SPOILER ALERT - March 2018 Box Theme Revealed

Sew Sampler Box March 2018 Sneak Peek!

March Sneak Peek Header
Wanna sneak peek inside our March Sew Sampler box? You better grab some sunglasses because this box is beaming with colors and amazing products! Leave us a comment and tell us what you think we may have included in this month’s box.

Box theme is Spectrum

If you are not yet subscribed, and want to join in on the fun, be sure to do so quickly because boxes ship out around March 20th!

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  1. Well…I’d have to say it will be colorful…whatever it is. Looking forward to it!!! 🙂

  2. My guess is a Spectrum Designer Essentials mini jelly roll – in solid colors. Looks fun and bright.

  3. I am havng hope for the pink ruler which allows you to see the value of the colours 🙂

    1. I haven’t received mine yet either 🙁 What country are you in I am in Australia

      1. I’m in Australia as well, the tracking number I have just said it’s ready to be picked up from the US 🙁

        1. I’m in Ireland and haven’t received mine either??? I’m hoping that it will arrive in the next day or so. It’s so disappointing, this is just my second Sew Sampler box EVER!!

  4. I love the bright colors! I hope it’s confetti dots. Whatever it is , I’m excited.

  5. I think a rainbow of fabric. Bright and cheerful, just like we need right now. Love your boxes.

  6. I think it will be colorful solids perhaps, or maybe colorful prints.Getting anxious

  7. Hoping for some beautiful spring colors!! This will be my first box and I’m super excited!! 😍😊

  8. The March box has wonderful items, just like last month and the month before and the month before…….:-)

  9. I love bright colors, and thus I am looking forward to the March box. It is still winter, after all, and everything in a winter month box should be happy and bright. Just saying! Hint! The February box hit the mark quite well!

  10. It’s 3/20/18 has anyone got a email for shipment yet?? Usally get the box on the 20- 22 but only shows the payment

    1. I just got an email saying my order has shipped on 3/20 but I didn’t get it today so they might be having trouble like they did several months ago when a lot of people didn’t get their package on time. It was about a week late.

  11. Holy Cow! Fabulous, fantastic March box!!! I absolutely love Sew Sampler!!! 😊
    (Recieved my box today!)

  12. Received my box today and love it!! Think I am going to actually use the pattern and make the featured lap quilt!

  13. Great items in this months box FQS! Without being a spoiler didn’t you just love that little pink item?!

    1. I got mine yesterday and I LOVE everything in it! I loved the little pink item. You can’t have enough of them!
      It’s a wonderful box!

  14. Super excited about this month’s box! Now I have a set! Love the little pink thing too!

  15. Omg!!! Two months in a row with useful and awesome quilting supplies!! Nothing that I threw out!! I’m so glad the SSBox has got its groove back!! Thank you!!!!!!

  16. Spectrum? Hmmmm, just in time for the Autism Awareness month in April! Awesome!!! Having a child on the spectrum, I love the clue word for March sampler box! Can’t wait to see what is in it!

  17. I just saw a YouTube video unboxing of the March 2018 Sew Sampler and boy, I can’t wait until I receive mine. The box just gets better and better. I’ve been a subscriber from the very start, and I haven’t been disappointed yet.

  18. Excellent box!! Love it! I admit, I am a little intimidated by that gorgeous pattern and ruler!!

  19. Just got my very first box! Love it!!!! Actually on a business trip but had my daughter open it for me on FaceTime. Lol. Still excited!

  20. Got my box a day early! Was such a surprise! So happy happy happy! Love everything! Little pink thing! So cute!

  21. Now this is what I’m talking about. Loved everything in this box even the pattern which is rare for me. Pink thing is super cute and useful as was everything else. Very Happy the last three months.

    As someone who has been in the program from month one and who was seriously thinking about getting out I became more understanding after FQS wrote that the box items are picked months in advance and then three months ago things started getting better (for us long timers). Love this new direction, these are the kind of boxes I personally was hoping for. Thank you for listening to our feedback FQS.

  22. Another great box. The past 2 months have been packed with useful & fun items. Love the way these boxes have gone. I’m now looking forward to getting them again!

  23. The fabric is gorgeous, love the pink thing. The pattern is attractive but personally I wouldn’t make it – all those seam allowances would eat up quite a bit of the beautiful fabric (and I’m not great with consistent 1/4 inch SA) not to mention all the trimming. I am glad, however, to be given the opportunity and tool to learn this technique in a striking design. It is a wonderful box and I love getting it every month.

  24. Love it and (almost) everything in the box. Not a fan of the pattern, but that is okay; I will just donate that! I know someone else will love it. Glad to see a lot of fabric again (can be used as the main fabric or blenders), but also useful tools! Everything was put away on its proper shelf immediately, which is a good sign for me. It means I am excited about everything. Keep up the great work, FQS! Glad to see we got over the slump of those few months last year. You are back at it again and I love it! Thank you!

  25. Just received my March 2018 Sew Sampler Box and everything is great!!!! I don’t want to spoil for those who’ve not received their boxes yet, you’re gonna love everything.

  26. I absolutely loved this months fabric, quilt pattern and ruler. Made the quilt at a quilt retreat and it recieved rave reviews!