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Sew Sampler 2017 January Reveal

A new box to bring in the new year! It’s time to unwrap the January 2017 Sew Sampler box – the gift that keeps on giving, and we can’t wait to unveil the goodies that this box holds!

The 2017 Kona Color of the Year, Pink Flamingo, stole our hearts and we couldn’t wait to share it with you! When we released our sneak peek, so many of you guessed correctly and we were so impressed! We truly believe that a perfect start to a new year is a fresh, new charm pack just waiting to be quilted! The pack includes 42 5″ identical squares of this hue!
The Clover Black Gold Needles are polished along the axis and coated with ultra-thin black plating for anti-rust resistance. Experience astonishing smoothness with each use. These needles are durable, superior and so smooth, wherever and whatever the application may be. Includes six needles total in sizes 9, 10, and 12.

Fat Quarter Shop Thread Cutter, the quickest and easiest way to cut threads while chain piecing. Hold fabric with both hands and slide thread across blade. Thread cutter can be used to cut all types of thread, including yarn, string, and fishing line. *A Fat Quarter Shop exclusive!
To keep edges sharp, we love 45 mm Olfa Rotary Blades! Package includes one circular rotary replacement blades for the popular 45 mm rotary cutter!
This exclusive, versatile quilt pattern takes 5″ squares and offers three different layouts so you can get a new quilt every time! Whip up this adorable quilt with your Kona charm pack!
BONUS ITEMGive your antique linens a second life with Vintage Textile Soak. Remove yellowing to brown spots from your quilts, quilt tops, christening gowns and antique linens to make them like new!
As always, we have an exclusive Bonus Block Pattern! Have you been keeping up with the blocks since the beginning?! We’re getting to excited the closer that we get to our finished quilt!!
This month’s Sew Sampler reminds us that good things come in small packages!


  1. I just love that thread cutter and have been using it since it arrived. Time saver! I really am not a fan of the pink but will work in in somewhere I hope. You can never have enough blades!

  2. I cancelled my subscription this month, but I've now ordered the thread cutter and the Block Recipe card. Best of both worlds – I'm not adding items to my already large stash that I won't use, but I don't feel like I'm missing out either.

    Of all the boxes you've done, November was my absolute favourite. 🙂

  3. The fun Pink Flamingo charm pack works beautifully with Olive's Flower Market charm packs [2] included in the November Sampler box. I plan to make another FQS Charm Pack Cherry Quilt. Now, I just have to buy another Pink Flamingo charm pack and material for the backing and binding. What a deal!! Love the FQS Sampler boxes from Day 1!!

    The thread cutter is great and makes my sewing so much easier. Thanks to the creative people who mastermind the "goodies" to be included in each box!!

  4. My first box and I love it. I hope to continue to keep them coming. My only problem is I'm trying to use the promo code for the charm pack and it says it invalid. What am I doing wrong?

  5. Dawn Goodan….I used my promo code today and it worked fine. You do need to make a $40 purchase, however, for it to work.

  6. Betty T! Thank you for suggesting the match of the Pink and Olive's Flower Market, it really does look good together.

  7. Not crazy about the pink and lack of any variety in the charm pack…but it does go well with the Olive'S Flower Market charms.

  8. I'm very disappointed in this box. The quality and value seems to drop each month. I wanted to make it a full year, but I don't see continuing after that.

  9. I too am very disappointed with this month's box. Two charm packs or a full jelly roll or even a full jolly bar would have made it worth the money. I will give February's box a try, hoping it is much better. If not I will have to cancel. I have also subscribed to Quilty box starting in February.

  10. I have been disappointed with the last 3 boxes. When I first joined the first 2 boxes were great. Has slipped off a lot since then. I will give it one more month.

  11. As other members have already stated, the quantity and quality of the boxes have been on a steady decline since August in my opinion. I had decided to give it a full year because I believe there are always ups and downs, unfortunately these boxes have been on a downward streak with inflated values on every box.

  12. This was my 5th Sew Sampler Box and I have to agree that the quality and value of the box has declined. I'm giving it one more month to improve and make it my money.

  13. I have tried to keep an open mind, but I agree that the boxes seem to be put together with less thought. My January box just had the tissue paper just thrown into the box. When the first box was received, the items were carefully wrapped in the tissue with a Sampler Box seal holding the paper together. I know this is a simple thing, but sometimes presentation makes a difference. I like the January box because I love pink, and it included useful items except for the soak which I don't see any near future use. It also upsets me that some items, like the monthly block cards are available for purchase outside the subscription. Makes me wonder what is so special about the subscription price if I can buy everything that is in the box? Just confused and dissappointed.

  14. I intend to keep getting these boxes as long as they keep sending them, I love them, I love the excitement of just seeing what is inside. I truly feel Fat Quarter Shop does a great job with the content we get. I don't use everything that I get each month either, but I share the items and I know the things I do keep for myself will save me a trip to the fabric store one day. I have never been disappointed!

  15. I too was not so happy with this month's box but only because I have never been a fan of this coral pink color, I do however love the notions. I also couldn't get the free charm pack code to work and I did have over $40 in my cart. For the most part I have loved this program although there have been some issues. When my mini ruler holder came it looked like someone's dog had got to it. I agree with some of the comments like the tissue paper is ripped up or not enclosing the items (last several boxes). Sure I may never use some of the items but I have enjoyed looking forward to the day it arrives in the mail and I'm sad there are only two left. It gave me something to look forward to in a not so happy life.