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Sew Sampler March 2017 Sneak Peek

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the Sew Sampler Subscription Box monthly sneak peek! This month’s clue is a bit of a riddle, but you are so good at guessing that we know you’re going to figure it out!
Leave your guesses in the comments below! We love seeing all of your ideas and we get so excited when you figure out our clues each month!
Does this clue have the gears in your brain spinning? Make sure that you’re signed up for the Sew Sampler Box to get this month’s box full of goodies!
There’s more in store, so be sure to follow us for more box reveals and future sneak peeks on all social media outlets by using #SewSampler. If you have any questions about this program, feel free to email us at 


  1. If you were playing a certain dice game then this would be a small straight.

    Kinda hoping it's not Wonderland even though I own all her bunny prints cuz I'm a bunny girl. I'm still floating high on last months Sweet Marion fabrics.

  2. I am not sure what the hint means. I just joined the Sew Sampler Club and can hardly wait to get my very first box. This is so exciting. I wish I had found the Fat Quarter Store sooner.

  3. I like all the guesses……my first thought was the "hand' being a 'straight" –hand+ straight……ruler and marker. Can't wait!

  4. This is part of a straight because in cards you would consider a straight as being 5 cards. You only have 4 cards – missing the A to make this a full straight. So, this brings us back to Wonderland.

  5. I'm also thinking wonderland..

    but I'm more curious to know if the sew sampler will be continuing after this, since this would be the final box for the year of the sew sampler??? ????????????

  6. LOL LOL yeah send that customer a different box. I'm sure you don't mind customizing one person's box. LOL LOL LOL What a dork.

  7. I have no different guess than any of the above. Just want to say how much I enjoy the box each month. I wish people would realize you don't always get what you want when you get a mystery box. That is why it is called a mystery. Just the chance you take. Even a mystery quilt bom might not be what you would normally choose. Come on people. If you don't like it then pass it on to someone who might. Thanks, Kimberly!!

  8. I am really, really hoping for Wonderland!!! Love that fabric!!! Can't wait to see!! I love getting these boxes each month and they are always awesome!!! Thank you Fat Quarter Shop!! ❤️️

  9. When I talked to Fat 1/4 shop they told me it doesn't stop but will continue with another 12 months of new quilt pattern cards like we've been doing. Every year we get a brand new quilt out of this wonderful (no pun intended) club for as long as it lasts. This of course made me very happy.

  10. Last month was my first box…. can I say how much I loved it? Who doesn't like a surprise every month? Whatever is in it I know I will like it. It is so much fun to get the box and the excitement! Like Christmas when it comes.

  11. That pink background with the gold is one of the prints from Wonderland! Makes me happy, because a lot of the fabrics lately haven't really me. Have been considering cancelling, but this changed my mind!

  12. I've been in this club from the beginning and I still get excited every month. The items I love, like, used before, and need far out weigh the couple I don't. So happy with Fat Quarter Shop. You club ladies have even talked me into liking Wonderland. Still kind of wishing for that blue little holster for my applique iron.

  13. Four to an open ended straight with all four suits…hmmm. I'm guessing a multipurpose ruler. Some of the other guesses are very clever so can't wait to see what is in the box! Won't be long now!

  14. It is the 12th box
    and is supposed to have the last recipe card for a block to put together a quilt. Nothing has been said about discontinuing so far…

  15. Hi all! For everyone asking about next month's block recipe — April's box is the start an amazing NEW sampler quilt with a very special guest designer! You're gonna love it!

  16. Hope it's not any of the Wonderland fabrics because they are all hideous. It seems like you are choosing the fabrics that sell the least to include in the subscription box every month.

  17. This box by far is the best. I pay nearly double for my quilty box and I am always more pleased with my sew sampler box! March quilty box has beautiful fabric this month but thats all.. Sew sampler always makes me very happy! Would recommend over quilty box if anyone is curious.. And added bonus is…. Its also cheaper!!!

  18. This last card is going to complete the full house of cards.. Im thinking its going to be something to put them in.

  19. Has anyone revealed the month yet? I can't wait until tomorrow to see what's in the box!!!

    I love Sew Sampler! So excited each month and because we are in a craft group at church anything I am not going to use or doesn't suit me is always snapped up in a hurry when I take it in the next time we meet! Win Win

  20. Just got home and my March box was in the mailbox. I am so excited. I love everything in it.
    Thank you!

  21. One of my least favorite boxes ever. Why would a "Sew Sampler" box have notebooks? 🙁

  22. Love this months box…..I love the notebooks, they will be an easy way to keep track of my own pattern ideas. I have been thinking about doing a journal and this will be a simple way to keep track. Here's an idea for all you Negative Nellie's….if you don't like it, don't subscribe. Thanks Fat Quarter shop for keeping your price reasonable and the products you send are awesome.

  23. Rayon For quilts? I only use 100% cotton as I am sure most quilters do. The boxes are going from bad to worse. I will give it one more month since it will be the anniversary box, fingers crossed. At least the fat eight cottons will go with my February quilty layer cake from the wonderland collection.

  24. I thought I would be disappointed with the Wonderland fabric but after getting my box in the mail I really like it. This box was not one of my favorites but I liked everything in it. And the cost of the box can't be beat. Just like someone else mentioned it is a "mystery box" you never know what you will get. It is just like doing a mystery quilt, you may not like it when you get it done!

  25. Do you know how long I have wanted one of these pin bowls and for it to come in one of my favorite colors was amazing. Now I know I said earlier I wasn't looking forward to the Wonderland 2 collection but turns out I do like it and the pattern, especially the tea party print in cream. Yep, I'm going to buy some.

    Happy with everything in this box, thank you Fat 1/4 Shop!