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Robyn Pandolph’s True Vintage

Have you caught a glimpse of Robyn Pandolph’s newest collection True Vintage? It’s soft and romantic, full of vibrant roses and achieves the true vintage feel. Robyn stopped by the Jolly Jabber to introduce her collection and give us a glimpse inside of her European inspiration.

This new fabric line was inspired by a trip with a friend to Europe. My friend from Melbourne, Australia and I met up in London and spent a few days going to flea markets, antique shows and our favorite shops. We then headed over to mine and Martin’s flat in Bath for a few days of relaxation before heading on to Paris for more shopping.

As we sat and talked about our love of textiles and the vintage look I realized how much I wanted to have a line that is more true to the vintage style. My friend owns two stores in the Melbourne area and the time we spent tossing ideas around and thumbing through British, Australian and European home decor magazines just heightened this desire to go back to the original look of the fabrics. There are a couple of favorite vintage textile shops that I peek in every time I get back to Bath. There is nothing more inspiring, so with friend in tow we headed off to explore these shops.

We then headed off to Paris for a gift market and flea markets and various shops. It is wonderful to spend time with someone who shares a love of textiles, vintage collectibles and design ideas. It is stimulating and reassuring knowing that I am not the only one that loves the look of True Vintage. The thought of having access to an old Paris apartment or country house that has been locked up for a century and discovering the beauty of faded, worn and loved items. This is where the inspiration started and then developed over time.


  1. Oh My Gosh! I think this is one of my favorite Robyn Pandolf collections. I'm still completely smitten with Scarborough Fair too, but this one, Wow, the range is amazing and just gorgeous. Hugs…

  2. Don't get me wrong, I love all the modern conveniences and the electronic gadgets of our age, but I'd so love to go back in time to the late 1800s or early 1900s and see, feel and touch the textiles of that time. These fabrics take me back and make me long for it.

  3. These fabrics are right up my alley. Reading what you wrote about Paris…..aahhhh, we're soul sisters I believe!!! :•)