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Pre-Market Peek at Plume by Tula Pink

Tula Pink is the one we can depend on to shake our fabric wooooorld. Every collection is totally unexpected and fascinating. Plume is her next release for Moda Fabrics, and yeah . . . wow!

Hey guys! I am in full pre-market swing with my new fabric collection, Plume! The pre-market hustle is probably my very favorite time of the year, okay twice a year but you get my drift. First, I get a box full of fabric delivered to my door, who doesn’t like that, then I am told that I absolutely have to make something out of it. This time I am making one of my new patterns called Le Petite Salon, it’s very fancy indeed. It’s a funny thing to work from your own pattern, it’s a lot like talking to yourself. This comes in handy when you live in the middle of nowhere like I do.

I keep a couple of pals around while I sew since I am pretty much locked in my studio for the few weeks leading up to Quilt Market. The first is my sparkly pink Virgin Mary statue. She keeps me in line and reminds me to keep it sassy. To balance her out I have my little owl buddy, he is my voice of reason. Together we make quite the team.

I am crazy excited about this collection and the patterns I have coming out with it. Plume is bright and fresh and full of pop. I have it all over my house right now. I like to happen upon it like an accident, it makes me all cheery and happy.

I was really after a fresh take on a traditional look. The birds in this collection are feminine and big, almost Victorian. They have sweeping feathers that go on for days. I tried to pack as much detail as I could into all of the pieces, even the more tonal pieces. Plume is about extravagance and saturation. It’s about the details.

Jen a.k.a. Tula Pink
Tula Pink


  1. Really looking forward to getting my hands on these fabrics. I LOVE Tula Pink's Collections – they are full of detail and colour and very versatile