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Sew Sampler Box July 2024 Sneak Peek!

This summer, we are enjoying “free play” in our sewing room, and the July Sew Sampler box is bringing the fun!

Don’t miss out on this box! If you aren’t yet subscribed and want to join, do so very SOON, so you don’t miss this month’s cut off date for sign ups!

Be sure to follow us for more box reveals and future sneak peeks on all social media by using #SewSampler and tagging @SewSamplerBox! We also want to invite you to join our exclusive Sew Sampler Facebook group for members only!


    1. OK– I applied myself for once– I think it is Brenda Riddle ELLIE. Has the blue and tiny crosses arranged in that shape. I LOVE Brenda Riddle– definitely hoping we get Coriander Colors at some point, though. Otherwise I will have to buy it myself. xox

        1. I’m hoping for Ellie. I have the entire line on my wishlist. I love the softness of the colors. Seems to be my color choices this year.

      1. I would be THRILLED if it was Ellie by Brenda Riddle! I love her fabric lines, and we’ve never gotten a box with her fabrics. I really wish we would.

        BUT I think it’s Bee Basics by Lori Holt. The little cross stitches match the blue fabric with cross stitched hearts. The fabric appears to be a lighter blue in the Sneak Peek, but I’m pretty sure that’s it.

  1. I think it’s Ellie by Brenda Riddle and if so, I’d be so happy. I love that collection. I have to say FQS is hitting home runs here lately with the sew sampler boxes. I’ve been so happy with all of them this year. They have done great with the other items in the boxes too. From the rotary blades, rulers, pins, lights and to the thread they are so useful and have been everything a quilter can always use.

  2. Dear FQS: I am going to pick Ellie. I do see x’s in one of the fabrics. I really like 30’s Playtime, but didn’t see any small x’s. So, we have x’s in one guess, Ellie, and the word “play” for 30’s Playtime in the other guess.
    But, either way I am sure it will be alot of summer fun! Y’all do a great job at currating the Sew Sampler boxes! 🙂

  3. I am thinking the image may be for a motion, rather than fabric. While I’d be happy to have any of the other guesses, none of the x’s in those lines match up with the 5,3,1 all perfectly aligned like the image shows. Very tricky!! Excited to see what we end up getting!

  4. My first guess would be Strawberry Lemonade. then someone mentioned On The Bright Side, and that would be my 2nd choice. too early for Laguna, but ya never know 🙂

  5. I also think it is Ellie by Brend Riddle! I hope so because that whole line is gorgeous and reminds me a little of a quilt my mother made for me when I was a baby.

  6. I am just happy getting something we can use. I’m not gonna guess-let it be a surprise!😲

  7. That print does look like it is from Ellie, but the rest of the collection doesn’t look like the colors or flowers in the clue. Maybe they’re mixing prints from different collections? “Free Play”

  8. I agree, I believe it to be “Ellie”, by Brenda Riddle. Such a cute Shabby Chic like print! Much fun!!! =)

  9. Aha! This is the heart shape from Lori Holt Bee Basics. Fail my first guest but I think this time I am right!

    1. I am in agreement with you! I kept thinking I know I’ve seen these little X’s used by a designer and it’s Lori holt who does them in some lines! Definitely matches the bee basics heart!

  10. I would guess it‘s Ellie by Brenda Riddle. Great fabric line. Hopefully no jelly roll strips again. These go unsewn in my sewing room. 😂

  11. I don’t remember them ever putting a Holiday theme fabric in the sew sampler boxes. That’s why they have Cupid, Liberty, Spooky and Jolly boxes!

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