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Santorini by Lila Tueller

Santorini for Moda has finally arrived. We know most of you have spent months now falling in love with Lila Tueller’s bold designs, bouquets of fantastic, snazzy colors. Today Lila gives us a little heads up about her inspiration and what she has in store for us. (Have you checked out the snippets on her blog? Yeah.) Check out the fat quarter bundles and mini bundles, along with our exclusive Santorini Stacks Quilt Kit, using her Santorini line and the 5 & Dime quilt pattern from All Washed Up. Lila also has several of her own patterns featuring Santorini out, and you can find them on the Santorini page too!

I have to admit that I haven’t actually traveled to Santorini . . . I was looking at a beautiful pictorial book of Greece, and saw the breathtaking photos of Santorini and fell in love with the olive groves and beautiful gardens and landscapes. That was my inspiration, along with my own imagination! I feel like the collection is very warm and vibrant. I hope others will feel that way too!

My next line is called Eden. It is quite a bit softer, and feels like spring to me. I picture it being used in a young girl’s bedroom, or in clothing and accessories.

I feel at this point I have started to really get into the groove as far as my design concept goes, and I definitely feel a shift, so to speak. Not that I will be doing a completely different style or anything, just a little more defined in my direction.

I know there are lots and lots of talented fabric designers out there, and fabric consumers have many options to choose from. So I really appreciate those of you who have helped me along my way!

Lila Tueller