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Rrribbet by Barb Tourtillotte for Clothworks Fabric

We have Barb Tourtillotte with us today for an encore performance! She wrote for us previously on her Clothworks Fabric spring collection from last year, Hoppy Spring, and now we’re thrilled by Rrribbet! Even more saturated with color, Rrribbet is an adorable amphibious delight with cute frogs (yes, frogs), turtles, and dragonflies, doing what they do in the spring…dancing, fishing, playing with toys 🙂 Bright Crayola pink, yellow, blue, and green shades make it that much happier. We’ve got bundles and yardage, and you can find a free Rrribbet quilt pattern here. Frog lovers, let us hear what you think about Rrribbet!

Hello Jabber Buddies!

Barb Tourtillotte here. Thank you, Fat Quarter Shop, for carrying my Rrribbet line from Clothworks! This collection was developed from one little illustration that I had created for a catalog cover a couple years back, featuring two frogs sitting on flowers, sharing an ice cream soda. At first I thought, “Frogs, really?” But I was so surprised at the huge fan base frogs have! From that lone ‘Frog Endearment’ image came the collections of frogs…well…doing ‘stuff’.

We wanted the collection to be suitable for both kids and adult frog collectors and are so pleased with how it caters to both. From bright frog skin textures and dragonfly tone-on-tones to frogs doing everyday things, I can’t wait to see what frog lovers will come up with in the way of quilts and designs using this collection.

Before we know it we will be hearing those “welcome spring” croaks once again!

Sew on!
Barb Tourtillotte

Turtle Crossings

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  1. I accidently deleted my post, so I’m gonna try once more. ***sigh*** Okay, this will seem like an odd post, but I don’t have a lot of people in my life to ‘share’ with besides my hubby and he is wonderful, but sometimes you just need a friend…So here goes…In two days time we learned that a family member and also one of our dearest friends for over 50 years are both in Intensive Care Units (different hospitals) and both are being given less that 40% chance to survive. So there are probably some of you wondering what that has to do with anything? I’ll try to explain, but it is hard to express how completely theraputic sewing is for me, and not just any sewing…Making Quilts!!! When I am working with fabrics and patterns that I love, I find that soon, I have completely immersed myself into the project and that very soon, my own health issues, along with the worries and stresses (both big and small) of everyday life just ease off into the background for a while. I’m certain that many of you also find some type of relief from the day to day issues when you are lost in a wonderful creative project. Anyway…when I hopped onto Jolly Jabber today an saw this bright, cheery, delightful collection of fabric I immediately found myself smiling. I adore frogs, turtles and especially dragonflies and butterflies. So I just had to stop in and say Thank you so much for putting a smile on my face and truly tugging at my heartstrings as I continued to look over the many wonderful fabric collections available to us for our escapes from our normal day to day routines. What had started out as a very somber, stress filled birthday for me (Yup, that too, LOL), was completely turned around. Lord I’m glad I stopped in first thing and I’m especially happy to count myself as a quilter. Okay, I’ve rambled on long enough, and I hope I haven’t put anyone ‘off’ with this post but I had to thank you all there at the Fat Quarter Shop for starting my day off with a smile.