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Quilt Aid USA 2010 and LOTS of winners!

Once upon a time a couple designers.. or maybe exactly 12…half Australian, half American.. were asked to design one block each for the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia.

Kathy Schmitz Block found @ FQS
Lynette Anderson found @ FQS

The other 10 designers are Helen Stubbings, Annie Downs, Sue Daley, Bronwyn Hayes, Natalie Lymer, Anne Sutton, Bari Sue, Brenda Riddle, Robyn Pandolph and Terri Denkenholb.  Are you imagining how cute the blocks are yet!? 
(You can find the rest of the blocks at the Quilt Aid USA website and on the following picture)
 Then another day they asked Mrs. Kimberly Jolly (who IS the Fat Quarter Shop– hints “Jolly” in our blog name)  to design a finishing kit… which completed the charity quilt!
The two shown blocks and quilt kit are available exclusively at Fat Quarter Shop.  You can head over to the Quilt Aid website for more information and to learn where you can buy the rest of the blocks!

Sooo apparently it was really hard to stop giving things away (again) the past few days.. because we have a good lineup to announce winners for!! Plus… After slaving away at each of the Moda Designer booths, I came home with 4 of these:

It’s a hankie stamped/ signed by each of the designers that had a booth at Market. (And yes, those heads are their actual profiles.. how cute right!) Sooo that means ONE for each of the “Fall Market ’10” winners!  Almost like your husband getting an autographed football from his favorite NFL team, right!? (Could be worth millions some day… hehe) 😉  But something super adorable that they did with the hankie at market was turning it into a little pillow.. Very easy project that makes a fabulous keepsake! 

Soo now on with announcing the 5 winners.. First I will state the title of the post, then state the winner directly below: 

Sew Awesome Giveaway and Tina Given’s New Book! 

Jen B

“(Hand waving in the air) Ooh, ooh, pick me, pick me! Absolutely adorable and perfect for some girlies I know and love!!”

Fall Market ’10: Moda at Market (Buttercup Fat Quarter Bundle)

Stephanie Zito
“SQUEAL!!!! Fabulous giveaway!!!! The Buttercup line is so beautiful!!! I LOVE all the new moda fabrics but completely adore the Sweetwater’s Sunkissed line! So fresh and bright! Thank you for all of your wonderful eye candy that you posted from the market!”

Fall Market ’10: Day 2 – Ready, Set, Go… and then let’s Give! (Oasis Fat Quarter Bundle)

Cathie Rabyniuk (from Facebook)
“Quilt Market sounds and looks so interesting, The bags made from the Willow Collection by Anna Griffin are stunning.”

Fall Market ’10: We’ve arrived! and Sample Spree Giveaway…  (Almond Chocolate & Golden Caramel Moda Candy Bar Boxes)

“oooh, that is my idea of a candy store! So many designers, how much fun! Kate Spain, April Cornell, Pam KittyMOrning, anything Moda, the whimsical Michael Miller fabrics, Amy Butler, Bunny Hill…whatever catches your eye!”


“I would love to see Fig Tree, and French General.”

To claim your prize email stephanie [at] fatquartershop [dot] com with your full shipping information and the title of the post you won in!  You have until Wednesday, November 10th @ midnight CST to contact me! 

Congratulations to everyone! 😀