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Sew Sampler February 2019 Box Reveal

Palm trees, warm breeze, cool waves…and pineapple paper! The February Sew Sampler Box will have the tropics coming right to you this month.

If you’re not already signed up for this exciting membership, do so by visiting our website!

Sun Print 2019 Charm Packs by Alison Glass for Andover Fabrics

Sun Print is a modern basics collection with a variety of prints and colors meant to give sewists a paint box of fabrics to choose from when creating. The 2019 Sun Print group includes new designs and new colors. It’s the perfect addition to your quilting palette.

Check out the full collection here.

Pineapple Quilt Block Foundation Paper by Fat Quarter Shop

Even if it’s your first time trying foundation paper piecing, you can do this! With straightforward instructions and small 6 1/2″ size, there is no guesswork in creating the classic pineapple quilt block. With 40 sheets, you can make these blocks into any project you choose, including the Mai-Tai Quilt!

Add a Quarter 6″ Plus Pink Ruler by CM Design

The Add a Quarter Plus Ruler is specially designed with a lip to automatically add the customary 1/4″ seam allowance to any angle. It also provides a straight edge for your rotary cutter. The tapered edge is used as a straight edge for folding back the foundation paper.

This ruler will make piecing fast, fun and easy!

Alex Anderson’s 4-in-1 Essential Sewing Tool by Alex Anderson

Four must-have quilting and crafting tools in one! This unique product includes both a flat-ended presser cap and a pointed wooden cap for finger pressing. It also has a super sharp seam ripper and extra long stiletto for fast ‘unsewing’.

Mai-Tai Quilt Pattern by Fat Quarter Shop
Sew Sampler Box Exclusive

Enjoy a lift from the winter doldrums with some paper-pieced pineapple quilt blocks. These sweet blocks will warm you right up. Make the Mai-Tai quilt with scraps or precuts and the tropics will come right to you!

Mai-Tai Finishing Kit
While supplies last

Do you want to make a quilt just like ours? If so, we have made it super EASY for you by offering you a custom ‘Finishing Kit’ which includes background and binding (over 1 yard) needed to finish the 24.5″ x 32″ quilt.

Finishing Kit includes:

  • 1.66 yards background – 8675-L
  • 0.5 yards binding – 9035-B

Order 1 yard SKU# 8903-E1 separately for backing

Barn Block Recipe #11 by Sew Sampler

Join us as we travel the countryside and make twelve unique and inspiring Barn Blocks! If you are sewing along with us, be sure to share your quilt with us on social media using the following hashtag:  #BARNBLOCKQUILT

Don’t wait to pick up a Barn Block Quilt Kit as well as a coordinating Aurifil Barn Block Thread Pack to get started!


  1. Looking forward to trying the paper piecing for the pineapple blocks. It will be a new technique for me!

    1. Hi everyone, first FQS box and first pineapple and first foundation piecing! 😬. Was such a blast.🤩 I went a little scrappy with the SunPrint Charm Packs and used a Moda Basic in Black, Kimberly says Use what you have ! And that’s what I did! Love love!🥰 posting a pic on instagram thanks again! Can’t wait to see what coming in the next one !💕💕

    2. Oh how I delighted in this box! Love love love the fabric and ALL the notions. I’m a paper piecing fan and can’t wait to get this under my needle. Thank you FQS!!

  2. Well the comment above just shocked me! I dropped in to say I loved my box! Love to get Hildy’s box too! Maybe I see if she wants to sell it to me! Pineapple blocks are super popular right now and so is the other great things in the box! Bravo FQS and Sew Sampler box!

  3. This was my first box and I love it!!! I am not a fan of the pineapple block the way it was designed to look. I colored a couple of the papers in different ways and found an alternative way to use them that I like. Rather than be negative about getting something that isn’t an exact perfect match to what I like, I found ways to adapt them to me. Thank you FQS for an awesome box and something new for me to try!!!

  4. This was my first sampler box and I was excited to get it. However, I was quite disappointed. Except for the fabric, more than half of this box holds no value for me. I have not jumped on the paper piecing train. I learned paper piecing decades ago in England (as a young teenager) and it holds zero interest for me. I signed up because the January box looked so great.

    May I suggest that you have an option for those of us that are not interested in paper piecing?

    Hopefully the next box will not be so taste-specific.

    1. This was my first sampler box as well. Although I love paper piecing I don’t care for the pineapple block so I’m going to use the fabric in a different way. Can’t say I loved this box but I am looking forward to the next one.

  5. I have received thirteen of these surprises each month and am in love with them. Each one has its own unique pieces of quilting treats which I put to use always. If not they make great gift giveaways at quilting gatherings. Thanks FQS!

  6. Box is pretty good. Nice long stitch ripper, presser (for tired fingers). Will try the pineapple block. Love the charm packs and looking forward to ordering Andover matching fabric. Love that it is all sewing related.

    Just a note – foundation paper piecing is not the same as English paper piecing. Claire should try it.

  7. Thank you Kimberly and the Fat Quarter Shop Gang. Your Sew Sampler boxes never disappoint. Love the foundation paper piecing for the pineapple block–can’t wait to try it! The all-in-one tool is really amazing. I almost bought that a week or so ago, so I’m glad now that I didn’t!! The bright fabric is not my normal “go-to” as I tend to love the Lori Holt and Bonnie & Camille colors and style but I’m still excited about it. It will give me a chance to make something that I “might” be able to give as a gift! Love it all!

  8. I signed up for the sampler box to be introduced to new notions, new fabrics, and new techniques. I was not disappointed!! My mom and I have been sewing for over 20 years and while we’ve done paper piecing, this is new technique that we can’t wait to try. Thanks for the YouTube video on how to use the pineapple sheets and ruler! Definitely helped. Love your attention to details! Can’t wait for the March box!!

  9. This is the best box so far. I love that all the tools needed for the paper piecing were included along with the charm squares. I immediately completed a block using some scraps as a trial run….can’t wait to complete the Mai-Tai pattern using the charms included. Thanks for never disappointing.,,, And always a good deal for the money. Can’t wait for the next box.

  10. I love the February box. I have liked most of the boxes so far, I know it is impossible to please everyone all the time but I have been very happy with all the boxes that I have gotten. there is always something that I love in each box. It gives me a chance to do some different things that I would not have tried on my own.

  11. Love the box! The bright colors will make a beautiful pineapple quilt. I can use everything in the box, as I do love to paperpiece.

  12. Best box since I began the program last June! Love everything in the box this month!

  13. Kimberly, your selections for the box are awesome. I LOVE the paper piecing. It will be something new to add to my quilting bucket list. By the way the fabric was a wonderful choice. I look forward to next month’s box.

  14. I have been doing this for over two years and this was my favorite box. I am behind in projects and was going to quit but totally loved oct, dec, Jan and now feb. I will just have to sew faster cause I don’t want to quit

  15. Love this box! I had been contemplating getting some Sun Print, and I’ve been meaning to try pineapple blocks for a while!!! This one was perfect for me!

  16. I loved the box — takes me out of my comfort zone and I get all the cool notions I probably wouldn’t order — thank you

  17. I’ve been getting the Sew Sampler Box for quite awhile, and I have to say I love this month’s box! I love the fabric selection and the paper piecing which I’ve been reluctant to do, but I’m excited to do this project! The add-a-quarter ruler is something I didn’t have so I am glad to have one and the Alex Anderson tool is quite useful. I was on the fence about stopping the subscription box, but I was giddy when I opened it. Thank you Fat Quarter Shop! 😊

  18. I have to say I’ve been getting this box for 6 months now I almost quit but this one made a huge difference. Love the charm pass oreded 4 more so I can make a bigger quilt. The codes saved me too. Keep up the good work ladies.

  19. I was watching the reveal today in my brand new Lori Holt T-shirt from y’all when you showed the box! I love paper piecing! And even if you have the add a quarter ruler already this one is different! The taper on the front edge is to assist in folding the papers! The older ones have a blunt nose that wasn’t good for that. I am glad I read the instructions on it! I was gonna give it to a friend but nope! I also for the first time actually MADE or at least almost made the whole project LOL! I have one round to go to make the wall hanging! First time ever! That was my goal for this month !❤️ And I so wanted to comment on the YouTube video today for the give away but the bugger wouldn’t let me! But I’m happy with my goodies! Also the four in one tool! I had no idea how it worked but I’m so glad I it it, and READ the instructions! See how that works ! I also got the stitch squad shirt too! Love them both! Thanks y’all !

  20. It’s me again!!!💕Please think about continuing to make those papers in many sizes! So much easier!!!

  21. My goal of the month is to start journaling again. I want to journal what I am thankful for each day.

  22. My favorite tropical oasis is Florida. I love the sound of the waves crashing on the beach and the feel of the warm sun on my face.

  23. I am with the majority here: LOVE this box!! If anyone doesn’t want their pineapple papers, I’d be happy to take them off your hands😉

  24. Really happy with the sampler of fabric, I have absolutely no brights in my stash, and thrilled to play with new colors. Thank you so much for the instructional video on paper piecing,which will take the stress away, since I have done very little paper piecing. Love the notions, the beauty of the 4 in 1 will make using it very special, even when ripping. Loving your beautifully printed patterns, and presentation. I enjoy the comments, guessing, opinions, and the bit of drama, keeps it interesting. Thank you, a great deal of entertainment for subscription!

  25. Love my February box! What an amazing value. I don’t have social media but love the live streams. Thank you for them. As always thank you inspiring us to do us.

  26. Really loved the box. Although I may use the charms in another project, I can still use the pineapple papers to use up bits from my ‘crumb bucket’. And the Add-a-quarter ruler… I like that slanty edge to fold the paper. I have other Add-a-quarter rulers but they don’t have that (and they are not pink!).

    Question: Will there be a video on how to do the paper piecing? I have done it before, but it is always tricky getting started. The pattern just gave written instructions. With paper piecing, you need to see it done to get the idea.

  27. Awesome box! You guys just keep making these boxes better and better! Great job.

  28. I subscribed to the boxes to get exposed to different fabrics, tools, techniques I would not otherwise try, and this box was perfect for that. I am not a fan of the pineapple block, and I’d never tried paper piecing , so this was wonderful. I made one block and enjoyed learning the process. I had to search youtube to understand exactly how to do the paper piecing though as the written instructions were not adequate for someone who had never done this technique before. A video link on the fatquartershop website for this would have been helpful. Looking forward to next box !

    1. Video link is attached, just look above to the posting where it says ” Watch Our Pineapple Block Tutorial”. No talking but watching was Very helpful.

      1. Also wanted to add the tutorial also demos the ruler we received. Looks very handy and indispensable for paper piecing!

  29. I was so excited too receive my first box and was not disappointed. Fun color fabric, new tools and techniques. My 5 yr old grandson loved looking at all the fabric. Thank you.

  30. I must admit that I have zero interest in trying paper pricing or a pineapple block. Not my taste at all
    BUT I do love the 2 charm packs and the new tool for finger pressing and ripping out my many mistakes.
    I have not been making my block of the month yet but I do intend to make that quilt. I just need to decide on a more colorful fabric pallet for it.
    I appreciate the fact that your team works hard to put new and interesting items in each monthly box. I know all of us do not quilt the same or like all the same
    fabrics. I much prefer larger more modern blocks for quilts. I have zero patience to sew tiny blocks or anything mini.
    I am so excited to see in next months box, the latest block of the month pattern!
    I would love to see some Tula items in future boxes. I love some Tula Pink ♥️

  31. I love this month’s box!!!!!!!!
    I haven’t been able to find the tutorial but that was a few days ago and someone said it’s up. I am not too familiar with paper piecing.
    Love that tool that came with it. I loved the whole thing.
    Thanks for the awesome box !

  32. I love this box. One of my all time favorite. I am excited to try the paper Piecing and love, love the tools we got this month.

  33. This was a great box…I piece large, I piece small and tiny, I foundation piece and English paper piece,also appliqué some. I am not an expert at any of them….I just love to quilt! I’m only saying this because of some of the comments. Try everything, ladies, you just might be surprised at what you come to love when you do. I certainly was..Thanks to FQS for trying to please us every month…

    1. I should have asked if there will be a youtube tutorial to teach us how to use the foundation paper and ruler together?


  34. The pineapple quilt will be made but with a color solid in the background. I don’t care for the white idea. I like everything in the boxing especially enjoy receiving these wonderful little kits for quilts. Thank you FQS!!

  35. Hi! I am Antje from Germany, I live in the northern countryside
    of Hamburg and I received my Box last thursday.
    When the postman came I wanted to go on a weekend-quilt-trip, so I put the Box into my car and left home.
    The hole trip I tried not to get out of patience and when my “sewsisters” and I opened the Box it was a great surprise.
    We all love the Box and the first thing we used was the Essential Sewing Tool. It’s great!
    Now I am curious about the next Box and can not wait for it!
    Thank you for this awesome Box!
    Greetings from Germany

  36. I absolute LOVE everything about this box! The color, the tools; everything is something I will use and enjoy.

  37. I’m still waiting on my first box….hope it comes today. I’m looking forward to it

  38. Finally got my box here in Saskatchewan Canada! I love everything in the box! Already used the coupon to by extra papers and finishing kit! So glad I joined this club!

  39. OMG I just started the Mai Tai block and I am addicted. This technique is amazing and it is so easy.

  40. This was a great box.
    My goal is to sew a Christmas gift every month.
    Favorite Oasis, I have never been to one.

  41. This month’s box blew me away! Kimberly, the lengths you and your staff go to to deliver a quality box are much appreciated. Testing the piecing paper to ensure it has the right amount of give?! Such attention to detail.
    I have never been a fan of pineapple blocks before, but with this beautiful fabric, I can’t wait to make one.
    The box was a total delight and great value for the price – thank you!