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SeamedUP: A Social Networking site for Quilters and Sewists

Have you heard what’s up at Seamed Up? SeamedUP is run by 3 working moms who are giving their best to create the place they wanted to play in. The gals behind the site have been working hard to build a centralized spot for people who love to take fabric and turn it into something wonderful.

Allison, one of the co-founders of the site, really wanted somewhere that she could see how other people have interpreted patterns she owns, made use of fabric she stashes, and share ideas with like-minded folk.

Consider this: You made a quilt from a pattern in a book using a fabric line you love. On SeamedUP – not only do you share the quilt, but you can see if anyone else owns that book and projects they made from it. You can see if anyone else has the fabric you used and what they did with it. You can also share your review of the book. It is all on one neat page.

And when you find someone who shares your tastes– become friends with them. Because SeamedUP is more than a project sharing site – it is a social media network for quilters and sewists.

Above and beyond the Chat it UP (forums) and Groups you can join – SeamedUP keeps you informed on the goings-osn behind the scenes of the industry itself on the What’s UP page. Upcoming fabric lines to all of our favorite designers, books, notions, and sewing machines. Contests, Challenges, and Quilt Shows – you can find all of the details on

Oh, and it’s free.

You can join the site here, and maybe you’ll even want to stick around to help it flourish!