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Quilting Q&A with Kimberly

Hi everyone, it’s Kimberly and I’m excited to share with you our first Quilting Q&A with Kimberly video! 
We asked you to send us your quilting questions in last week’s blog post and I’ve selected a few questions to answer today! Watch our video and let me know if you have any quilting questions for me in the blog comments and you might just make it onto the next episode! 


  1. I loved this! Please do more. We all need support that we aren't doing anything wrong, and your answers revealed that you aren't perfect either. Great job!

  2. Hi Kimberly: enjoyed this video so much. Your message came through loud and clear- relax and enjoy quilting, it will all turn out just fine. I loved the last question… Do you make mistakes? Ha,

  3. So perfect! The questions and the answers! Thank you for doing this! Just wish this was around just a couple years ago when I was first starting but so glad it is now! Can't wait for the next go around!

  4. Just loved,loved you video. I still really lack confidence and just hearing the questions and your answers to them – reminded me to just have fun!! Thank You Kimberly!

  5. I am new to quilting and have been stressing that my blocks are not perfect. This video makes me realize I should just relax and have fun with this.

  6. Love, love, love this! Halfway through with my first "real" quilt, it has made me think I don't have to rip out ALL those not so perfect stitches!

  7. Love all your videos. For the creative grid rulers, I don't have any and there are so many sizes to choose from. What sizes do you use the most? What sizes would you recommend I get to start my collection?

  8. Loved,loves this Q & A session! My quilting changed when I started using Creative Grid rulers,their lines so crisp and clean,and non slip, and yes just have fun!

    My next question would be,do you steam press and starch your precuts?

    Your videos are so well done, can't wait for the next one.

  9. This was fun!! Especially that last question!!! If we could all edit our quilting, we would all be perfect too!! I have yet to have pieced a quilt or quilted a quilt without some quality time with my seam ripper!!

  10. Really enjoy all your videos. My question is concerning the HST paper templates.

    How do you measure from a pattern that just says cut 2 squares x size, and determine which HST patterns to use?

    Sorry, math challenged, but really love the idea of using them template patterns.

  11. Kimberley, maybe you can take some out-takes and put them together to make a video. That way other sewers will see it natural to mess up, and is okay, just have fun and do the best you can.
    Rae (nrhaller@aol.com)