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Punctuation by American Jane

Alas! It’s back to school time for the kiddos… whether you have kids or not, this affects you in one way or another, from traffic jams, to school zones, to heck… less crowded malls!  Well, lets reminisce… Can you recall your elementary classrooms or even your first day of school?  I recall my mother dressing me and my older sister in the same dress…One was red & white and one was black & white– with capital letters covering the top and solid color on the skirt… I feel like it could have been made out of American Janes new line PUNCTUATION –ya, maybe it wasn’t quiet designed way back then 😉 — but Sandy Klop from American Jane is here to help with reminiscing that first day of school for you…  Even if you weren’t born in the early 1900’s (which is what she deigned it from ) –to me, this line is timeless!

Children learn their ABC’s but their lives are all about PUNCTUATION!
Oh! Wow! Cake! Why? Ohoo! Down! Do it myself! What? No.

This American Jane for Moda PUNCTUATION line features that vintage look of strong primary colors with early 1900’s prints and patterns. The alphabet cards on the panel remind us of the Lotto card memory game.

The 4-in-1 “Basics” panels featuring four two-tone patterns separated by tickets are great for borders or entertaining backings. Plus the tickets can be cut out for all sorts of imaginations like playing ticket taker for raffles, carnivals or puppets shows The kinda of stuff that makes you feel punctuation bubbling up from inside coming out to play.

The thin color stripes are back and there are also fun fabrics with polka dot letters in different colors great for blending and bordering a mix of colors together.

Whether they are indoors or out, kids play is their work.

Let your work be playful!

Happy Quilting,
Sandy from American Jane