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Sew Sampler Box September 2020 Sneak Peek!

Who’s all about that ‘sewing life’? I think we all are actually! Today we are giving you a glimpse inside the box. Isn’t it beautiful? We aren’t saying what it is exactly, but you will receive this item in your September Sew Sampler box this month. Thoughts on what it could be? Let us know in the comments below. Good luck!

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    1. Oh, please let it be something from Tula’s Home Made line but whatever it is, I’m lovin’ the theme!!!!!

      1. I wish it was Tula Pinks Homemade lime but I know it’s not. Either way looks interesting.

        1. Fall colors, Kaffe has some crazy warm colors happening! Or it could be time for a tasty cocoa marshmallow treat… buttons!

        2. Just got my third sew sampler box. Love them all! Thank you!
          I love the surprise and getting new things to try that I may not have otherwise. This brightened my day, as we are in the middle of cleaning up after Hurricane Sally.

    1. Needles? Thread? What ever it is will be awesome! I’ve never been disappointed yet. Can’t wait for it to get here.

    1. Hope it’s not the little yellow scissors Kimberly talked about, and then I just ordered!

  1. I think BUTTONS! That’s my only guess. Cute buttons and a cute project from JABC! And thread!

  2. Small Things Crafts fabric line. Whatever it is, whenever I see the box, it’s like Christmas morning. 🙂

  3. I’m thinking one of the things will be the new wonder pins that just came out. Probably a sample of 5 or so.

  4. sewing themed fabric to make a travel sewing case, with all the notions to fill it, for when we can travel again!

  5. Someone had guessed Pins fabric line. I think a sewing line would be fun. Notion could be nippers or a pair of scissors.

  6. I don’t think we have ever received a seam ripper. That would be really nice. Love my Sew Sampler. Friends always like gifting to them from my extras.

  7. I’m wondering if its something Sherri & Chelsi since they have “the quilting life” podcast ???

  8. If wishes would come true it would be Balboa by Sherri and Chelsea. Maybe with a pattern for a notions bag and all the zippers needed.
    I’ve been really happy with all the boxes this year, but a bad guesser!

  9. I have noticed we have gotten a lot of fabrics with blue, lately. I think it could be something with blue, lol. All the guesses I have seen would be wonderful to receive:
    Balboa by Sherri and Chelsea; Prim fabric by Lori Holt; Blue Stitch by Christopher Thompson; Lewis and Irene: Small Things Crafts.
    I would like a Halloween Surprise box. Or, a Valentine early box. Why not?

  10. I hope a whole 1 package or 2 packages of the new Clover wonder pins for pinning quilts that need to be hand quilted or tied.

  11. Some kind of sewing kit, with scissors, needles and thread, pins and buttons. Just what you need for emergency repairs

  12. please. no more fabric with sewing products on it…fine for the quilt room, but in past two years between sew sampler and two other monthly boxes seems like I have 5 different ones, including the new tula pink,..I do not want needles and pin fabric

  13. Pins needles and fabric to make another cute quilt. Plus more of my spending money coming your way. Love Kimberly cute cutting mat we got last month. It’s been used a lot so far.

  14. I hope it’s a layer cake! Im new to the sewing world and I’m trying to build my fabric stash. I’ve gotten one box and I love it. Whatever it is I will appreciate it. I watch y’all on YouTube and I have learned so much.

  15. Will it be the new floss keepers? I know thus is for cross stitching, but the designs look like the ones on the news floss keepers! I would love those!

  16. First I thought Oh Baby, I think because of the safety pins and I have been doing something for a baby shower. But now I think it is a sewing kit of things.

  17. I hope it’s buttons! Or scissors! Or pins! I love this box!! I have never been disappointed ❤️

  18. If they have to include needles, I hope it’s chrome or titanium coated machine needles, for a change. I have enough hand needles to last at least 3 lifetimes. Scissors? A pair of 8″ or 9″ shears would be nice, maybe by Kai? I have enough pairs of shorter blade scissors.

  19. I’m in Australia and I have just received my July box!!! I’m still trying to figure out what surprise will be in my August box. The year is going to fast. Love ALL my boxes. Cheers to all the Boxers

  20. I’m in Australia and I have just received my July box!!! I’m still trying to figure out what surprise will be in my August box. I know I will love whatever is in September box. The year is going to fast. Love ALL my boxes. Cheers to all the Boxers

  21. I’m not a good at guessing, but I’m have never been disappointed. I can’t hardly wait!!

  22. This is such a guessing game!!! What’s inside the box is always a mystery to me:) FQS always has the newest, latest items that I have no idea what is next. Box contents is always a treat. I love receiving mine every month. A new fabric with sewing notions, a baby pin cushion from Lori Holt, new thread color…hard to believe they can pack such great items in one box! Can’t wait

  23. I hope scissors, I could always use a second pair. I’m good on basting pins and I always welcome new fabric.

  24. I can’t wait to receive my sew sampler box no matter what it contains… I am sure it will be terrific! 😀

  25. Balboa, Cute Pincushion, Scissors, Prim, simple folded corners ruler. This will be my 4th box. So exciting every month.

  26. I hope it’s Tula Pink’s new fabric line “Home Made” – but, I know I’m going to love whatever is in this mystery box.

  27. I would say Tula Pink Homemade, but we just had that a few boxes ago. I’m stumped 🤔

  28. I have no idea. My mind thought needle threader, but I love scissors. I’m always looking for the perfect pair!

  29. I have no idea. My mind thought needle threader, but I love scissors. I’m always looking for the perfect pair!

  30. I will be happy with whatever I get. Just like Christmas each box that arrives. Thanks so much for the great things I have received.
    I will be patiently waiting here in North Dakota for my box to arrive.

  31. NOTIONS!! All types of notions with basic fabric??? Or did I miss a new sewing themed fabric? Possibly?! 😀

    I always love my box each month.

  32. Well we received scissors a few boxes ago so I don’t think its scissors.
    Maybe a new type of pin. I don’t think its buttons unless the cut kind you can use as embellishments.

  33. I thinks its Stag and thistle by Brett Lewis a Canadian designer for Northcott.
    Take a look at it ladies….its beautiful!!!

    1. That is a bit of a Celtic design in the center of the hint. I’d love to have something from that line!

  34. Buttons, pins, a container to put them all in? Whatever is in this box I know I will love them all. Thanks FQS!

  35. I bet it’s a magnetic pin holder of a calendar or maybe a travel sewing kit. Guessing is part of the fun for me each month.

  36. I have no idea. Just can’t wait to get it! Every box so far has been a winner. Keep them coming:)

  37. My bet is “Homemade Happiness” by Danhui Nai for Wilmington Prints. This is based on both the colors and the images of notions. I wonder if we will receive a mini jelly roll with this being September?

  38. OMG – I am so excited! I bet it might be some of the fabulous Tula Pink fabrics – – – can’t wait to start creating more joy!

  39. Sorry to say I am very disappointed! I received my box today. The fabric is very boring and ugly! Everything else was pretty cool but the fabric was a big part of the box and not very cute. 😞

  40. I’m new to the boxes, so Tula Pink would be awesome! I’m thinking some really cool sewing notions? And a fun fabric I’m sure!

  41. I just received my box and I absolutely love it! Oh my gosh I want more boxes like this one! Thank you FQS! This one is a keeper for sure!

  42. Love everything about this box! Gorgeous fabric from one of my favorite design teams, fabulous notions, and a terrific, useful pattern. All that plus the coupon, which is a great offer! Thanks, as always, FQS.

  43. Got my box and its amazing!! The value is beyond my expectations and the fabric is gorgeous!! The notions are fun and unique which is exactly why I subscribe to this box! Keep up the good work FQS!!