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Sew Merry & Bright Book Tour & Giveaway

Thanks for heading over to the Jolly Jabber continuing the Sew Merry and Bright book tour! As we round out the Christmas in July movement, it’s only fitting that we are featuring a not so traditional holiday book in the not so traditional holiday month.  Linda Lum DeBono’s book,  Sew Merry and Bright, features festive patterns for the Christmas lover, with a bright and modern flair. This book takes you step by step to creating a home filled with Christmas cheer. From pillows to ornaments, to advent calendars and holiday quilts, this pattern book has your holiday decorating covered.

Linda’s use of color is what sets her apart. She uses traditional colors in nontraditional shades, incorporating plenty of lime green, pink and turquoise. Her advent calendar features many brightly colored shapes, accompanied by a candy cane, making its purpose widely understood. The calendar is clean and modern, yet festive and plenty cheerful.

My favorite pattern featured in Sew Merry and Bright is the Noel Pillow. I love using pillows in my holiday decor, and this one stands out. The chevron print, a popular trend right now, looks unique in combination with the lime polka dot pattern and the red noel lettering.

Now that you are feeling the Christmas cheer, we are going to do a giveaway! We will be giving away a signed copy of Sew Merry and Bright! Leave a comment below telling us your favorite way to decorate for the holidays. The winner will be chosen on Saturday August 4th. Good luck and Merry Christmas in July!


  1. I like to decorate with snowmen – every year I try and at least buy one more, so that I can add to my collection 😀

  2. My favorite motif is reindeer, and often they sit out all winter. At Christmastime, I also love stockings hanging on the mantel, in anticipation of Santa's visit.

  3. Don't like it to cheesy, so I decorate in the classics red and green and lately added a bit aqua to the mix. Thanks for the giveaway and greetings from germany, Hildy

  4. I love putting up the tree ornaments we have collected over the years. Some that our son made, some bought on trips, some given to us, etc. Each one has special memories.

  5. I love decorating with lots of things. One of my favorite decorations last year was a little Christmas tree that I put on my desk in the kitchen. It was so cute with gingerbread cookie ornaments, I put the tiny white lights on a timer so the tree was all lit up each morning when I came in the kitchen.

  6. We have lots of ornaments that we have collected over the years. We also enjoy putting up a little Christmas village. My daughter has taken over that project. She is so creative.

  7. I love decorating our tree. We have ornaments that were on my parents first tree, ones my son has made and ornaments we've collected as a couple.

    It always brings back such great memories!

  8. My favorite way to decorate is to have my Nativity sets out and about, and the tree with all the special ornaments.

  9. Well, the way I decorate for Christmas is a little different. We don't have Christmas tree, but we have a section set aside for our collection of Heritage Village houses.

  10. Would love to win a copy of this book. I love to all sorts of decorations, but some of my favorite are themes from childhood cartoons: characters from Rudolf, Charlie Brown, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, etc.

  11. I love decorating with snowmen. They are all ove the house from Dec 1 to Jan 15
    Thanks for the great give a way
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  12. I love lots of little lights, and a home filled with quilts to snuggle up in while it snows…can't wait for the holidays. Love these non traditional Christmas colours!

  13. My favorite way to decorate is with my antique ornaments. Sometimes I put them on the tree, sometimes in a crystal bowl, sometimes both.

  14. The fresh Christmas tree is always my favorite way to decorate. It makes the house smell so nice and then we can also enjoy all the ornaments collected over the years.

  15. I use snowmen of all types. We also put up a Nativity in a special place and use lots of candles. Oh and our tree is a hodge podge of collected ornaments that I love the best.

  16. I love decorating our tree with eclectic ornaments – souvenirs of family happenings throughout the years. Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. My favorite way to decorate for Christmas is with a variety of different types of decorations! Certainly, the tree is one focal point, but the most important one is my Nativity scene. It is beautiful!

  18. I like to add a home made ornament to the Christmas tree with the kids each year. They seem to get better each year.. wonder why that is? LOL

  19. I change it up every few years. Most recently my Christmas decor has been very traditional and formal. I'm tired of it. Would like to do something more contemporary! this book would sure help…

  20. We collect a new ornament on every vacation. I enjoy unpacking them and adding them to the tree and remembering all of the lovely places we've traveled together.

  21. I love decorating the tree. We have ornaments that my mother made when we were first married and new ornaments the kids and I make each year. This year our granddaughter is making one.

  22. I like to have a nice wreath on my door to welcome visitors. When I can, I get fir or cedar branches for the wreath. I have a quilted poinsettia wreath to use when the real thing eludes me.

  23. I love to hang snowflakes all over the living room (white/silver/clear/blue) – then glass ornaments (red and gold) go in the kitchen/dinning area.
    I can't wait to get to spruce up the house this year!

    (And I LOVE the look of the pillow from the book … wow!)

  24. I flip a tomato cage upside down and string it with lights and ornaments – super mod-farmy and eco-friendly tree! (I think I just coined the term "mod-farmy") 😀

  25. I have a hodge-podge of ornaments – special, memory filled, wonderful ornaments. I love to smell an apple pie baking, while listening to Christtmas music as I visit my memories and decorate the tree.

  26. Trees – I have 3 trees that I put up each year because I love looking at all the homemade ornaments I've received throughout the years from my family. One big tree, one long skinny tree (angels only on this one) and one little one with knitted ornaments that I put in my studio.

  27. I love classic Christmas colors – candy canes and evergreens – but I'm loving the addition of lime, turquoise and pink. I'd love to win a copy of this book, it looks great!

  28. I decorate with theme trees. My favorite ia a red bird tree and everything red bird in my kitchen. It stays up from November to FebruRy giving me bright pops of red during the winter months in Ohio.

  29. I usually start decorating the second week in November. My house is always fully decorated inside and out by Thanksgiving, that way we can enjoy it longer. The Thanksgiving dinner is always at my home with my husbands and my families both in attendance. My favorite theme is Snowmen with lots of trees, greenery, and candles. I scatter quilts all over the house, on chairs, sofas, bedrooms, and even out on the front porch and patio furniture! I have several Christmas themed pillows I toss around too. Before the day is over…someone always goes outside to sit and talk, and wraps up in a quilt!!! I love to see my quilts being used. The decorations usually stay up into the first week in January….then of course comes the Valentine stuff!!!

  30. Oh thank you for the chance!!!!

    We love a handmade Christmas, the girls make paper chains and they go up all over the place, I prefer to have a red ornament tree but the girls make random things and add them in as well.

    We've actually left up the Santa Salmon on the ceiling fan all year, really, he's a bit of a pain to try and take down so we just ignore him until it's Christmas again.

  31. I still pull out all the Nativity sets, ornaments and doo-dads my children made in grade school. It makes for warm fuzzy memories. They are all in their 20s now!

  32. I love to decorate with decorations that I have received from friends. As I put them out I have fun thinking of all our great memories!

  33. I like to pull out a variety of old decorations and pick/choose each year for a theme. We are leaning towards wooden decorations for 2012. Last year it was silver. If win this book, then can make a batch of felt decorations to add in so 2013 is the year of felt.

  34. Almost all our Christmas decorations are handmade. Mostly by my great grandma, she would make the same ornament or decoration for EVERYONE in the family each Christmas. I'm so glad that I have all these wonderful things to remind me of her.

  35. i just love to decorate with sparkle and glitz– I went crazy with the mirror ball fabric available a couple of years ago and made some fun Christmas glitz placemats!

  36. i decorate lightly now that i'm older and have passed the bulk of my decorations on now that i live in a very small cottage. it's cheery and bright and reflects the season.

  37. Our tree is mainly red, green and gold. We have a display of a variety of nativities including vintage ones. We have a selection of christmas cuddlies on the hearth. Every year we go out as a family to choose some new decorations. I also have a wall of cross stitched christmas pictures and samplers. The children also have a tree each in their rooms. I love christmas, thank you for the giveaway.

  38. The tree is definitely the biggest part of our Christmas. We get a fir and decorate with multi colored lights and a mix of traditional heirloom ornaments and newer ones that I've picked up here and there.

  39. I love pasting tissue paper snowflakes and stars to my windows! It's a fun and simple way to brighten up the view to the out-of-doors during the unrelenting overcast days.

  40. I love to decorate my office at work with holiday decorations. I have skinny little windows at the top, one holds 3 little cardinals and the other has a sign that says "Merry & Bright" and just barely fits in there. I would love to have a small quilt for the chair but don't have one made yet!

    Sandy A

  41. I have been making my own knitted or quilted fairy's or elf for a few years now and look forward each year to adding to this collection.

  42. Fresh evergreen greenery adds fragrance and a touch of nature to the house. That's what I like to add to my Christmas decorations.

  43. I decorate with a lot of everything. Every room in my large home is decorated, including the bathrooms. Many of the items are handcrafted using wood, fabrics, or quilts.

  44. I like to decorate with snowflakes and snow frosted trees and white lights. That way I can keep those decorations up until late February! Besides that it is a focus on Jesus – the reason for the season!

  45. I like to put my nativity scene on my fireplace mantle, the train running around the bottom of the tree, and lots and lots of candy cane hanging every where. Sashes hanging in the doorways. One thing I do every year is change up colors. I love the colors Linda uses on the cover of her book. That's good inspiration for my color changes this year.

  46. I change it up every year! I have a variety of decorations in about 4 colors so every year I just pick a different pair. Although one thing always stays the same: my Marshall Field's Santa Bear collection.

    Thanks for the chance!

  47. I deck out my kitchen with a make-your-own hot chocolate station. Chocolate (of course), marshmallows, crushed candy cane… that sort of thing. Yummers!!!

  48. I love Christmas lights everywhere. My father put up the lights when I was growing up and I helped. Now, I put the all over in memory of him.

  49. I am big on decorating during the holidays, from several trees to numerous fireplaces and more!! Always open to new ideas.

  50. I love tinsel, everywhere I can find a space for it! I love bright coloured tinsel rather than the more traditional colours though, my favourite last year was turquoise and pink!

  51. I love to decorate with quilts! Big surprise, right? And I like to use non-traditional colors to give everything a little touch of me.

  52. I have a collection of snowmen so I like to get them up.I have also started putting Christmas Quilts out to help decorate the house.they are alot easier to take down after Christmas.

  53. I love to decorate with vintage items – old dept store boxes, hankies, ornaments, an old tree stand, etc. Maybe the book will help me loosen up with new colors! Sue in MN

  54. Christmas lights and candy canes! I have so much fun making my house glow! And last year I started a new tradition of making a Christmas quilt each year! 🙂

  55. I have a little tree made out of green feathers, and a blue glitter reindeer with fuchsia antlers. As long as those are out I consider myself decorated!

  56. The Xmas tree is the fav thing too decorate in my house. The kids have their own bag of decorations and enjoy putting them on the tree

  57. I haven't decorated too much in the last few years but always the tree. My grandsons just moved to town so this year will probably be more decorative.

  58. I am pretty old fashioned so do a simple "everything" Xmas in decorations! Always have a mantal with garland and lights! Add a new ornament yearly for my husband and I!

  59. We love to se up the tree after we go out and chop it down! And then using all the ornaments we have collected over the years. But it is not the holiday until there are presents and family to share it all with!

  60. I like to decorate my table in Christmas Colors, a festive quilt on the couch, and this year living in the mountains, I'll decorate pinecones. We will have a tree with ornaments from when the kids were little.

  61. I love to put up all the decorations my 3 boys made when they were very young. The other decorating is the mini Christmas quilts I have made.

  62. Oh fun!! I love to decorate for the holidays! I pull out lots of red and white everything! I also put out all of my Mary Engelbreit things and put them all over my house, along with antique quilts and little houses. Thank you for the chance.

  63. I love Christmas! And I love Christmas decorations! I have decorations for every room in the house– and decorations for the yard too! 🙂 The more, the merrier!! I add to my collection every year too– just have to buy some of those "after Christmas" markdowns! Thank you for the chance to win! Hmmm.. if I win, I see even MORE decorations in my future! 🙂

  64. I love bunting but for Christmas I love the tree and all the decorations on it. I also think that it is really important to get into the Christmas spirit with an advent calendar. We have one every year.

  65. I love to use the embroderied tablecloth that my grand-mother made, together with some cute wall-hangings. I do wish I had learned more about how to do embroderies from my grand-mother, she was so good at it!!!

  66. I like to decorate with all of my favorite ornaments and Christmas decorations from previous years…especially my kids ornaments. Seeing them come out every year always screams Christmas is here 🙂

  67. Linda's book looks full of great projects. I like to decorate with special ornaments out, lots of lights on the tree and around the house. I also like using tablerunners, pillows and lots of yummy smelling candles.

    Thank you for a great giveaway and a chance to win.


  68. Happy Christmas in July from Australia or should i say goodday.
    I love to decorate with lots of Australian Christmas bush and decorate our tree with some beautiful orniments I brought in Canada. Just reminds me of the Christmas we spend there in the snow.

  69. I love door wreaths and candles everywhere, the Christmas tree of course and some soft music in the house =)
    thank you so much for this opportunity

  70. I like to decorate with lights and quilts. I have made several small quilts to hang and lay around the house. Makes it very warm, shiny and bright.

  71. My favorites are Santas…everywhere…made of fabric, wood, ceramic,,,you can never have too many Santas! The book is wonderful…thanks for the chance!

  72. I don't seem to have a Christmas decorating theme – over the years I've collected things I love, and have things people have given me. In retrospect, it's all about color and remembrance to celebrate and to brighten up the winter grays. Looks like a neat book – thanks for introducing it to us!

  73. I love putting up the tree. The lights and all the hand made ornaments I've painted and sewed over the years bring back so many sweet family memories.

  74. My favorite way to decorate is led by my five-year-old son. He loves to put up the tree, so after Thanksgiving it's up. He puts things in funny places but is so happy. I also hope to have a couple of Christmas throws, a wall hanging, and a tree skirt someday.

  75. I always try to have one new item to decorate with come Christmas. This year it will be my beautiful quilt made with Basic Grey's "Jovial" collection from last year. Its use of a little bit non-traditional colors is a little like this book!

  76. My favorite way to decorate for the holidays is with Christmas trees, village houses and garland. Thanks for the chance to win this great book.

  77. I used to have a tree in every room but now just do 2 or 3 total. It is way too much work for me to put up 15 trees now. And we go to DS1 for the day, they are not nearly as appreciated as they used to be. I love the primitive style and continue to use that motif. Thanks

  78. I always get the smallest tree I can find and decorate it with decorations I've had since I was a little girl. I also have a few stuffed animals I put around the base of the tree. They aren't Christmas animals, but give the tree a festive feeling!

  79. I love putting my ornaments on the tree some are very old from when my children were little .Some are from kindergarteners I taught 35 years ago. So many good memories!

  80. I love to decorate with quilted things I've made like wallhangings, tablerunners, a tree skirt, stockings and quilts of the holiday colors.

  81. I love to decorate with my kids. They are on to me to get the tree up from early November, but I try to delay it til December. Otherwise it seems to take forever for Christmas to come for them. I love seeing the joy on their faces as they decorate the tree with hanging ornaments, knowing that this exciting time of year is not far away. sarahleigh at internode dot on dot net

  82. My favorite part of decorating for Christmas is making something home-made with the kids. We make ornaments, and I do a little sewing.

  83. I love filling every room in our house with vintage Christmas decorations and hand-made items.

  84. I love decorating for Christmas, but I have to say the best part is decorating with my daughter. She is a little over 3 yrs old and is already talking about Christmas so this season will be even more fun!

  85. I love to design garlands. I use greenery and wire ornaments, flowers, whatever I think looks good. Every year it's different.

  86. The special pride of place in the home is a round Christmas painting painted by Mrs. "B" bought in Malibu in the '70's – memories hold us,

  87. We decorate fairly extensively, including several collections…nutcrackers, Byers' Choice, a village and just last year my daughter came up with the idea of adding a 'candy bar'. We used various sized containers with all red and/or green candies. For the licorice sticks we used an old-fashioned straw dispenser. It turned out very cute and was a big hit. The book looks like it has some great patterns and ideas.

  88. I'm at a point in life where I don't really need any more decorative items, so I try to use all that I have in different ways. For example, I spread my HUGE Christmas village into little vignettes throughout the house rather than all in one big one. Of course, I must have some of the latest greatest fabrics out there! After all what does "need" have to do with it?

  89. I love to decorate with the old Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer tv movie characters 🙂

  90. I like to go with reds and silvers, all over the house. Every year we buy a new ornament for the tree in red and/or silver,and mark the year on the bottom of the ornament.

  91. I have fake wreaths I put up with home-made ornies (may acquired it swaps) and snowmen are everywhere. Lots of christmas quilts go on chairs, walls and couch!

  92. I like putting up a tree, I put up a Santa and some fabric ornaments all over the house, a wreath with 4 candles on the table and an angel (made of fabric) in the corner. I've sewn a mountain of decorations… 🙂

  93. I love decorating for Christmas. It is such fun to unpack the boxes and find all the treasures again. My current theme is around one of Nancy Halvorson's older collections; tree skirt, table runners and the tree with quilt block ornaments, hand painted miniature hat boxes, metal stars, etc. This year I will be able to put out my village, can't wait.

  94. I like to decorate with a traditional tree. I have a lot of cross stitch ornaments that I have made and some friends have given me. There are ornaments made by my children and some vintage glass balls. I like snowmen so I bring them out.

  95. It takes me about a week of working every day to decorate my house at Christmas! I have collected nativity sets for over 30 years as well as ornaments and of course my own hand made decorations :-).

  96. I love to use a lot of blue and white ornaments kn my tree and then tie in the mantle with a similar theme. We also love setting up our nativity sets. One quilted set we keep up all year.

  97. what a fun book & projects! my tastes change from year to year one time I will want to use all cutesy whimsical decor and the next all classic & pretty but I do love putting some stuffed animals on the fireplace ledge and my favorite photo of my cat got captured last year with her sitting next to a bear with the garland and lights all around her!

  98. I put out my nativity set and I also use snowmen, which I leave out all winter. Thanks for the chance towin a copy of Linda's book.

  99. We start decorating the tree on Thanksgiving night. I am a Christmas person so it takes a couple days to get my Santa collection and evey thing else for every room in the house. This book looks supper, thanks for the chance.

  100. My favorite thing to do when decorating for the holidays is to wrap white lights in pine garlands and hang in my doorways throughout my house. And of course, setting up my new tree hubby bought me after I saw it in a store window two years ago. He surprised me and went back to buy one, but the only had the store display from the window so he bought that. It is the most gorgeous purple tree with white and purple lights. I LOVE it. That is really saying a lot from me because while purple is my favorite color, until my health got bad I was avidly against anything but a real tree from our local family owned tree farm I had gone to since I was a baby.

  101. I like to decorate with lots of Christmas lights and window clings. And then it's up and away from my kids… Thanks for a chance to win this great book! 🙂

  102. Each year is different in the decorating department….but I always use glass ornaments, crystal, COLOR and birds thrown in the mix for the current decorating theme.

    sowingstitches [at] yahoo [dot] com

  103. I like to decorate with evergreens; preferably real ones, and candles. Flickering candlelight is so warm and cheery! Also love to decorate with a lot of red!

  104. I have a Nutcracker collection, a 12 ft high Tree, and love the tiny white lights inside my house.

    legato1958 at aol dot com

  105. I am trying to add a Christmas quilt to my collection each year (currently working on the snowmen BOM) as a key part of my decorations.


  107. We decorate with lots of snowmen, as we usually leave for Christmas, then when we return, we are still decorated for winter. Of course, we still put out lots of quilts, runners and pillow. I love Linda's cherry style. Everything looks so happy!!

  108. We have always put up lots and lots of decorations for Christmas, including 3 trees. The kitchen is decorated in all snowmen, plus the tree only has snowmen on it. I have a Victorian tree in my dining room to go along with my 83 year old house. The family room has the largest tree and that is decorated with all of the children's ornaments I have collected since they were each born. Each room has many other decorations, even the powder room. Lots of work, but once it is up we all enjoy it. Tradition.

  109. I decorate with quilts for most holidays, esp. Christmas. I have about 10 large quilts and many many small ones plus wall hangings. I'm electic in my tastes, from snowmen to Santa to angels. Hope I win the book!

  110. my favorite way to decorate is with a Christmas village on the sideboard. The mantle of the fireplace has had lots of different decorations over the years- sometimes Santas, other years nativity or snowmen.. It has varied lots but it always has our Christmas stockings hanging from it.
    Thanks for the chance to win Linda's lovely new book.
    Regards from Western Canada,

  111. There are these round colored lights we got a few years ago – they're probably 1 inch round. I put them around our back deck and they're so festive!

  112. I love to decorate my home with handmade items my boys made when they were little, very heartwarming! awolk at rogers dot com

  113. I love star designs….so traditional and classic. Love the book. Would have SEW much fun making things for the holidays.

  114. Photos of family and Christmas past are one of my favourite ways of decorating.

  115. My favourite thing is a reindeer my mum made for me as a little girl. Need to find the pattern do I can make one for my boy.

  116. I like to use as much tinsel and baubles as I can find to decorate the windows, walls, and curtain rails – it makes riotous colour and is lots of fun 🙂

  117. I like to use twigs and freshly cut pine for wreaths, swags and as fillers in crocks and baskets. Christmas quilts are hung throughout the house and we use lots of twinkle lights to brighten those long winter days.

  118. I decorate with the traditional red and green, and I collect snow flake ornaments for my tree (which is funny 'cuz I live in Wisconsin and I hate snow!)

  119. I love advent calendars! My favorite one focuses on the nativity.

    I decorate with snowmen, and many, many nativity scenes.

  120. I love the birds. I want to make lots to make a statement. I am going to make ones for all the people I give an ornmament to. I am going to hang them off the front porch. Birds everywhere!

  121. My husband and I are not very traditional; so we actually have a spiral christmas tree meant to be a lawn ornament as our indoor tree, and I have a small metal tree with light to put on are window sill.

  122. I like decorating my sunroom which is attached to our kitchen dining area. It's 3 steps down so the Christmas tree set up in there is eye level. It has my natural, bird and stitched ornaments on it.

  123. Thanks for the opportunity for the giveaway. I need some extra motivation to update my Christmas things stored in the attic. Maybe this book will be the impetus as we haven't had a tree since my both my parents passed around Christmas time, although years apart. Since then even though I have retired and now have more time, it's difficult with 3 cats who love live plants! My lone plant has been "kitty grass," as when I have received flowera, they love to eat them! Maybe we'll get a tree this year and see what happens! I love the smells of Christmas, pine, cinnamon, etc, so that has been my way to celebrate.

  124. I drape fake evergreen swags with lights in them, accent with flameless candles, and hang cross-stitched ornaments off of the branches. For this year I plan to make a wall hanging and matching seat covers & table runner.

  125. I love christmas! I have tons of holiday decor and I use my quilting projects as table toppers, tree skirts, ornaments, stockings, and home decor! Would love this book! Thanks for the opportunity!

  126. I love Christmas! I think the best part is digging in the boxes looking through all the orniments and choosing which ones will be used. Now with David at 6 it is funner to let him choose! The tree is the best part!

  127. I have ornaments I bought in Germany 25 years ago, which combine well with my newer ornaments, all full of memories. To me, that's essential to Christmas decor.

  128. thank,s for the giveaway this book look awesome. My favorite way to decorated is with my kids and for my kids! love the light outdoor and make a wonderful tree, different each year with more memories add each time!

  129. Lots and lots of twinkly white lights and anything red, white and green!! I'm pretty easy to please at Christmas!

  130. We're not home much during the holidays so I spend my time decorating my Mom's room at her assisted living…lots of bright cherry colors to lift her spirits – mini wall hangings, Christmas pictures…a Big Jolly Santa face – this year mixing in lots of PINK because that's her favorite color!

  131. I always decorate with the handmade ornaments my children made many years ago. They are so special…timeworn and loved.

  132. I love to use red and white to decorate, but with three kids I haven't added much to our decor in the last few years. I need all the help I can get.

  133. I love to put Christmas in every room, I usually decorate with several trees and I love my Winterberry dishes and snowmen collection. I leave these out until February when I bring out Valentine's Day decorations.

  134. I love to put up floral garland strung with special ornaments all over the house. It never fails to remind me that it's Christmas time when I walk into a room decorated like that.

  135. Each room in our house is decorated with a special holiday theme – from santas in the family room to angels in the living room. It's a lot of work, but so much fun!

  136. I love hanging my Christmas quilts on the wall which include a Christmas bargello, a Nancy Halversen Santa Advent and an incredible antique Christmas quilt.

  137. I used to love old fashioned red and green with lots of felt decorations and pine cones. Now, I'm learning to love aqua for Christmas (and all the time, for that matter).

  138. I love to wrap up something old with something new. Solmetimes it will be old holiday pictures on a brand new table runner or Christmas ornament. My grown children love the old/new.