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Precut Primer by Me and My Sister Designs

We have some exciting news for you today! Please welcome the newest addition to our It’s Sew Emma family, Barb and Mary of Me and My Sister Designs

As huge fans of the dynamic duo, we are always amazed at how they make sewing and quilting sew easy and fun. So, it’s been a huge honor to hatch this brilliant new book, Precut Primer, with them! 

Precut Primer is your go-to book that comes cut and ready to sew. Starting with Precuts 101, Barb and Mary explain the different precuts and why they can’t live without them. Every single precut from mini charms to fat quarters is covered in the twelve book projects! 

7th Grade Quilt
10th Grade quilt 

Like the sisters, this book is bright, cheery and lots of colorful fun! And you might be tempted to make all twelve quilts. Can’t say we didn’t warn you. Here is a peek at what Barb and Mary are working on for the book.

2nd Grade quilt

And, lucky you, the book goes on pre-sale TODAY! If you pre-order your book at our shop, you’ll receive the Spring Fling Pattern for free! 

So, do the math, Me and My Sisters + Precuts = LOTS of quilty fun! Pre-order your copy of Precut Primer today! 


  1. I love the fabric and pattern of the 7th grade quilt. It could be the fact that I teach 7th grade math. Me and my sister have such beautiful collections.

  2. If I could heart this post I would! I just love the sisters and their fun can do attitude and all of the bright colors they make!