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Quilt Market Spring 2012: Day 1

Wow! Market after Market we are amazed by all the creativity and energy that literally keeps the convention centers buzzing! And this Spring is no exception! There is so much to see and it is all absolutely spectacular! Forgive us if our eyes bulge out of our heads, but seriously, just take a look at these photos from today! (And be sure to make it to the end of the post because we’re going to have ANOTHER awesome giveaway!)
Willow by My Mind’s Eye for Riley Blake Designs is an absolutely stunning collection full of muted greens and perfect greys.
We are absolutely loving what everyone is doing with the Riley Blake Chevron collection! Don’t even try to tell me that’s not amazing!
Our very own Stephanie with Carina Gardner of Riley Blake Designs. Her latest collection, Song Bird, can be seen on our Coming Soon page–it’s adorable!!
How hilariously creepy is this butler?! No matter where we went it seemed like his eyes were always following us, telling us to pick up his rulers!
We love how cute this 10 Rubber Ducks quilt project is! It’s the upcoming Eric Carle line from Andover Fabrics. If you’re anything like Kimberly, you’ve already fallen in love with the show Duck Dynasty and that will just make you love this collection a little bit more!!
Here’s Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree Quilts! She is pretty much too good to be true! Great fabric and a great personality?! Yes, please! We caught up with her at her book signing for With Fabric and Thread (find it at FQS!) and she could not have have been more pleasant! 
Of course the whole Fat Quarter Shop team needed to catch up with Bonnie & Camille for Moda Fabrics. The latest collection, Marmalade, is too cute to pass by!
Pictured is Jessi (on the right) and Lauren’s younger sister, Carrie.
We are enchanted by the bright new colors and graphic prints found in Lauren + Jessi Jung’s latest collection, Birds & Berries! Look for our It’s Sew Emma quilt, Color Me Crayons, using their fabric!
One of Moda’s newest designers, Zen Chic, is truly embracing her new quilt name! Brigitte Heitland’s debut line, Juggling Summer, is calm and soothing. LOVE IT ALL!
Sweetwater’s projects using their newest fabric collection, Mama Said Sew, are amazing!! And I can’t wait to see how it will look in their new patterns!
Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs for Moda Fabrics always has such great patterns and projects! Check out her latest BOM’s and Windsor Lane, with color palettes for both genders!
Are you loving these fabric walls as much as we are?! They are stunning! Pat Bravo of Art Gallery Fabrics and Kimberly are bonding over the beauty!
Remember Children at Play by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller Fabrics? You thought that was good?! Just wait for her new collection, Out to Sea! The prints are adorable for boys and girls of all ages, with mermaids, maps, and narwhals!
Can’t wait to get Bella in stock! Lotta Jansdotter seems to be a pure fabric genius! I love that she was discovered at the Brooklyn Flea Market – so charming!!
Little Black Dress by BasicGrey adds a touch of sophistication to this year’s Spring Market. Blacks and neutrals are so hot this season and obviously a hit the shops! Our Accentuate the Positive quilt using this fabric reflects the fun modern quilter.
A couple brand spankin’ new Moda designers really held their own today! Vanessa Christenson of V and Co. and Pat Sloan have introduced fabulous new lines! Simply Color and Eat Your Fruits and Veggies, respectively!
Some seriously stunning new collections from Blend Fabrics! Every day we fall a little bit more in love with Anna Griffin and Blend Fabrics!
Have you seen this new patriotic collection from Stonehenge by Northcott Fabrics? I can’t get over how majestic those eagles look!
We are in love with Birch Organic Fabrics and their contemporary fabric collections, including cute campers! Honestly, what Texan doesn’t love camping?!
Are you guys as in love with Kona Modern Quilts as we are?! It’s a brand new Robert Kaufman collection designed to perfectly match and complement some of your favorite Kona Solids. The prints are so versatile, you really can’t go wrong! We cannot wait to get our hands on some of this!!
See what we mean?! All this fabulous-ness is almost too good to be true! And now that you’ve really got a good hankering for some delicious fabric, let’s do another giveaway! Yup, you heard us, another giveaway! 
One of the funnest things at Market every year is the announcement of the booth winner. The judges award the most creatively styled booth, and it’s always a sight to see. So go ahead and take a look through all the pictures we have posted, both here and on Facebook, and then let us know which booth you think will be a winner! Place your bet wisely as it could determine whether or not you win!
We’ll be giving away this wonderfully cute Marmalade Fat Quarter Bundle by Bonnie & Camille PLUS four adorably creative patterns by It’s Sew Emma
All you have to do for a chance to win is leave a comment on this post telling us which booth will be a winner of Quilt Market Spring 2012! You’ve seen all the pictures, now it’s time to decide which booth you (and the Quilt Market judges) think is the most creative and visually appealing!

The contest will close tomorrow, May 19th, at 10:00 pm CST, and the winner will be announced Monday, May 21st. Good luck!


  1. Thank you for all your wonderful tweets and sharing insights & photos from Quilt Market. What a wonderful day I had just following your delightful tweets. I know you must be exhausted.

    This post is also wonderful and a great way to recap the day. All the booths are beautiful, so this is a difficult question. But, as you asked for visual impact, I'd have to go with Little Black Dress by BasicGrey.


  2. Thanks so much for all the updates! Following you on Twitter and FB, feels like I'm there…sort of.

    I don't think I saw it in this set but I'm LOVING Melody Miller's booth.

  3. Pick one booth? ONE?!? Art Gallery Fabric's is pretty amazing, but I think I have to go with Thimble Blossoms… *sigh*

  4. I am loving all the pictures!!! Talk about eye candy :-). I am thinking the colourful wall in the Art Gallery booth will be in with a great chance although there are so many gorgeous booths I'm glad I'm not the one picking a winner. Have fun!!!!

  5. First of all, thanks a lot for the photos!!!! I think that Thimble Blossom booth is the most incredible booth in the world, I love all the Camille designs and her fabrics…. LOL. I bought the Flower Girl pdf pattern yesterday so the bundle is perfect for me!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. From the ones you have pictures I would like first time Zen to win, it all looks wonderful and peaceful there. But I love a lot of the other booths too and we haven't seen Amy Butler and Ana Maria Horner yet either (doesn't Amy win every year?:-)

  7. My favourite was Sarah Jane Studios: I'd like to move in! Thanks for all the wonderful tweets, it's the next best thing to being there x

  8. I love Marmalade – can't wait to see it in real life – better order some. Although, I have to say Little Black Dress is stunning and I love their booth – makes me want to start painting and redecorating.

  9. Wow, I feel slightly sick and incredibly envious – I wish I was there! So many fantastic booths, I' going for Riley Blake as a winner, although I think they won last fall so maybe it's someone elses turn!

  10. So many beautiful booths. I love this one "best" – then that one – then another – but I really loved …… and on it goes. Art Gallery Fabrics is outstanding. The wall of fabric says "take me home NOW!"

  11. I would choose Art Gallery Fabrics with those beautiful fabric walls. I think that was a genius idea. Thanks for the chance to win this great fabric bundle.

  12. Carina Gardner has such a cosy inviting booth. It makes me want to go in, take a seat and just enjoy. What a great space!

  13. I love Art Gallery's booth so much. But Basic grey is stunning too.Very hard to decide!All of them are so special!

  14. Thanks for all the market photos and updates. Now I am even more excited for the upcoming fabric lines.

    I think Pat Bravo's fabric walls are stunning. Makes me want to live in her booth. Her booth is a winner my book.

    Sarah at wmgrads@earthlink.net

  15. Looking at the Facebook gallery, the booth with the gorgeous totes jumped out at me – Echino.

  16. The Riley Blake booth, for sure, if only because of that chevron dress. Holy moly. Love that Emma crayons pattern, too! Thanks so much for covering the market. My fabric wish list is growing.

  17. It is so amazing looking at the pictures. It is a hard choice between Riley Blake's Chevron, Bonnie and Camille, and Sweetwater. They are all my favorites! But I have to say I love Bonnie and Camille the best. That Marmalade is just beautiful! Karen

  18. I think Pat Bravo's booth will win. I'd hate to be an actual judge as it would be too hard to choose because they're all amazing!

  19. Thank you for the wonderful photos and commentary! Zen Chic is my choice for best booth. Have a wonderful, productive day!

  20. While I'm also looking forward to Zen Chic, I think the Out To Sea by Sarah Jane is the cutest, most innovative booth. Oh, to win this fabric would flutter my heart!!

  21. How to choose from so many creative booths!…. I think Basic Gray is standing out to me, but love them all! Thanks!

  22. My vote goes to the FQ booth – WOW is the only word I can say!! Thank you providing the tour and wish I was there!!

  23. I was blown away by the fabric wall by Art Gallery but also really loved Basic Grey. All the booths are amazingly creative. Thanks for helping us experience some of them. nena@bnads.com

  24. Hard to choose but for me it's between Carina Gardner and BasicGrey with their Little Black Dress. I have to go with Little Black Dress as the winner.
    Enjoying your post wish I was there.

  25. I have to think that Art Gallery Fabrics is going to win the Best Booth award, but they are all fabulous and creative! Thanks for all the pictures, fun and commentary… and especially the giveaways!!!

  26. I will have to go with the charm of the Basic Grey booth,
    I would love to just set up shop right there and work on a
    project with their new line!!

  27. It's a hard choice – love the elegance of Basic Grey's Little Black Dress (I also paper craft and have that paper collection in my stash). But those fabric walls from Art Gallery Fabrics look like a winner to me!

  28. Oh my, thanks for posting all the eye candy!!!! I love all the booths! I'm drawn towards Riley Blake and Carina Gardner!!! Carina's booth looks so comfy and inviting and I could spend hours at the Riley Blake booth!

  29. Thank you so much for the updates. There are a lot of fabulous booths but the first one that "popped" to me was The Little Black Dress/Basic Grey. It really was a toss up between that & Carina Gardner. Tough decision…can I choose two?!

  30. I'm gonna guess that Basic Grey will win best booth. Thank you for the chance to win Marmalade. Take care and God bless, Cory

  31. The booth I liked the best was Carina Gardner. I haven't seen anything by her before – but her booth is what I wish my house looked like.

  32. Thanks so much for sharing photos!!! Loving all the displays! Stephanie with Carina Gardner of Riley Blake Designs looks like such a cozy display!

  33. I absolutely love all the new lines, I am going to go broke buying some of everything! From what I could see in the photos, I really like songbird's booth.

  34. Although they are all gorgeous, from the photos only I would have to guess LITTLE BLACK DRESS by BASICS GREY. Every booth was truly beautiful to look at through your photos….boy do I wish I was there.

  35. I love seeing all the photos! I don't know how to decide, but I'm just going to vote Lauren and Jessi Jung because I love their fabric!

  36. I think Pat Bravo's booth is new and attractive. There were so many pretty booths it's really hard to pick. Second choice for me would be Basic Grey's booth.

  37. I love the booth with Pat Bravo and the fabric-square covered walls! That looks so inviting – calm and peaceful, but with everything to fulfill a fabric addict's dreams!!

  38. Art Gallery! Who wouldn't want those fabric walls? Also love the new Basic Grey, neutrals are always good, and I can make some masculine quilts, too!

  39. I'm voting for Fig Tree Quilts…though Basic Grey's booth looks awesome too. Thanks for a chance to win – laurie

    llsbaskets at comcast dot net

  40. It's got to be Pat Bravo!! How wonderful..fabric walls! Wonder what my DH would think if I did this to a room in our house?! Thanks for the chance.

  41. While they are all gorgeous, I would have to go with Little Black Dress as that color combo is popular in just about every industry right now. All are amazing!

  42. What a difficult choice to make; but I'm really liking Pat Bravo of Art Gallery Fabrics

  43. What a decision! Can't decide on just one so I'm voting for Bunny Hill Designs and Basic Grey – love them both and looking forward to purchasing some of each.

  44. I am guessing Pat Bravo of Art Gallery but it is so hard to choose – everything could be my favorite!!!! Thank you for taking us along on this wonderful adventure!!!

    sandyb720 at gmail dot com

  45. First, thank you for sharing this wonderful time with us un-fortunates who didn't get to go. It is hard to choose with so many great booths but Basic Grey with their Little Black Dress has my vote.

  46. They all look great but I know personally I've been stalking Vanessa's blog daily to get a look at her new collection and it was definitely worth the wait. Cannot wait to get my hands on some!

  47. I think what Pat Bravo did to showcase each of her fabric designs was very clever. You can sit back on the couch and enjoy looking at each one.

  48. It has to be the Songbird Collection by Riley Blake Designs, the pillows, the benches, the paintings and walls, it is all so sweet. Wish I was there.

  49. I LOVE the quilted walls. It is something unique at the Market. Art Gallery Fabrics is my choice. Everything looks so lovely! I also really liked Riley Blake…but I think it is because I want that quilt!

  50. Thanks so much for sharing all these photos, they are amazing. So many great booths, but I vote for Pat Bravo's fabric walls.

  51. Wow I was on overload just looking at all of the beautiful quilts and displays! At first I was going to say Basic Grey or Anna Griffin, but after looking at the 200+ pictures, I think Summer Love was very original and refreshing. What a hard decision for the judges.

  52. I think Basic Grey will be the winner this year.
    (However, Anne Sutton of BUnnyhill always steals my heart!
    Thanks so much…….

  53. How can you choose? I really like Carina Gardner of Riley Blake Designs booth. It is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for the opportunity to win these Marmalade fat quarters!

  54. Loving the new patriotic Stonehenge and Riley Blake chevrons! But Ann Sutton's Bunny Hill booth gets my vote. She always has a beautiful booth.

  55. They all look fabulous. It's like choosing between your children! I think my fave is Vanessa Christenson of V and Co. and Pat Sloan. I can see myself sitting in the corner, taking it all in.

  56. Who could choose?!? So many great fabrics and creativity!

    I have to say that my favorite is the Pat Bravo booth. Those walls are AMAZING! But the Riley Blake Chevrons booth is a very close second.

    Thanks for taking the time to post pictures! It is great to have a peek into market!

  57. Basic Grey booth gets my vote! Thanks for letting us look through your lens! What a great show! Thanks for the giveaway!

  58. They are all beautiful – but the one that really caught my eye was "Riley Blake Chevron Collection" .
    Thanks for sharing quilt market with us!

  59. Greetings from Northern Saskatchewan CANADA! I love the look of the Bonnie & Camille booth! You're right – the latest collection, Marmalade, is too cute to pass by!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. I love the Sarah Jane booth and the Basic Grey; I can't decide which will win.

  61. So many beautiful fabrics, it's hard to pick just one fav. But, I LOVE the Carina Gardner line Song Bird from Riley Blake. Delicious and very summery. Her booth is gorgeous.

  62. I really liek Riley Blake's diverse booth! Wow, so many stunning pcitures – and the Art Gallery fabric wall is incredible! Thanks for a chance!

  63. Riley blake is always incredible. Thank you for the contest and most of all, thank you for the pictures of market.

  64. Awww, all the pics are awesome and so hard to pick a fav…I think Ill go with Carina Gardner for Riley Blake ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!!!

  65. That must be a hard decision to make but from what I see here, I would vote for Carina Gardner of Riley Blake Designs. It just looks very tasteful and well put together.

  66. Such a difficult choice! I am loving the Art Gallery Fabrics fabric wall a lot, but also like the Summerlove "beach shack" booth.

  67. I know I won't win this beautiful fat qaurter (but I wish) but I have to say I'd vote for Carina Gardner of Riley Blake Designs and Sarah Jane for Michael Miller Fabrics. Can you see I have a thing with kids stuff ^^)

  68. I think it will be Basic Grey. The have the cutest booth. I enjoyed all the pictures today, love the new Marmelade fabric.

  69. Ooooo I wish I could be there to see all the new collections. I think the Melody Miller booth will take the cake. All the adorable old phones and pyrex…. but of the ones you listed here, maybe the basic grey. stunning booth. ๐Ÿ™‚

  70. Wow, all the booths are just so pretty with all those gorgeous colors.
    I narrowed it down to my two favorites which was difficult in itself, yet even harder is choosing just the one I think might win.

    I love how the Pat Bravo booth utilized the walls covering them totally with fabric in the way she did. LOVE that so much.

    My pick of who I think may win however is the one that I kept looking at more than all of these and that was Brigitte's booth. I think she did a fabulous job with her booth space to make it not only show off her fabric visually but also in the feel of Zen Chic as well. Awesome job and one I am sure will be remembered if you were to ask someone what the Zen Chic booth looked like six months from now. And in such a busy fun-filled Spring Market, hers left you with that feeling of Zen – so calming and a nice spot to stop and rest amongst all that activity around her. LOVE IT!

  71. Marmalade promises to be a hit when it arrives at shops. They always do fantastic work.

    I will have to give my vote to Riley Blake's booth since they always out do themselves!

  72. All of the photos are so great for those of us who can't be there! Thanks!
    I think Art Gallery Fabrics is going to be the booth winner!

  73. The one that really drew me in was Pat Bravo and Art Gallery Fabrics. Simple and effective. Thanks for the chance to win.

  74. I love Carina Gardner from Riley Blake's booth! I wish my home looked like that! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great giveaway!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  75. I vote for the fabric walls by Pat Bravo of Art Gallery Fabrics. What a unique idea!

  76. Great fun to see all of the pictures. My pick is Stephanie with Carina Gardner of Riley Blake Designs. Very cut booth.

  77. I'm going to guess Pat Bravo's booth, but I would have a hard time if I were the judge! There is so much creativity in each booth. Love your photos, thank you!

  78. I'm so glad I got a chance to look through all of the wonderful photos on your FB page! The best, most visually stunning booth is the Art Gallery one, with that beautiful fabric wall! I love the other photos you have on your FB page of this, they definately grab my eye! My other favorite booth was the Blackbird Designs one, so pretty! But the one that is the winner has to be the fabric wall! How can it not grab every fabric hoarders attention??? LoL

  79. Carrie Gardner with Riley Blake is my pick. Looks like you could just move in and sit and sip a tall cool glass of lemonade while watching the waves on the beach.

  80. Oh my goodness…what an amazing experience to see all those beautiful displays! it's overwhelming even on the computer!
    I love the fabric walls by Art Gallery Fabrics…very visually impacting. I just want to live on a white sofa in front of that wall!

  81. love what the Riley Blake designers have done but I think the quilted wall of the Art Gallery will be the winner.

  82. KIM,
    I just wanted to say that all of the pictures that u have posted so far are simply beautiful.

    Now in my eyes I think that Pat Bravo of Art Gallery Quilts will be the winner this time around , the wall of fabrics are simply amazing and capture your eye

  83. How do you pick? Great photos! Thanks for sharing. I saw a ribbon on Aunt Grace. Photos that caught my eye include, Basic Grey, Bella, Lauren + Jessie, the spools at Thimble Blossoms, and the butler is just so fun!

  84. "little black dress"hits the spot for me.. it may not be colourful, but full of sophistication and sleekness

  85. Wow – there are so many "must have" fabrics this year! Love them.

    I think the Basic Grey booth is wonderful and unique…that's my vote!

    caribousmom (at) gmail (dot) com

  86. Art gallery has the booth that caught my eye. All that beautiful color and a great way to easily see all their fabrics.
    Marmalade looks great – I love the addition of orange!

  87. You're asking!?! Of course Bonnie & Camille, just because they're Bonnie & Camille, right? Thanks for the pics and the giveaway and greetings from germany, Hildy

  88. I vote for Fig Tree Quilts. I adore her fabrics and patterns, and she just seems like such a sweet lady. Have an especially blessed day, Kathy

  89. Art Gallery's walls are breathtaking… Basic Gray gets my second.
    Buy lots of good stuff…. can't wait to place my order!!!!

  90. My guess is Pat Bravo's booth. I haven't seen anything like that before and it could possibly inspire a new decorating trend!

  91. Art gallery quilts, yep, liked that booth the best. All the fabrics in each color group looked yummy. And large fabric pieces allowed the viewer to enjoy the entire collection. I want it all. Diane. Cruzann@aol.com

  92. It's so overwhelming, but I am really drawn to Little Black Dress by BasicGrey.

  93. While I loved Carina Gardner's booth to sew for my granddaughter, I'm going with Zen Chic as my favorite to sew just for me.

  94. I think perhaps Pat Bravo's Art Gallery. They are all so inspiring; I'm certain the judges will have a difficult time choosing.

  95. Dificult choice! I'll vote for BasicGrey, it looks so classy! Thanks for showing us the market and for the giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚

  96. I vote for Basic Grey. Every year I see the pictures of their booth and quite honestly, I could spend a day just sitting in the middle of everything they do and just gaze at it all.

  97. All of the booths were so creative and gorgeous in their own way, but there was something about the fabric walls with the Art Gallery Fabrics that caught my eye!

  98. Wow that was a lot of photos…I feel like I was there. So hard to pick a winner. My favs are Carina Gardner, Pat Bravo/Art Gallery and the entire Riley Blake area. The winner…I have to go with Pat Bravo. That wall was stunning!

  99. It is a tough choice. I really like the V and Co. & Pat Sloan booth. I don't know that it is the most creative, but it is what I would love for my living space to look like.

  100. I think the most fabulous booth is Pat Bravo at Art Gallery Fabrics! That fabric wall is stunning! For a fabric line, I am loving Mama Said Sew by Sweetwater — can't wait for that one.

    Wendy in Portland, OR

  101. I think it would be extremely difficult to be a judge, but I did like the things I saw in The Blackbird Designs booth.

  102. Wow, I have to pick just one?? That's so hard because they are all so pretty! But if I had to choose, BasicGrey appeals to me the most. Thanks for another opportunity to win fabric!

  103. Vanessa and Pat, the new Moda designers created a booth that just draws me in, even through the photograph. I love their colors, the interplay of different designs and products…gorgeous and inspiring!

  104. I love Bonnie and Camille's Booth, bit Carina Gardner's booth makes me feel so at home, but I would have to bet Joanna Figueroa gave them both a run for their money, or but then, Bari J's Booth was perfect!

  105. Wow, what fun!!! Basic Grey's booth was unusual with the twist of the classic black and white, "The Little Black Dress".

  106. My favorite booth, hands down, is Carina Gardner's. I just love how it resembles a charming little girl's room, with pictures on the wall, flowers and pink and white all over!

  107. I think Riley Blake will win! But, I have to say, I love Bonnie and Camille's new line. Oh, it's yummy! It's hard to see their whole booth in the pic, but their booths are always fantastic, so they get one of my votes, too!

  108. I love the modern-looking chevrons in the Riley Blake Designs booth. What a great example of color and design!

  109. For me, I think it's a toss up between the Art Gallery Booth (love that wall!) and the Basic Grey Booth. I am going to guess Basic Grey though. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the chance!

  110. All the booths are amazing!!! Lauren & Jessi Jung's booth looks like so much fun! So many interesting things to see and do. Wish I could be there.

  111. Wow…how on earth do you pick a favorite? They are all fabulous. I guess I'll say the Art Gallery fabric walls. Very creative!! Keep the photos coming!

  112. OMG!! your photos are wonderful! Thanks so much for taking us on a virtual tour. My pick for best booth would be Art Gallery fabrics. Who could resist those fantastic walls of fabric!

  113. The Basic Grey booth is sophisticated and inspiring, so I think that's the one that will win! But I do so love the fabric wall that Pat Bravo has…I want to live there. ๐Ÿ™‚

  114. Wow! Too many great choices but V and Co. just pops out to me. cant wait to be able to buy them all though ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dixiesnomnoms @gmail

  115. I loved the Remember Children at Play by Sarah Jane. Wow too many wonderful choices

  116. After looking at all the pictures, the one that was still stuck in my head and made me say "WOW!" was the art gallery fabric squares. Very creative!

  117. All of the booths are beautiful! My favorite is Willow. I love the nostalgic/romantic feel of the fabrics and displays.

  118. Oh, what a difficult decision!! They all look wonderful. I think the winner will be Pat Bravo. Art Gallery and Basic Grey are really great too!

  119. I loved the car and picnic setting for Michael Miller. But how do I choose just one? I want to move into the Bunny Hill, Bonnie and Camille or Riley Blake Booths.

  120. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the wonderful updates and pictures…both here… and on Facebook…my poor husband thought I was in a trance because I literally spent hours just staring at my computer screen…he didn't see me clicking that mouse! LOL!!!
    Awesome pics awesome updates.
    I'm really torn here but I'm going to say that it's got to be "Carina Gardner of Riley Blake Designs" with her Song Bird Booth. It's so inviting and beautiful. I want to make one of everything! LOL
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  121. Well I only made it half way through yesterday and missed some really good booths (I am sure I did) so am coming back tomorrow and catch the rest. At this point, I am pulled strongly to two Basic Gray's Little Black Dress and Pat Bravo's Art Gallery. Carina's booth was so peaceful, you wanted to float on a cloud in it and just stay. I am sure my mind will change tomorrow on a couple but I am pretty firm on Basic Gray, sophisticated and yet expounded an energy with the arrangements. My eyes were very busy in their booth. Last but not least, there was not one ugly booth there.

  122. My top three favorites are Carina Gardner, Basic Grey, and Pat Bravo….tough to choose but I love the walls of rainbow fabric tiles on Pat Bravo's wall. Awesome way to display all her fabrics at once and prove how well they work with each other!

  123. Tough choice between the Art Gallery and Basic Grey booth…… I'll have to go with Basic Grey!! I just love the look of it ,especially the dress on the left:)

  124. It would be Bonnie & Camille, their latest collection of Marmlade is outstanding!!!!! Thank you for the pics and updates on market, I so enjoy your blog!

  125. I'm choosing Fig Tree & Co. booth. Awesome pictures! Such a show of beautiful quilts and fabric!

  126. I love Pat Bravo's stand……..thanks for sharing heaps of pics…..it all looks amazing and I would hate to have to be the judge…….very tough decision…….

  127. I think Basic Grey has the best booth, but Marmalade is the prettiest fabric collection – the one I can't wait to get my hands on! Thanks for sharing all the market pics on your blog and Facebook.

  128. I think BasicGrey will win. Their booth is very distinctive. I can't wait to get some of the Little Black Dress fabric.

  129. My choice for the most creative and visually appealing would be the Art Gallery booth's fabric wall by Pat Bravo.

  130. BRAVO for the fabric wall by Pat Bravo…absolutely stunning. I kept being drawn back to that booth over and over again. I think that would make an awesome wall in a nursery.

  131. I'm lovin' on the Carina Gardner for Riley Blake booth, but going to vote for Pat Bravo and the Art Gallery Fabrics for the win. Love, love, love, all your pics. I could spend an afternoon just reviewing them again, and again.

  132. For me, I think Pat Bravo's simple, but elegant fabric booth speaks the loudest to the quilters eye in me.. Just so springy, and so eye catching.. thats my guess, and I'm stickin' to it!

  133. Thanks for sharing all the booth photos, they are wonderful! The one that really caught my eye was the Pat Bravo fabric wall. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  134. Love Riley Blake! Some great children's collections…Peak Hour, Vintage Baby. Love Willow, too. Thanks for sharing all the photos!

  135. I love Sarah Jane as that is my daughters name but all the booths are fantastic – though the elephants at Michael Miller are pretty brillant. Thankyou for such a wonderful giveaway…..ONE DAY I hope to get there I'm sure I can help someone somewhere..

  136. i have to vote for Kellie of Don't look now. Market looks great and time to start budgeting for the coming year's fabric

  137. They all have wonderful displays. I was lucky enough to see it in person yesterday. I like the Riley Blake colors but I think MIchael Miller will get it for being so creative with their display.

  138. I agree that the fabric walls at Art Gallery fabrics are incredible. What a perfectly cute booth! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you!

  139. I'm sure it will be the Art Gallery booth and Pat Bravo. I love their booth. Thanks for the great coverage of Quilt Market.

  140. I love the Riley Blake Chevron collection booth! It is so current and what is happening.
    dluckyz at excite dot com

  141. I'll have to say Art Gallery Fabrics will be a winner (with Zen Chic a likely contender). Thanks for posting all the photos on facebook. I looked at ALL of them!

  142. I think the Basic Grey booth looks awesome. I hope that it is the winner, but I know there are many marvelous and wonderful booths.

  143. Though there are so many creative, charming booths, the one I keep coming back to is the Art Gallery booth. Has anyone done anything like that before?

  144. There are so many neat pictures of booths – thanks for sharing. I'm picking the one with the fabric covered walls.

  145. How much fun to be there! I think the winner will be either Riley Blake chevron or Bella. They all look fabulous!

  146. What great pictures, thanks for sharing. I really like the Basic Grey booth…would LOVEEEEE to win Marmalade and the patterns.

  147. All of the booths look wonderful. But, I think the Basic Grey booth caught my eye the most. It seems to pull you right in.

  148. Wow, so hard to pick just one. The Riley Blake Chevrons are certainly hard to ignore ;>) so I'll go with that one. Thanks for chance to win; that Marmalade looks luscious! (EMAIL: marshudson at comcast dot net)

  149. I love the way that Pat Bravo did her display just like home with quilts laying about on the couch and a great way to display a big piece of fabric

  150. Oh you guys do make me wish I was there! I'm going with Riley Blake – gorgeous! Thanks for the chance. (I love the Color Me Crayons pattern!)

  151. If it were up to me I'd choose the Birch Organic Fabrics booth. I love the colors and the fresh designs. But of course it isn't up to me, so we'll just have to see. Thanks for the giveaway.

  152. Sooo many to choose from… would have loved to wander around and look at all the fabrics and designs. I am going to go with Pat Bravo's amazing wall of fabric squares!

  153. Hard choice (I'm glad I'm not a real judge), but I'll have to go with Sarah Jane. That Wood in the back and the nautical theme running through everything is so neat.

  154. So many beautiful booths-it is hard to pick. I think Bonnie and Camille's booth is beautiful. I also love the Sarah Jane booth and Art Gallery Fabric"s booth.
    Thanks for sharing all of the great Market pictures!

  155. I really like the Carina Gardner Riley Blake designs booth but I think Basic Grey might win it all. There are some beautiful fabrics and designers to see. What an overload of the senses..
    Thanks for the chance to win such lovely fabrics..
    Regards from Western Canada,

  156. I would have to say the Pat Bravo booth looks quite amazing! I also have a soft spot for Sarah Jane's gorgeous booth! Seriously, how can you choose just one!!!

  157. Love that you put these pictures up–it's like I'm there with you all! Really neat. It's so hard to choose one booth, but will go with Bonnie and Camille. Love what they've done with the place!

  158. Firstly, thank you for sharing beautiful pictures, especially for us fans down in Australia. Do I really have to pick just one winner? Way to hard! I guess I'll have to pick:

    Don't Look Now!

  159. Carina Gardner of Riley Blake Designs booth with Song Bird is gorgeous!! A sure winner. Can't wait til the fabric is available.

  160. I love so many but I think I am going to have to go with Sarah Jane or Don't Look Now. There are so many amazing display's though. A trip to the USA to attend the quilt market is on my wish list… one day ๐Ÿ™‚

  161. i like Basic Grey. the little touches of colour are just enough and it shows you loads of ways to use the fabrics.
    Jennifer S

  162. Wow! Thanks for the pictures! I almost feel like I was there. It's hard to pick the winning booth. Pretty sure it was hard for the judges. I will say Basic Grey.

  163. Amy Butler or Zen Chic. Amy's grabbed my attention because I was afraid of missing something. Zen Chic is new and refreshing.

  164. Wow. They are all beautiful and fun. I think the fabric walls looks like the most unique idea I can see.
    I am also super curious about the quilt that is hanging next to the Ten Little Ducks quilt!

  165. I think the booth that will win is the Riley Blake booth. The displays and creative use of their fabrics are wonderful!