's no way that the fabric will be to everyone's taste each month. Ironically, I really liked the fabric in the first two boxes and they're the only two I didn't buy. LOL

    I really haven't enjoyed the last two boxes, although I know many of you have loved them. I'm going to give it one more month. If I keep receiving items I already have or that I just won't use, then I'll cancel. If most of the items aren't going to be used, then it would make more sense to treat myself to something I love from the FQS each month instead.

    Hope you don't mind the feedback, Kimberly. I think the box is a great idea and is ideal for someone who doesn't already have many of the items you're including. I've always had great service from FQS and fully intend to keep supporting the business. 🙂

  14. I would love the crossroads quilt kit or the rolling stone quilt kit. They are really great.

    I subscribed to my first sampler box in September . I loved it. Thank you

  15. My favorites are the rolling stone and the crossroads quilts.One day I hope to do a red and white quilt.Maybe this will be the one.I really enjoy getting the Sew Sa

  16. I love the rollint Rolling Stone Quilt and the Crossroads Quilt patterns. I loved the variety of designs on the Cross Roads and can see some bright fabrics on the Rolling Stone Quilt.
    I loved my Sew Sampler when I was getting them the value was good and if it was a duplicate I had a gift for one of my quilty friends, I didn't mind giving some of it away because it was such a good deal.

  17. I love all the sew sampler boxes so far, my least favorite though would be September. I think i just got spoiled on the others and just didn't feel quite as excited about the box this time. Was this a 6 month anniversary sew sampler box?

  18. I received my September box a few minutes ago and was so curious to open it. The last boxes were wonderful and super fun.

    Just with this box I am not that happy…
    It's no problem to receive items I already own in this or another way. But I was a little sad about some of the items' quality. The bobbin holder is a really great idea and would come in handy – but the one I had received has some "raw" edges, meaning it might cause to catch a slate. And one of the holes holding the spool "sticks" is really wonky… The ruler holder is something I will love too, just has the same quality issue. Chinese product can be great but don't have to be. I recognized a lack of quality during the last years. Just it is cheaper than other stuff, I can understand.
    I totally love the fabric and patterns, loved all of them I had received so far. The seam ripper is fine too, I already have some but it's a good idea to have something in reserve. Well, as some of the other customers I am not really sure about the zipper bag.

    I am longing forward to see the next box and would be happy with some cute rulers.

  19. Lots of neat things in the September box, but bigger is better. The ruler holder would be better if it was bigger, as would the spool holder (dowels are a bit crooked on mine). Unfortunately when I opened the box there were lots of thread bits on top of the tissue paper. The fabric edges were shedding a lot, all the way down to the bottom of the box. I am from Canada, and always hate it when free shipping offers (USA only) don't include a discount of some sort for Canadian customers. I won't be using the other coupons as they are only one per order. I too will see how the October box is before deciding to continue or not.

  20. I hesitated signing up for this as I have so so so many notions already. Imagine my surprise when the only thing I did have was the seam ripper, The mini spool holder is perfect for by my machine where I tend to pile threads. I have a ruler holder, but not the small version. Was extremely pleased with everything!

  21. I really liked my box this month. The fabric is nice and I plan on using the pattern enclosed to make a quilt. I think all of the items are of good quality and most are useful. A couple of items I have given away such as the bobbin holder. I have a Bernina and the bobbins are quite large so I could not use it. I will stay subscribed as long as the variety and usefulness of the items in the box continue. I love that I have gotten fabric in every box! I hope to see some urban items in the future. Love you FQS!

  22. Another fabulous box! Loved everything in it and who doesn't need a new seam ripper. Was thinking about getting the ruler holder so that was perfect. I joined from the beginning and have not been disappointed. Can't wait for next month! Thanks again for the great items you have chosen!

  23. This was my first sew sampler box and I was very pleased with all of my items. I'm fairly new to quilting and I did not have a spool holder so that was nice to get. I actually needed a good seam ripper too. I loved everything and I really look forward to next months box. Also I'd like to add this was my first purchase from FQS and it was a delightful experience!

  24. I was also disappointed this month. I began the program in July and LOVED that month's box. August I wasn't as excited with and was not excited at all with September. I did like the seam ripper and the jelly roll. I almost cancelled my subscription, but I'm hoping that October and November and December will be packed with seasonal stuff, so I'm hanging in there another 3 months. I love this time of year and hope the boxes will reflect this.

  25. Thankyou FQS I have loved every box and have needed all the great notions that have come. Fabric is expensive here in Australia so I now have a great stash thanks to your wonderful choices. The best part is the surprise ! Love everything keep it up. I even use the boxes to keep my scraps organised. Every month I put the sticker on the side and label it with the next strip size and fill it up and stack them on the desk ????

  26. I have been thrilled with every month of this club until now. While the fabric was awesome the rest of the box was actually a horrible collection of low value stocking stuffers kind of stuff I would expect at a dollar store. I was extra disappointed because this September box was being hyped as the 6 month anniversary box with special bonus, unfortunately it was not anywhere near that. Last comment I wanted to share is that, while I am thrilled by any and all fabric, it would be nice to see some primitive or fall like colors instead of the same bright summery pink blue yellow green combos that have been the trend every month (the Christmas fabric in the second month sampler was really great.

  27. I have received the Sew Sampler since day one. I am amazed at FAT QUARTER SHOP'S generosity every month. The amount of product that is in each box is mind blowing. I am considering buying them as Xmas gifts.

  28. This was my 1st box! After a difficult week and arriving home seeing this blue box on our front porch was a great pick me up. Every item in it was wonderful! It was like a Christmas gift early to me. I'm a new empty nester this year and it's usually all about the boys. I love quilting for others and making gifts. The little spool stand is perfect to have right next to me with the Aurifil threads that I'm currently using on projects now. I have seam rippers everywhere so I'm always buying new ones. Riley Blake is among my top designers for fabric. I have been eyeing this fabric and can't wait to wrap up a project and work on this jelly roll. I love using precuts and small rulers and the blue stand is great on my cutting mat. Wow! What a great month to have join! I'm handicapped so I rely on online ordering and Fat Quarter Shop is one of my favorite go to places.????

  29. Some good friends signed up for the sew boxes, and I was so jealous of the wonderful things they received. I signed up in September and am very pleased with the contents. I wager it would be impossible to make a box which everyone would love each month. If you don't like what you get, maybe it would make a nice gift to a friend. I would just like to say that I love FQS and have always had a good experience with any purchase or contact. Hope you keep it up.