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Quilt Market Fall 2011: Pre-Market

We are super excited to see what is in store for us at this year’s International Quilt Market. In less than a day we will be arriving to Houston and getting pumped up (aka sleep, sleep, sleeping) to attend Schoolhouse on Friday. This time we will be prepared for schoolhouse.. as in our running shoes are packed! Running from class to class through hundreds of people gets a bit tough but it is so worth it! Oh, and don’t forget, surprises don’t only happen at Market, but at Schoolhouse too.

Saturday is the first day of Market and we are so excited because Ty Pennington will be back. Yep,  all of us might be slightly smitten over him. shhh! 😉

But to the point, as always make sure to follow us on Twitter to get a play by play during Market.

We will be posting pictures on Facebook and Flickr at the end of each night plus a blog with all the main points of our day.

Market after Market, we get comments (and even flowers!) from you Jabberers who follow us as we sally forth into the quilty unknown day after day, fabric appointment after fabric appointment. Your comments and responses keep us going, so keep talking!

♥ The Fat Quarter Shop Team


  1. I can hardly wait to see all of your pictures! Please take lots and lots of them. I especially love to see the fabric IN ACTION! It really helps with determining the scale of the prints for those of us that shop online exclusively.
    Have fun!!

  2. I can't wait to see the Me & My Sister quilt booth. They are my absolute favorites. Score a Twirl Fat Quarter Bundle for me!