Sew Sampler Box August 2018 Sneak Peek!

Relax and sink into the cool and calming colors in our August Sew Sampler box. Can anyone guess what we might have included this month? I bet a few of you can! Leave us a comment and tell us what you think it could be.

If you are not yet subscribed, and want to join in on the fun, be sure to do so quickly because boxes ship out around August 20th!

Be sure to follow us for more box reveals and future sneak peeks on all social media outlets by using #SEWSAMPLER

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  1. Yay! Elizabeth Hartman’s Arctic fabric, and hopefully an animal pattern by her. Loved making the Chuckles quilt last year.

    1. I think you are definitely spot-on about the Arctic fabric! And what I would not give to have a penguin pattern to go with it. I just started her Awesome Ocean pattern and her Lisa the Unicorn pattern. Getting excited for August!

  2. It is definitely the Arctic fabric. I may have to go ahead and subscribe again. I must admit, I was thankful I did not get last month’s box. No offense to anyone! That one was just not for me.

    1. Same here. Last month was the first one I haven’t received since Sew Sampler started but I might need the August box!

    2. Too funny, it was one of my favorite boxes yet! Of course August could out do it if it really is the Arctic fabric AND an Elizabeth Hartman pattern!

    3. I wasn’t sure I’d like it either, but I put it together and it was adorable!!!! Can’t wait to get it quilted!!!

  3. I’m excited! I loved the July box but am ready for new colors. I’m really ready for new colors. The last 2 or 3 have been red and aqua and pink and yellow. If the fabric colorway this time is anything like the picture I will be happy!

  4. I’m thinking with the rope and the apparent jelly roll that maybe the project will involve making jelly roll mat/rug.

  5. I gave away most of the july box.Hope Aug will be better. only thing I really look forward to is the barn block pattern lately.items not adding up to be such a great deal latey it seems.

  6. Love the blues this month! Maybe a beach tote ? because of the rope, that’s why. A girl can never have too many totes ;-D

    1. I agree, I loved June’s box but July’s was not that great. I gave everything away except the barn block, and the needles

  7. Looks beachy, soothing, and relaxing – right up my alley. Can’t wait! It’s like Christmas every month.

  8. Love Elizabeth Hartmann! If it’s her goodies we will be receiving it’s going to be another awesome box. Can’t wait! Maybe a totebag pattern?! Whatever the treats you have tucked inside our next box, I know it will be wonderful!

  9. I think it’s a cruise to maybe Alaska, Arctic Fabric, a boat landing (rope and deck) but the succulent confuses me.

  10. I can’t believe all the negative comments on the July box. All they asked was if you could guess the one for August. July was my first box and I thought it was amazing! Everything for Fat Quarter Shop is great. I have no idea about August’s box, but I’m sure I will love it.

    1. I agree! I cant believe people dare say anything negative! Ive gotten these boxes for over a year, and have loved them. I love trying out new items, patterns and fabrics.

    2. I loved putting the July quilt together. I did do raw edge appliqué centers and did a narrowtop stitch for the petals instead of appliqué. Cut the ric rac stems 10 or 10 1/2 inches!!

      1. I wish I had seen this before! I made my first flower last night and found my flower short because I cut the ric rac as stated in the pattern. Now I have to make all my flowers short. But wow! I have loved everything in the July box (just not a fan of the same colorway lately). My first time doing Dresden and using ric rac! Having a blast with this box!

    3. I agree. Sometimes I’m not a fan of the quilt pattern or maybe even the color choices but you can always find something to do with all of it.

    4. I totally agree with you! Part of the fun is being surprised and opening yourself up to something that’s out of your box (pun intended). I have really enjoyed the program, have enjoyed fabric that is different from what I usually buy, have donated some things that I didn’t use, and can’t wait to see what’s next! xoxo

    5. I loved the July box. I couldn’t wait to get into making the cute little dresden flowers. The aquas and reds are “in” right now. I had fun making it and I can’t wait to get it quilted.

  11. I hope for a cute pattern and maybe ruler, the colours of the shown fabrics aren‘t my favourites though. Do not like blues at all. As for the often mentioned July box, it wasn‘t my most favourite but lovely…

  12. I think we are going make a patchwork tote bag with that naitical looking fabric. The rope will be for the handles.

  13. July was my first box and I was very pleased! I like the idea of a beach tote! I told my husband this was my birthday gifts for the Year!!

  14. This will be my fifth box and have NEVER been unhappy with any of them. I’m sure I will love this one as much. I get excited when I see it has shipped! Can’t wait to see what you have for us this month.

  15. Yay finally some blues! Getting tired of all of the pinks and reds. Glad I decided to stay! I also was not thrilled with July. I hardly ever use jelly rolls.

    1. Careful now, being honest and saying you disliked something is perceived as negative here. You can only have an opinion if it’s positive.

  16. Love the blue fabric especially the plaids! Always excited to receive the Sew Sampler each month. Agree with IR- if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. (I sound like my mother!)

  17. I canceled after the July box. I loved getting the boxes (although I admit I thought the July box was a stinker), but I can’t keep adding a new project to my list every month! So I will take a break. I started the Barn Blocks, so will probably have to buy the pattern. But I am already itching to re-join after this teaser. I was getting tired of the teal-red-pink combos (3 so far this year). The blues look very soothing.

  18. P.S.
    The FQS survey for the sew sampler is the place to share your positive/negative opinions. I do believe they listen hence the many different boxes received. The blog is a fun forum for people to guess what is in the next sampler. Let’s keep it light ladies!

  19. i am thinking maybe something blue. possibly beach colors. its always so much fun to open the box for the surprise.

  20. I agree with IR. Folks are getting criticized for saying what they thought about one box or another. Sure there is a survey and hopefully most use it but, it isn’t wrong to plainly comment if you felt like last month was a dud. Honestly, I did too but, that’s ok. It’s fair for subscribers to know it’s not always perfect for everyone. Kind of like Amazon reviews and comments And I’m not trying to be condescending of anyone’s opinion with scolding either. So, yes Deb, I agree, you do sound like your mother and keep it light now.

    1. Wonderfully put, Paisley! You took the words right out of my mouth (keyboard). People are allowed to state that they did not like last month, etc. and they hope this month is better. I have said it before..the title is “Comments,” not “Praise or Good Thoughts Only.” I think everyone that has not liked the previous boxes stated so in a polite way. Unless people are being rude or snarky about other people, I think the atmosphere is being kept light and friendly. Quilting forum posters have a right to disagree! 🙂 (And yes, I am hoping this month has more things to my liking than last month. Please, please, please throw in a penguin pattern if it is Arctic.)

  21. Personally, I have loved all the boxes I have received, January being the first one. I have made things I I never would have because of the different fabrics, etc. included. Be willing to try something new! I have surprised even myself with the results. Please, people, no more negative comments! The box is a surprise; you’re not supposed to know what’s in it. If you don’t like them you don’t have to purchase them, but don’t ruin everyone else’s fun…just my opinion….

  22. I am not sure – but July’s was the best! Loved it so much! It is still all together – I just keep looking at it! Thank you so much! I am waiting with fingers crossed for something with a penguin? Happy crafting!

  23. It must be something to help survive the hot weather we have all experienced this summer. Looking forward to the breezy feel coming this way.

  24. Looking forward to something that will take me away from the hot and humid and transport me to a cooler locale.

  25. Something with a bag…I loved July’s box….I am looking to buy a camper, and this little number will have a home in it!! I loved the fabric,,,,might have to get yardage, as the trailers got lost in the cutting!! Happy camper here with each new box!!

  26. If you want penguins try the Antarctic! We have ño penguins here in the Arctic!I love penguins too so bring them on.All the boxes have had useful items. There have been things that I wouldn’t have bought that I have found I can’t live without now. LOVE THE SURPRISES EVERY MONTH!

  27. Many of the sew sampler boxes have been good to great, some not so…..but you can’t please everyone all the time and I am OK with that. Anyone who expects more is delusional or have unrealistic expectations.

  28. Why are people getting so “upset” at someone saying they didn’t like last months box? Why does it bother you if you liked it and someone else says they didn’t. Everyone has a right to express their like or dislike for something, no one is demanding for you to feel the same way. If you like the box, good for you. If you don’t like it, well then you wasted money and that’s what sometimes stinks about mystery boxes. But to be mad at someone for not having the same opinion that you do is ludicrous. Get over yourselves.

  29. I looked up the Arctic fabric and it doesn’t come out til Sept. so not that. I have been looking, but have no clue. I love blues, and the rope would make a good handle, so I am going with a tote bag.

  30. Woohoo! Definitely “Arctic” by Elizabeth Hartman..! I’m so in love with her fabric lines. And like many of you, I’m ready for a fresh color palette. Guess we’re getting it before it comes out to the general public. SQUEE!

  31. Could it be one of those baskets you make with clothesline and a jelly roll to wrap around the cord???

    Or, the cord may just be the handles of some little bag, like the time we got clothespins that came in their own muslin bag.

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