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Robin Mynatt

Robin Mynatt of Paris Bebe Fabrics is a fantastically creative gal we met at Market a few weeks back. Her fabrics take you back to a time of full skirts and pin curls – girly with class. Read about how she started designing and what she has in store for us, like the “In Your Dreams” collection.

I started sewing at age 30, when I had a friend ask me to make a cute outfit she saw on a pattern, and she was pleased, so I kept sewing for me, as in Knots Landing type business suits with a short skirt and fitted blazer. I was a hair dresser at the time and I would wear them to work. At the same time I had just opened up a small antique store on the side, so I was always on the go. Eventually I was asked to make two different wedding gowns for friends, and ended up sewing wedding gowns and bridal alterations for a short time on the side of being a full time hairdresser.

I met my husband after I moved to WA where my family had all moved from Orange County, CA. We had two kids after 40, and I wanted to do something from home to make money, so I started designing graphics on my computer and selling them as decals. Then sewing baby clothes and boutique style dresses for my daughter led me to designing fabric after I met my partner overseas that found me on Ebay and liked my graphic designs.

I love to create fabric designs by redesigning antique florals and graphics in my Adobe program and using my computer pen/tablet to construct one of a kind creations, along with collecting vintage linens and recreating them. I try to design popular shabby styles with some punch to them.

I am grateful everyday I am able to do what I love ~ Look for two new collections I have coming in 2008 called “The Loft Collection” and “Graffiti Chique.”

The “In Your Dreams” Collection was created from favorite antique florals redesigned to create a cottage chic theme, what I imagine is a dinner table set with all your best vintage china creating a potpourri of delicate florals of dinner plates, teacups and saucers. I wanted to create a contrast of trendy reds and pinks with popular aquas that would be all dreamy designs in one collection.

Robin Mynatt
Paris Bebe Fabrics