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Sew Sampler Box April 2018 Sneak Peek!

 April Sneak Peek
April marks our second birthday and YOU are invited to join our party! We will be bringing you a “birthday in a box” that includes some exclusive products and coupons galore. Let’s celebrate this occasion together! Leave us a comment and tell us what you think we may have included in this month’s box.

Birthday Bash Sneak PeekIf you are not yet subscribed, and want to join in on the fun, be sure to do so quickly because boxes ship out around April 20th!

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  1. oh my gosh, I can’t wait!! I’ve been getting the Sew Sampler box from the very beginning so I’m excited to see what you have in store for this 2nd birthday 🙂

    1. Please someone HELP me. I have an addiction. I’m a Fabraholic and addicted to Sew Sampler Box. I’m very excited. I’m sure Kimberly will make it as special as it can be for this Birthday bash! I need my monthly fix.

  2. I saw on instagram that Olfa posted something about “possibly” being a part of this box. So I’m guessing the new pink rotary cutter they just launched.

  3. Anything would be wonderful and have been so excited for each and every box that arrives! Love the new tools the most…and I’m sure there will be some confetti for celebrating!

  4. I have no idea but I can’t wait…. Every month getting my box is such a great day! Never disappointed!

  5. YES, Happy Birthday 🎂🎁🎈 to the Fat Quarter Shop.. thank you for everything. Every month is like birthday gift 💝 for me ..

  6. Balloons and Confetti fabric in a Layer Cake? And a special Cake Mix Recipe to use with it??

  7. I can’t wait either. hope it will feel like a birthday. it usually does. I love the boxes. I ordered the big box also. can’t wait for both. it will be a great month.

      1. It’s the seasonal box. This month is the spring nesting box.
        It’s bigger and has more items inside!🤗

        1. So how do you go about getting this big box. I have been with sewsampler for about a year and a half and only heard about the jolly box.

          1. It’s on their web site. So far they’ve just done a big box this past Christmas. It sold out extremely fast. Now they have one for this spring. Go to web page and look under nesting box

          2. I got an email from the shop offering the box. All Sew Sampler subscribers should have received the email.

        2. My husband says I am like a kid with a new toy when my box arrives every month. It is a joy to watch for the mail to be delivered. It is so much fun to open it up.

  8. A birthday cupcake mix and a special charm pack, plus an Olfa pink splash! 💖🎁

    1. That is what I was thinking, too. That would fit into their standard size shipping boxes.

  9. ANY clever new notions to make quilting better are always appreciated, and of course some fabrics to push on the next quilt!

  10. A layer cake or something to do with a cake or confetti, to celebrate your second birthday of the Sew Sampler.

  11. I’m so excited!! It’s my birthday month too! A layer cake or cupcake mix would be so fun.

  12. Is it Piggy??? He’s so cute. Loved him in the last live stream.
    If not piggy, I say a layer cake and any and all things you surprise us with are fantastic! Love FQS

  13. Perhaps a “layer Cake” with Lace Trim…..some Balloon stick Pins? Every box is like opening a “Birthday gift from FQS”..a Box of yummy surprise! Happy Birthday!!! 🙂

  14. wow, can’t wait, this is going to be my first birthday box. I have been having so much fun with the last 9 or so boxes I have received. Great fun. Thank you so much for all the fun stuff at an incredible price, and they arrive timely which adds to the pleasure of waiting for the mail.

  15. Happy birthday! It’s my birthday this month as well and to get a birthday in a box is very exciting ( every month). Can’t wait, and thank you Fat Quarter Shop for a wonderful experience for the last two years.

    1. My birthday month, too, and it will be my first box. I cannot wait! A special present to myself!

      1. Kathy-be prepared to be addicted to the Sew Sampler boxes! Not only a great value but Christmas and your birthday every month. Doesn’t get much better than that!

  16. We love April!! My husband’s birthday is the 4th, one son on the 10th and mine is the 14th!! Been with y’all from the very beginning. Love celebrating a birthday together!!

  17. Olfa spilled tiny beans on Instagram by saying they know something that’s in it. So there’s that, lol.

  18. I echo the layer cake theme! Hopefully, it gets here soon, I love getting these!

  19. I think a new rotary cutter with some fabric that is birthday inspired. Whatever it is I know it will be awesome!

  20. I, also, ordered the Nesting box, and this will be my first birthday box. What fun! Can’t wait! This will be a fun month! I won’t even try to guess, so far everything has been great!

  21. Happy Birthday! Looking forward to sharing it with y’all! 🎈🎈! This will be my first sew Sampler box andI’m so excited.😊! Can’t have a birthday without some delicious cake!🍰

  22. Can’t hardly wait too see! It’s like getting a Christmas present once a month for me!

  23. I’m thinking whatever’s in the box will be quite the party favor. Happy Birthday

  24. What ever it is, I wish it would hurry up. I need the excitement. I was receiving other boxes, but I canceled because I did not think you got what you paid for. I’m very pleased to be part of your monthly subscription. So far we’ll worth every penny. Happy Birthday! Looking forward to spending many more with you.🎂🎉🎊🎈🎁

  25. I’m hopeful that with all the Snow we have had in Iowa this April it will be something like Spring flowers for May.

  26. Way cool. My birthday is in April, so it really is my birthday box. I ordered “The Nest” box as well.

  27. Getting the box is like having a birthday surprise every month. Can’t wait to open it and see what is inside. Hope it has something to do with cake. Happy Second Birthday!

  28. I’m sew excited! My birthday is on the 22nd and can’t wait to see what’s in the box!

  29. Brightly colored and patterned charm squares and a pattern for fun, spring-themed table pads!

  30. This will be my first….Have heard so many good comments, I had to sign up!! Like I don’t have enough fabric already!! Looking forward to my little present every month!!

  31. I hope it’s rhe pink rotary cutter, layer cake and maybe a template or a small mat??

  32. It’s always great, and I love the tools & templates and fabric. Happy Birthday Sew Sampler Box! Let the party begin!

  33. Cupcakes and confetti! How better to celebrate a birthday! Congratulations on being two years old!

  34. April 30th is my birthday ! Perfect timing for a birthday bash box. So excited ❤️

  35. A celebration fabric layer cake. I can’t wait to find out! My birthday is on the 21st. I can’t wait to make something fun to celebrate.

  36. Happy 2nd Birthday. The boxes are fun. I really have no idea. I do like some of the guesses.

  37. Happy Birthday FQS I am SEW excited for the Birthday Box I love the sneak peak and all the great guesses from everyone. Sew Sampler Box is wonderful each month AND I got to share about it with a co-worker today she said she has been in a sewing slump WHAT ???? I told her you need a present hope she joins too

  38. it’s a birthday party… so maybe a layer cake? Maybe balloons? Maybe a tote bag with name and date on it? Ooh I can think of more things…

  39. I’m sew excited! I’m just hoping that it’s not the new pink Olaf rotary cutter because I already purchased one. I do hope for a layer cake that would be a lot of fun to use!

  40. I also think a cupcake mix recipe and a charm pack.. I hope so I have been wanting to try them.

  41. It being Your Birthday I would think a layer cake or cake mix recipes or some lovely birthday fabric. Anything from you is the best because I have been with sewsampler for about a year and a half and love every one I have gotten. So Happy Birthday Sew Sampler I hope to be with you for a long time.

  42. They also have a “birthday presents” quilt pattern that would look awesome using confetti fabrics!!!

  43. This will be my first box and I am so excited. I can’t wait to see what’s inside.

  44. Cupcake pincushion, confetti and cupcake material. Layer cakes make sense too. Dorothy has an April birthday, make it something special for a special gal.

  45. My husband says I am like a kid with a new toy when my box arrives every month. It is a joy to watch for the mail to be delivered. It is so much fun to open it up.

  46. I hope the Birthday Bash has some terrific notions. It will be arriving within days of my real Birthday!

  47. I was thinking maby a layer cake with some fun project from Camile Roskelly of thimble blossom?

  48. Whatever it is – I’m sure it will be Fabulous!! So looking forward to receiving the box.

  49. So glad to have received every months box for two years, all have been awesome. Even fabric not to my liking has been used with surprising results, I think some tools and cake themed layer cake would be awesome, rick rack for frosting?

  50. Yesterday was my birthday so I am very excited to see how you celebrate yours. This is only my second sampler box. I loved the first one. Feeling excited!

  51. Happy, Happy Birthday! The boxes are fabulous and considering birthdays are joyful, sweet, full of yummies special gifts are on there way!!!

  52. Oh I hope it’s a layer cake with fun embellishments! But I bet no matter what it’ll be a lot of fun!!!

  53. What’s a birthday without cake? I think a luscious layer cake is a must!

  54. This will be my first box. l cannot wait to receive it.Love to receive flowers on my birthday. But, a layer cake of confetti fabric a new pattern and some awesome new tools would be really nice.

  55. Oh Lawdies! I am so excited! I have been on board from the very beginning. I will have a wonderful Birthday, if this Box ships on the 20th, it should arrive by my Birthday on the 26th! I love surprises!

  56. A layer cake! I’m not sure. This will be my first box and I can’t wait to see the goodies inside of it! Happy Birthday 🎂

  57. I have only had about 4 boxes so far, what I cannot use I am giving to sewing friends as part of their birthday presents.
    This month , if it’s a birthday, I guess I want cake, so Layer cake, tea cake , cupcake , but cake

  58. Happy Birthday! My birthday is the 21st of this month so I’m super excited about this box 😁 Hope there’s a purple Olfa rotary cutter and a layer cake 🎂 🎉🎁

  59. In LOVE with #sewsampler. Each box has variety and includes items I wouldn’t necessarily purchase but have come to include in my repertoire. Thank for expanding my color and prints.

  60. Layer cake would be awesome!
    I also hope it is a Screw B Do. Screw B Do’s were in the first box, that’s the only box I’ve missed!

  61. This will be my first box. I can’t wait. I am so excited to start my subscription.

  62. I love these boxes! So, birthday month, well fabric with birthday designs? Or something along that line. I love getting fat quarters the most!

  63. I am hoping the Birthday Box will have a seam presser/roller. My friend received one in her Sew Sampler box several months ago. It is a tool that will really be useful in paper piecing.

  64. I am SO excited to get this box! I am looking forward to doing a quilt block each month as I am a new quilter. I love all the fun stuff. I am guessing a layer cake might be in the box 📦

  65. This will be my first sampler box – I love anything Lori Holt so maybe some of her new binding needles 😍

  66. Always enjoy my sampler boxe! Enjoy the tools, fabrics, pattern and all the goodies!!! do we need to sign up for the Birthday Bash box???

    1. No, if you are currently subscribed to the Sew Sampler box you will receive this box. The theme is “birthday bash”, its not a separate box.

  67. A Happy Birthday Box for me, will come a couple days after my Birthday, can’t wait to see what will be coming.

  68. It’s my birthday next week, too. So, Happy Birthday to us! I signed up last year as a birthday present to myself. And now I’m getting the Nesting box for myself!

  69. It’s my birthday too next week and this is my present to myself. I followed the sampler box reveals last year and can’t understand why I haven’t signed up sooner. Happy Birthday to all the other Quilters with Birthdays in April………………….Birthday socks! Everyone gets comfy socks for their Birthday, don’t they?

  70. Me encantan las design board de lori holt, serían una buena opción. También la guia para coser a maquina – sean sew easy -. Todo lo de lori me gusta.

  71. Looking forward to new gadgets. Coupons not that helpful for overseas customers, with cost of postage.

  72. I cannot wait till I receive my box, unfortunately where I live (rural South Australia) it should arrive about 2nd week of May. I may get a suprise for it to arrive first week in May on my birthday. Each box is a bonus with tools, pattern, fabric they are all great. Thankyou Fat Quarter Shop.

  73. Happy Birthday Fat Quarter Shop. I cant wait to see what comes! I am going to guess Birthday Cake pattern lol
    I am sure I am going to love it!

  74. I think k it will be nice Bright colors in the fabric and possibly some balloons and how about some cake mix patterns.

  75. Recently joined. Hopefully will get in on the bithday fun! I think there will be fat quarters, rotary cutter, blades, templates, pins, cute pattern, cute thimble, sewing needles…everything a quilter would want for a birthday present! And maybe a great cake recipe!

  76. So excited. It is a birthday celebration. My birthday is April 20th too! Happy to celebrate with you all! Hoping for a new rotary cutter and some party fabric. No matter what it all makes me happy!

  77. So excited. Maybe some birthday fabric or a cute pin cushion. Or something totally new.

  78. I am excited no matter what comes in the box because I will be celebrating my 50th Birthday this month and the box will show up a few day after. Everytime I get a box it is like a party. Thank you!

  79. My wish list is more Aurifil 50wt thread. Can’t go wrong with Creative Grid Rulers! I don’t have a magnetic pin holder.

  80. A double excitement month-just received e-mail that the nesting box has shipped & now a special birthday bash sampler box. Some fun fabric coming I’m sure!

  81. Happy Birthday Sew Sampler! Every month is like celebrating a “special surprise!” Perhaps this will be a “Layer Cake”, Laced w/ a Moda Cake Pattern and some Balloon Stick Pins for candles??? Either way…Always a wonderful surprise when I open the box!!!! 🙂

  82. I don’t care what’s in it, I will love it! Lol. I especially like getting things I didn’t know about ❤️

  83. Today is my birthday and received a notice my bestie g box has shipped! Love receiving the Sew Sampler boxes!

  84. I’m pretty excited that my first month is the birthday month….it’s my birthday month, too!!!! Can’t wait!

  85. This is sew exciting! I just recently signed up and waiting for my first box – all of your comments are making me so glad I did!

  86. I am thinking a pkg of “layer cakes”. Something colorful with streamers, candle prints, balloons, festive to the occaision. I hope the notion is a new unique one of a kind FQS exclusive

  87. My Birthday was on the 11th! Happy Birthday FQS; looking forward to the bday surprise!

  88. Received my Nesting box today. The fabric was just what I thought would be inside. Will not be specific as I do not want to spill the beans for ones that have not received their box. Now on to the birthday box my birthday is the 19th. So happy birthday to all in April.🎂

  89. This will be my first box. I am as excited as if it really were my own birthday present. I think it will include a cupcake pincushion.

  90. I haven’t received my first box yet, but I am excited for whatever comes in this “special “ box

  91. TWO birthday candles
    TWO fat quarters
    TWO spools of thread
    TWO mini patterns
    TWO chalk markers
    …..TWO anything!

  92. If April’s Box is anything close to the March Box it will be super fabulous. Surely there will be a Fat quarter of some birthday related material plus an applique pattern for a birthday cake. Thread would be nice, also. Happy 2nd birthday!!!

  93. Can’t wait! Been with you guys since the second month and am still excited every month!

  94. Have every Sampler since the beginning and LOVE them all!!! Anything you put in the box is fine by me! Happy Birthday!!!

  95. Has anyone received a email for payment or that box has been shipped i haven’t gotten anything yet?

  96. I am super excited!
    I’m new to this & reviews suggested this is one of the best Quilt Box’s subscriptions.

    And, now I discover it’s your anniversary! I just thought I would start at the beginning of a new series. It can’t arrive fast enough.

    Thank you so much in advance!

  97. My estimated delivery date is TOMORROW! But often it does not come until a day or two later… I can’t wait!

  98. I have been a sew sampler member since August 2016, nearly the entire history of the box. I love this subscription! And you have outdone yourselves with this month’s box. There have been some useful, fun items that I continue to use, but this whole box is probably my favorite overall. I won’t give specifics so as not to spoil the contents for others. Keep up the great work! Thank you! Thank you!

  99. Love this box! Several useful items! And I will not spoil the surprise, but one guess that was mentioned several times above is in the box! Happy Birthday, FQS Sewing Sampler!

  100. This was my first box. Kinda disappointed! Especially after reading based all the comments regarding previous boxes.

  101. My first ever box arrived the same day as my e mail notification. I am pleased with the box, will learn a new technique using the templates, so excited about learning something new. Although the fabric choice is not my style, excited to work with a different style of fabric, some personal growth! My very well be my daughter’s style. I am pleased.

  102. Love Love Love the Nesting Box. I sent for it right away! I didn’t want to miss the special box again. Sew Sampler u out did your self! So many tools that I wanted to get. Especially the little help book! Thx FQS 🙂

  103. I was disappointed with this box. For it being a “birthday box” the contents didn’t put me in mind of a birthday at all. I usually love the sew sampler boxes but the last few boxes haven’t seemed to have held as much value as previous boxes.

    1. I so agree, all the hype and then ordinary? what is up with that? I am thinking about canceling my subscription. Just not worth it. we will see I guess

  104. This my first box, am so excited. My husband told me it come today. When i get home first thing is opening my box

  105. Extremely disappointed with this box after all the hype it got. Probably top 2 worst boxes in the year I’ve been getting the box.

    If this is your first box, don’t fret. They are normally amazing.

  106. Pretty disappointed with the odd pattern and accompanying templates. Useless. The rest was just okay. This was my least favorite box. Not sure what was birthday about it. Good coupons.

  107. The fabrics are getting worse and worse. Just ugly – seems like stuff that won’t sell. So disappointed. Over the course of the year, the $30 per month (because it is $5 to ship and you can’t add any items to your order to consolidate shipping) translates to $360 for which I could get lots of yardage I actually like. I need to cut the cord and cancel already. 🙁

    1. I agree Karen, I was so hyped with the teaser, the reminder that it was the 2nd birthday, and the start of a new block series. Then, I got the box and I was like really!?!?! I took the items out of box to put them away in my sewing room and I thought, would I pay $58.00 for this stuff in the store? The answer was a resounding NO, so I promptly went online and cancelled my subscription. I had been sitting on the fence for several months hoping the boxes would get better, it seems like the earlier months had much better items, but no such luck. I guess I will be in the market for a different sewing/quilting box subscription.

  108. So disappointed. I thought it was going to be extra special because it was the “birthday box.” A little bit of fabric and some rulers, wow. Agree with Karen, I think it’s time to cancel.

  109. Most definitely not one of my favorite boxes. With it being a “birthday box” I guess I set my expectations too high.

  110. Sorry FQS, this box totally missed the mark. Did not care at all for the fabric or the pattern, which means the templates were not of value to me. I was so excited to receive this box, after all of the comments about the first anniversary box, I just it would have been more birthday worthy.

  111. Wow FQS…you really hyped up this box. Not sure what…if this is how you celebrate your business must really be failing. 1/2 a jelly roll, one blade, some templates for a pattern I’m not too thrilled about, a barn label I can’t see anyone using. A great big disappointment. And I had been looking forward to it. Sigh

  112. I agree Karen, I was so hyped with the teaser, the reminder that it was the 2nd birthday, and the start of a new block series. Then, I got the box and I was like really!?!?! I took the items out of box to put them away in my sewing room and I thought, would I pay $58.00 for this stuff in the store? The answer was a resounding NO, so I promptly went online and cancelled my subscription. I had been sitting on the fence for several months hoping the boxes would get better, it seems like the earlier months had much better items, but no such luck. I guess I will be in the market for a different sewing/quilting box subscription.

    1. when you find a better “box subscription” please email me to let me know. thanks~suz

  113. I am very disappointed with this box! Fabric I would never buy and few notions! The March box was already bad. I’ll wait for another box and then decide if I cancel again. You cannot combine an order with the box. Very annoying – especially because of the high international shipping costs!
    The coupons are therefore also uninteresting!
    FQS – It is desirable that the next boxes get better!!!

  114. I also have been thinking about canceling my membership. This latest box was awful. I never would have picked any of these products, so it’s not a $58.00 value. It’s a waste of 30.00. Who ever is picking the items for these boxes needs to step it up!!!

  115. Hi,this is my second box. I thought it was going to be more colorful. Birthday celebration🎉. The pattern may look better in last month’s fabric. I might give the subscription 1, 2 maybe 3 more months. I can really save the money and buy things that I like and I could use. Thank you anyway.

  116. I cancelled my subscription! It was my first box and so disappointed. I tried to get a leftover box from previous month, but after several email exchange (to confirm the information & etc) I was then told the last one sold. Not very good customer service. Don’t think I’ll be dealing with this company any time soon 😒

  117. I was disappointed as well after it being hyped up as the birthday box. Very underwhelmed. The last couple were great but this does put me back on the fence for cancellation. I like getting needed tools and supplies but…meh… Just was looking for something special for the birthday box vs what we got.

  118. Got my first box in Feb and loved it and then these last two were so bad.I was so excited to find a sewing box but I don’t want to waste my money on things I’ll never use. Will wait one more month.

  119. I wasn’t going to leave my feedback but I see so many feel the same way I do.

    I have been on the fence a long time about quitting the program. I have been receiving the boxes since day one. The boxes got a little better for two or three months recently but when this box came I knew it was over for me. The only usable items (for me) were the pins and rotary blade. Personally I don’t like house or barn blocks, I never have. Then to see the quilt fabrics were black (I hate black). Some will say to change the colors but I’m a copier, I buy the kits. I bought the kit for last years basket blocks even though I didn’t like the blocks (normally I love basket blocks especially applique or embroidery). The blocks were boring and that’s how I now feel about black and gray barns. I had a feeling the fabrics would include either lime, yellow, or orange because it this years trend. Again not colors for me.

    I stuck it out with all the disappointments of the last year hoping things would get better. That’s over now.

    For those who are still thrilled with the boxes I’m happy for you. I remember how excited I was in the beginning looking forward to that blue box.

    Please remember, we all have a right to our personal feedback. Whether it’s good or bad or you don’t agree it’s how I feel. Have fun ladies.

  120. Does anyone from the shop read these comments? Are they taken into consideration for future boxes?

  121. just saw the reveal…can’t understand all the negative reactions…super pretty fabric…spare blade…templates that most people probably don’t already have…black and white…something very different from previous boxes–that’s what everyone was asking for…be careful what you wish for i guess…

  122. Good morning 1st feb & march boxes were ok. I like the rulers in all boxes.& i love any pattern that makes whole house is lets just say None of the fabric so far in past year is my colors.i wish they could step out of the box & do some more earthy tones.Not the cottage, little girl thinking about stopping this box.I have a idea maybe sew sampler could give a few fabric options that would allow to to choose the type of box you could get, like box 1 earthy colors,2 cottage fabric 3 modern, 4 surprise me box.OF course if i could pick i would choose opinion #1 just a idea….