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Sew Sampler Reveal February 2017

It’s time to unwrap the February 2017 Sew Sampler Box – the gift that keeps on giving, and we can’t wait to unveil the goodies that this box holds!

Did you catch our photo clue this month? Our spilling bag of Jolly Ranchers was hinting towards this Sweet Marion Jolly Bar! Jolly Bars are exclusive to Fat Quarter Shop Precuts, and contain 42 5″ x 10″ cuts of fabric! Another fun fact about Jolly Bars, is that they all come with a fun, exclusive pattern! The Sweet Marion Jolly Bar comes with The Friendship Bracelet Quilt Pattern to make this stunning quilt:
You may have seen this little wonder tool used in some of our YouTube videos! That Purple Thang pushes, pokes, pulls, fudges and stuffs! So many of our quilty friends say it is their favorite notion!
Thread Heaven Thread Conditioner & Protectant is truly a necessity if you’re working with thread! This notion has so many perks! It prevents tangling and fraying of thread, is safe to use on all threads and fabrics, it’s washer/dryer safe and it can even be ironed! You’ll soon be wondering how you ever lived without it!
Tailor Mate 2-in-1 Retractable Seam Ripper is such a great alternative to the traditional seam ripper! You won’t have to worry about uncapping and recapping for safety! Both ends of the seam ripper retract different sizes, so you’re all set for any project with just one easy tool!
Clover Wonder Clips are perfect for holding layers of fabric in place! These clips are a great substitute to classic pins! The clip base is flat, so no need to worry about fabric rolling and warping as you sew down your binding.  You will find yourself using Wonder Clips for everything – it even works as a makeshift hair clip in a pinch!
The CrissCross Quilt Pattern from Prairie Grass Patterns by April Rosenthal is a fun pattern for you to try! They say that “X” marks the spot, and they got it right with this one! We’re loving this pattern!
BONUS ITEM: This pocket-sized Moda Reference Guide is perfect for the quilter on the go! Check all of your conversions and more with this handy go-to! This reference guide is a Sew Sampler Box exclusive, and it won’t be available to purchase separately!
As always, we have an exclusive Bonus Block Pattern! This Recipe Card is Block #11, so we’re only one more block and finishing instructions away from a completed quilt!!

You can see all of our Sew Sampler Box reveals on our YouTube Channel, as well as tons of fun tutorials! Have you been missing out on the Sew Sampler fun?! Don’t delay! Sign up today to get March 2017’s box of goodies! 


  1. Really love this months box! Can't wait to use the fabric.I have always wondered about the purple thang….now I get to try it! One thing I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned but I love the boxes themselves! They are great for storing small projects in. I have my orange peel blocks in one of them and it is just perfect. In fact, I wrapped one of my son's Christmas presents in a sampler box but told him I wanted the box back!!!! Thank you Fat Quarter Shop! Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving us a different style of fabric in this box than what's been in the previous boxes. Love it!

  3. This was my second box and I absolutely love it. Thanks for including so many goodies including the awesome notions and Jolly Bar! And I absolutely love the bonus Mado reference book. Thank you for filling this box up with useful and exciting tools.

  4. I also loved February's box. The Moda reference guide is awesome, it will surely help me in ordering fabrics effectively rather than my go to amount of 3 yds for everything. Thanks Fat Quarter Shop!

  5. Loving it! This is my 2nd favorite box for the simple fact that the fabric has my mom's name on it and she loved orange. The reference guide is great and I needed a new thread heaven. Everything single item in this box will be put to use. Thank you.

  6. Okay…I now own 631 "Wonder Clips"….but can you really have too many?!?!?! I also now own 3 "Purple Thangs"…but I'm still keeping my subscription because I love these boxes!! I may get things that I already have, but each box makes me happy and I look forward to it every month. (As a heads up…I own 3 "Binding Tools"…so I really don't need 4. Thanks!) Sew Sampler boxes ROCK!! 🙂


  7. the blue boxes rock!!! Excited and already looking for hint for March's box!!


  8. I just started and received my first box! It's so exciting! I already had a "Purple Thang", but it's okay to have more than one, because I will always know where one is! (I hope!) I was thinking that if I do get multiples of things because of the box, it's okay, I can just pass stuff I don't need on to quilty friends!
    I have also always thought about getting thread conditioner, but just never did. Now I don't have to, and I have used it several times already!

  9. Good job on the boxes this month. So many fun toys! Ahem, I mean tools. The fabric is pretty, and I know I keep telling you I'm sick of pink, so I won't mention it again. It feels like Christmas morning every time a box arrives. I sure would love for us to post photos of the quilts we make from the fabrics we get in the boxes. That could be an entire Facebook page in itself! We are sewing up a storm out here!

  10. This is my second surprise and I must say I can very ???????????????????????? with the entire contents…. Wasn't all that thrilled with January's surprise nor was I totally disappointed…. March is my Birthday Month so I hope we get some exciting goodies in our surprise boxes this month…Thank You Fat Quarter Shop ….Looking forward to March's SewSamplerBox

  11. I want to say thanks for this months box. So fun. I have never tried a purple thang and I have to tell you I was so excited when I saw it. I have an 18 year old thread heaven. Think it was time for a new one?? The fabric is awesome and I even like the patterns.

  12. Great box as always! So I have duplicates of things. Who doesn't? That is the chance you take when you order a mystery box of anything. Share with others. I know I have at least 3 Purple Thangs but I only know where one is…well, now two. 🙂 Thanks again. Looking forward to next month. pam

  13. I like February's box, much better than Jan. I don't need any more clips and I already have the purple thang and thread haven, but that is ok. Very pretty fabric and nice patterns. I really hope March box will include thread and a special ruler along with fabric and maybe a bobbin nest, since it will be the one year anniversary box. Thank you sew sampler team!