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Portland Sample Spree

Hey all! After a long, grueling, obstacle-riddled journey to the fair city of Portland (Oregon Trail after all?), we immediately went to work. No rest for the bleary-eyed! Here are a few peeks of booths we got to see….don’t worry, there are more to come!

Deborah of Deborah’s Designs was nice enough to give us the Sugar Candy quilt she designed for us!

And lastly, there was the always crazy event known as Sample Spree. Check out the fun at Moda’s booth.

We even snagged a bundle to give away. Comment on this blog post, and we will hold a random drawing to give away this Portabello Market bundle by 3 Sisters, due out in September. Winner will be posted next Friday (not tomorrow)!

For now, good night! Talk to you more tomorrow!


  1. Wow does that look like fun! Greetings from the other side of the country! *crosses fingers for fabric fairy and chance to win!*

  2. Wish I was there! All these fabric and new designs, just makes your fingers itch!! Thank you for the lovely pictures!!

  3. Thank you for sharing the show with us. The booths are beautiful.
    Your giveaway is very generous and the fabric looks beautiful.
    have fun shopping at Market.

  4. I don’t know how you can pick and choose at market-I’d want to buy it all! There are some lovely samples there… and I’d love to win a bundle of 3 sisters fabrics, theya re one of my favorites πŸ™‚

  5. Boy what an awesome trip. Wish that I could have been there to oogle over all that beautiful fabric and patterns.
    Shelia Chandler

  6. It looks like you are having a wonderful time at Market! I’m soooo jealous…..I sure would love to win the fabric bundle, it looks lovely!

  7. As a former owner of a quilt store I remember the fun and joy of seeing all of the new items and fabrics at quilt shows… that is one thing I truely miss.. Barbara

  8. Sure wish I could’ve been there with you…remember…I will work for fabric!!! The pics are awesome…sure hope I am picked for the new Moda sample!
    Sandy in VA

  9. Thanks for all the great booth pics from Market. I love that Sugar Candy quilt. That Moda bundle would be an awesome prize to win, thanks for offering the giveaway.

  10. Looks like Harrod’s sale. Hope you had a fun time chosing all those new fabrics for us to use in our quilts.

  11. I’m so glad your Friday e-mail encouraged me to check out the blog–there’s a lot of interesting quilting stuff here!!! I’ll be back. I especially like to hear about the designers. I’ve often wondered about the faces behind those beautiful fabrics. Hope I win the prize!!! πŸ™‚

  12. Iam in Australia, you always deliver so far away and yet so close my only grandchild born in London so I have taken this lovely craft up hoping to make her the quilts she will keep for ever.

  13. Looks like a WONDERFUL event to me. Wish I lived closer to the West Coast as there always seems to be more happening in the quilting world out there.

  14. I don’t really need more fabric. I DON’T really need more fabric. I don’t REALLY need more fabric. I don’t really NEED more fabric. I don’t really need MORE fabric. I DON’T REALLY NEED MORE FABRIC. I just want more. I want it all.

  15. What a fabulous market! Portabello – love the sound of that name…
    Crossing my fingers – I would love to win!

  16. My first time at “blogging”. I feel so “hip” Ha Ha! It’s really interesting to read your posts and see all the photos. I also enjoy your regular emails on all your specials and kits. With no quilt shop here in my town, couldn’t do without online shops! Thanks for sharing,

    New blogger in NC

  17. I’ve never been to a quilt show or a market – thank you for a look into it! The colors are wonderful – it must be almost overwhelming!

  18. How inspiring the Quilt Market must be… seeing all of the new samples and ideas. I can’t wait to see some of those beauties in my quilt shops here in my area! Thank you for sharing.

  19. Wish I were there – but I’ll enjoy through your blog! Can’t wait to see the new fabric and patterns! Thanks for keeping us updated….

  20. All the booths look wonderful! Can’t wait for more reports! And I really need to win this bundle as I hardly have any fabric! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Have fun!

  21. I’m really upset that I couldn’t make the trip to Portland. A big, beautiful bundle of fabric would make me feel a whole bunch better! – Marlene

  22. How exciting to be able to go to this! thank you so much for your blog. its almost , yes almost as good as being there in person. val

  23. Wow! I can’t imagine being at Market with that much new stuff. It would be hard to hold myself back from getting it all.

  24. As a new quilter I am in awe of everything that I see in your pics…some really amazing work. I could really use the bundle, I promised my husband no new fabric for the month of May….scary huh?

  25. Market looks amazing! I can’t imagine how overwhelming and wonderful it must be to be there! Thanks for sharing those great pictures and giving us the chance to win something special!


  26. This really gets me excited for Long Beach Festival. I’ve always wanted to go to Houston, but it was too far. My hubby said I should go to Long Beach–isn’t he the BEST!

  27. That looks like quilter’s heaven!
    Enjoy your trip and all the fabric!
    Thanks for the chance to win a “touch” of the fun!

  28. Thanks so much for the wonderful photos of the booths and sharing all of your fun with us! I love your site and all of the 3 Sisters Fabric line!!

  29. love the pics,thank-you for sharing & also first chance for the fabric,love this blog,am always finding interesting places & people here,phylliso

  30. I would so love to win Portabello Market but if I don’t, it is definitely going to be on my wish list. Keep the pictures coming.

  31. What fun. I used to live in Oregon. Such a beautiful place. I’m looking forward to more photos and news of what’s new. Thanks for the opportunity to win some beautiful fabrics!

  32. I would love to have been at the market. I will just have to be happy with looking at what you bought for the Fat Quarter Shop. Thanks for the chance to win some beautiful fabric.

  33. WOW ! How fun, I went to Market last in Salt Lake City & LOVED every minute of it .. I wish I was in Portland. Your site is amazing & the chance to win a bundle is awesome !!

  34. Love Love Love peeking in at Quilt Market! Thanks for the pictures, hope you’ll be offering the quilt designs from the first picture; recognized the Sandy Gervais Xmas fabric, waiting patiently for her line this year, missed it last year, too late! Thanks again, would love to win that bundle!

  35. Oh, it looks like so much fun!! I wish I owned a shop or website or had a friend that did…

    Please put me in the draw so maybe I can at least live vicariously through you…..

  36. What fun !! I went to Market one time in Houston and it was a blast. I would love to go to a Spring Market sometime also.!!

  37. sounds like so much fun..how do you ever choose when you are looking at that much fabric..thanks for the chance to win the new 3 sisters line..i always like what moda and 3 sisters put out..the fabric is a nice quality,the colors are always amazing, and the prints are always fun!

    thanks for the pics from the show and kim your daughter is adorable and getting big!

  38. I love the pics of the booths. It sounds fun but exausting to. I know you will find lots of goodies for us. I would love to win that bundle from Moda:)


  39. I would love to browse the markets and see all the new fabrics and designs. Although a lot of work, it must be a fun job! Thanks for the chance to win the Portobello bundle!

  40. Oh my …. what fun to win that fabric. There are a number of interesting quilts in your photos, thanks for sharing with us.

  41. One day I hope to visit market! It just looks like too much fun. Thank you for the chance to win such a neat bundle!!

  42. I can’t believe you guys get to go to Portland and Quilt Market. Two of my major dreams. It looks so fun there.
    I love your website.
    —Greetings from TN

  43. I’m happy to see that your wagon landed safely in Portland and that you are enjoying yourselfthere at the quilt event. I hope you also get a chance to see all the roses that must be in bloom at this time of year all over the place. The sample event looked like it was a lot of fun and the fabrics look awesome as well.

  44. Thanks for sharing with all us who could not attend… looks like such fun and I’ve never been able to go to a quilt show. Wish I could one day see first hand but thanks again for the lovely pictures. quilter40 or margaret from Grandview, Tx

  45. Market looks like fun, it is so colorful. I’m looking forward to more pics. And I’m hoping to have some fun of my own, if I win the fabric bundle! πŸ™‚

  46. Too much fun! Everything looks gorgeous… makes it so hard to pick and choose! Glad to have a chance to win some. =)

  47. Everything looks so beautiful. I’m sure it was hard to choose what to buy and not to buy! Thanks for posting pics and congrats on 5 years!

  48. Thanks for sharing the pics! Oh how I would love to be there seeing it first hand! And I’d love to win that fabric!

  49. The photos are wonderful; it almost makes me feel like I was in Oregon. Thank you so much for sharing with everyone!

  50. I always enjoy the blog and the stories and photos from quilt market make it all the better! And such a great giveaway too! Please enter me in the draw!

  51. I think I could probably spend several days there, just admiring all the beautiful new fabric. I’d drive from boise to portland just to be able to attend. Looks great!!
    Can’t wait to see what new fabric you can show us.
    Maybe I’ll be lucky ;o)

  52. Ooh, that fabric pack looks luscious! Thanks for all the photos so we feel like we were there!

  53. Wow! Lots of light colors and brights this time. I wanted to go so bad with my friend who owns a quilt shop but she couldn’t afford it this time. Next time for sure!! Sample Spree looks like fun!!Would love to win!

  54. Oh, I wish I could be there to see the latest arrivals of fabrics, patterns, etc. Please take lots more pictures! A whole bundle of Moda…how awesome.

  55. Wow!!! Up to your eyes in new lines of fabric, new patterns and notions………..must be heaven. Count me in on the chance for fat quarters πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing your trip. Kathie

  56. How exciting! Makes me wish I still lived in Portland… maybe it’s a good excuse to visit family next time around πŸ˜‰

  57. Wow, what a lot of fun that looks like. I don’t care for mushroom of that name, but that fabric looks yummy!

  58. I need to go to one of those markets! Looks like so much fun especially if you don’t have a booth! Thanks for sharing.

  59. Oh how I wish I was there – the booths are beautiful! I would love to win that gorgeous bundle of fabric! Thank you for the lovely give away.

  60. I can’t wait to see all the new fabrics and patterns from market! Portland is a lovely town and this native Oregonian hopes you enjoy your trip to our beautiful state!

  61. Oh my gosh! I love seeing all the quilts hanging in those booths, I’d have to camp out there just to take it all in!
    I’d also love to win this package! πŸ˜€

  62. Thanks so much for posting the great pictures from Market! And for the chance to win a fat quarter bundle!

  63. In America things are bigger! The fabrics looks fantastic and love the Sugar Candy quilt. Wish it wasn’t all such a long way away.

  64. Thank you for giving us all a chance to peek inside the market doors – I really enjoyed looking at the posted photos and reading about your experience! I will look forward to your next blog entry.

  65. Thank you for thinking of us while you are having fun in Portland at marker. It would be great fun to win the bundle. Keep sending the great pictures.

  66. Enjoy yourselves…it looks like so much fun!
    Can’t wait to see more photos.
    Thank-you for sharing and chance to win.

  67. A friend is opening a new quilt shop in a few weeks and she would have loved to be there! Hope I win – love those fabrics!

  68. What a fun way to spend time in the spring(?) How do you ever make any choices from all that beautiful fabric. Hope you had a great time.

  69. This looks like SOOOO much fun! I have to figure out how to become part of the ‘industry’ so I can attend next year!!

  70. Market looks like so much fun! Thanks for giving us a peek with all your wonderful pictures! And thanks for an opportunity to win a bundle of “Portabello”.

  71. I’d love to go to the Quilt Market one day! Also, congratulations on your 5th year anniversary! Thank you for all your great pics and the chance to win =)

  72. Your booth looks fantastic! I would love to win that georgeous bundle of fabric! Count me in for the drawing!

  73. I am so glad you all brought the sunshine with you to Portland…..
    We needed it!
    The show looks like so much fun….
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  74. What an exciting event for all quilters! Thank you for sharing the updates with us.
    Have a great time at the Market!!

  75. Thank you for sharing you trip with us! I’ve been to the Houston market several times & know you must be having a blast! Thanks also for the chance to win the drawing!

    Have fun!
    donna in Texas(right down the road from you in Victoria!!)

  76. Market seems like it would be so much fun and that everyone should get to go at least once in their life. Hope you gals had a blast and see you at the store!!

  77. I’ve been to market in Houston…wow, what fun! Let me just say, that your online store is the CREAM OF THE CROP! You can’t beat your prices and the service is SUPREME!! Thanks for doing what you do for us FABRIC NUTS!!

  78. Thanks for the photos of the booths at market. Wish I could be there; it is so inspiring. Can’t wait to see all the new stuff on your website.

  79. LOVE your blog! It’s so much fun to finally see some market pictures after hearing so much talk about it! You must be in quilt/fabric heaven! Thanks for sharing!

  80. I’m not knew to sewing–just to quilting, and I have to say that I love your online store. Your selection is outstanding (though you all do tend to sell out of the things that I like the most rather quickly:))–I can’t buy it all, though my husband thinks I’m trying my hardest. Thank you for the pictures–I get all excited about the new items onteh market. (BTW–this is my first ever blog entry)

  81. Is there anything more energizing than discoving all the new things at Market? Can’t wait to see more pictures and hear more about your adventures!

  82. To market, to market…
    I love going to Portland! Wish I’d been at market too.
    But I guess winning the fabric would be the next best thing!

  83. As a former buyer of patio furniture I know the excitement of market. All the new fabrics and colors really put you on a high. I am new at quilting and am anxious to see all the new items.
    Crossing my fingers to win the fabric.

  84. To market! To market! To market I go!

    But wait! I’m in Louisiama!

    Ohhh if only I lived closer to Portland’s Market!

    Thanks for sharing your trip to market!

  85. oh – I just recently learned how to sew, and would love these to start a new project! I am crossing my fingers and toes that I get this one:)

    Thanks for sharing!


  86. Looks like more fun than a kid in a candy store. I love that you get re-inspired and share all the pretties with us in your web page. I wish I was there with you but alas, not all of us get to work at our favorite past time. Some of us have to go to the grueling 8 – 5 and wait till evening and weekends to play with our sewing machines! I’m so jealous…

  87. The booths are incredible – looks like loads of fun!

    3 sisters fabbies are always great,
    thanks for the chance to win.


  88. I do not travel anymore because of health. Your blog was like I was able to be in Portland. To know Fat Quarter Shop represented the best in Texas made me thankful. Your beautiful fabric offerings always inspire me. Your site has a personal touch that tells me you really like to inspire quilters. I want to win but whomever does, congratulations.

  89. Wee! I was browsing the MODA web site the other day and saw these fabrics, they are beautiful! I wish I was there, all these new fabrics…

  90. Thanks for the photos – have been to several local shops around Portland this week and all I heard was “Market” – looking forward to all the new stuff coming!

  91. One word. . .jealous! I just can’t wait to see all the new yummy projects once you’re home. Enjoy yourself and thanks for sharing a few “kodak moments” with us!

  92. Alas, I live in Portland and can’t get into the show. But I am sure my LQS will have goodies to talk about next week.
    BTW I hope you are enjoying our beautiful (and a bit toasty) Oregon weather.

  93. To market, to market, to market I go!

    But wait! I’m in Louisiana!

    Ohhhh if only I were in Portland then to market I would go!

    Thank you for sharing your experiences at Portland’s market!

  94. Oh, how I wish I quilted when I lived in Portland! This show looks terrific, how inspiring. I would love to go to one of these events with my credit card and canvas bags handy!

    Thanks for all the wonderful photos!

  95. That looks like so much fun! I wish I could tag along. Thanks for the fabric giveaway too. I love 3 Sisters!

  96. I agree with the comments about the lack of shops and events on the East Coast – oh how I wish I lived near the west and could travel to these events and shops I see on the shop hops…..but for now quilting with last years fabrics and waiting for the new – maybe in the form of a “freebie” Thanks for Sharing….

  97. Wow, wow and more wow! I would so love to wander around there looking at everything! Please, more pictures!

  98. OK, I’m a terrible blogger. Apparently you guys took our Texas mid-summer heat to Oregon. Bummer! But the show looks great and I wish I were there!

  99. I would have loved to been there. Really enjoy all the photos. Thanks! Keeping my fingers crossed I win!!!!!!!!!

  100. Thanks for sharing the Spring Quilt Market for those of us that cannot attend. I could really use the new fabric as I am just ready to start a new quilt.

  101. Wow! The Moda booth looks a little crazy, ha ha… but just a little. ;-)) I’d love to win the FQ Bundle, it looks so tasty. πŸ™‚ Have Fun at the Market!

  102. Wish I could tag along next year. I am fun to be with, really. And would love to win the prize and share with my sister.

  103. The show looked great! Thanks for the pictures. How did you get back without one of each!!?? Thanks for a chance to win the bundle!!

  104. It’s a beautiful time of year to be in the Pacific Northwest and Portland has the best to offer–views of Mount Hood and rhododendron blooms to name a few.

    Please take a moment from the ‘frenzy’ of Quilt Market to enjoy the city.

    I look forward to shopping on your site. The fabric selection is truly amazing!!

  105. Wow, looks fantastic, wish I was there! I love Moda fabrics, they are beautiful to work with. Love the pictures, have a wonderful time!

  106. thanks for posting the pictures of the booths, it makes it feel like I am there browsing around.

    also thanks for having this little contest. Whoever wins is very lucky.

  107. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. Whish I was there!

    Kind Regards,
    Evy (the Netherlands)

  108. My first visit here (not to the shop, though), and I can’t let this chance to win go by without posting a little comment, too πŸ™‚

    I’d love to have been at this market… I’ll be moving “across the pond” this fall to Canada, and I can’t wait to go to all the quilt shows and markets you guys have over there!

  109. I think it is great that you post the pictures and comments of Quilt Market on your blog. You have to have the best site and internet store. Can’t wait to see all you buy at Market!

  110. Here it is, in my backyard, and I can’t go – waaaaaaaaaa! I wouldn’t know where to start, and worse yet, where to stop. Enjoy your very hot weekend here! I would love, love, love to win the pack!

  111. It must be great to visit this Market. All this beautiful fabric – I wish I just had more time for quilting..

  112. Thank you for letting us tag along — we’re with you in spirit. Thanks for sharing your treasures with us as well!

  113. oooo!! oooo!! pick me! Pick me! I have one corner in my sewing room that NEEDS a stack of FQs!
    Keep up the good work!

  114. Would love to be a stowaway in your suitcase. Like children in a candy shop! How could one chose? Thanks for sharing.

  115. It is mind boggling all the choices you have to make but you sure manage to pick all the best stuff

  116. That looks like a dream come true! I can only dream of a trip like that. Thanks for ‘virtually’ taking us along!

  117. I appreciate you all so much more after seeing what you have to go through to provide us shoppers with great stuff! What fun it must be. πŸ˜€

  118. I would Love to be at market, would give my eye teeth, and wisdom teeth to be there. Your pictures and updates are greatly appreciated – have fun – YEA YOU!!

  119. I’ve been to markets and they are such great fun..
    Thanks for posting, and I can see through your eyes.. :0)

  120. What a dream come true to see all that great fabric before it’s available to the public! Wish I could be there.

  121. Goooood Gravy!!!….how do you go to market and not bring home one of EVERYTHING…at least???
    Keeping my fingers crossed that I might win your fabric treasure.
    Thanks for sharing!

  122. I love the new fabric coming out and can’t wait to see the designs that go with them. Thanks for posting your experiences from the shows. I live in a smaller city and it’s not possible for me to get to the big shows. This is a great way for me to see what’s new! Thanks!

  123. Wish I was there with you, I just love sample spree!! Thanks for the opportunity to win this fat quarter pack. Sounds YUMMY,portobello…LOL!

  124. I’ve never been to market but it sure sounds like fun. Anything called a sample spree sounds like a good time!!

  125. Thanks so much for posting from Market! It’s fabulous seeing pictures of the booths, quilts, fabrics. Hope that you have a faulous time and find wonderful things for your shop.

  126. Thanks Kimberly for all the nice pictures
    I wish I have been there
    Greetings from Sweden
    I hope that I will be lucky to win the beatiful bundle

  127. What a lovely quilt, so soft and spring like! I am sorry to hear your trip was eventful, atleast you are getting to experience our area during a rare and beautiful sunny weekend! Thank you for posting the pictures, I would love to be there too! All that fabric to see, touch and oggle, Oh My, LOL. Thank you for the generous offer of being able to win that gorgeous bundle of fabric. I look forward to my daily emails from you! Sincerely, Tammy

  128. You make my day on Mondays and Fridays. Can’t wait to check e-mail for the newsletter and Friday specials. I live on the East coast – are there quilt markets here that I don’t know about? Can’t wait to see what you bring back!

  129. Wow…..my eyes strain to see the pretty models on the walls of the booths…and then I have to go searching for the ones I love the most…it’s like a treasure hunt!!

  130. Wow…you are so lucky. It would be a dream to be wandering around all of the new fabric lines. And the Moda sample table…does it get better! Thanks for ‘virtually’ taking us there!

  131. Wow! the displaym is great. The pictures look fantastic, wish i was there. Maybe someday it will be close to me in michigan. Thank you lisa

  132. To Market, To Market we will all go, now that we see what we missed! The Portabello Market bundle must surely have my name on it because I grew up in Montebello. What fun to have those beautiful fabrics to pet and love and dream about.

  133. I am so envious! Please see, touch, and love as many fabrics as you can so you can share it all with us. And a giveaway too… Thanks!

  134. What a great giveaway- I love 3 Sisters fabrics. Market looks like a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see more pictures!!!

  135. Hi, I don’t usually post but I sure would like to win! I read your blog everytime you p-ost. It’s even on my home page! Thank you so much for info on designers and fabrics! Have fun at market, Would love to be there but don’t trust myself!

  136. Hi there! Wish I was there to see all the great new products. Love that Moda fabric-my favorite fabric lines. Hope to win the give a way. Have fun. Love seeing the pictures.

  137. As I was reading the blog and looking at the pictures, I was thinking “how wonderful to be doing something one really enjoys!”

  138. greetings from Downunder Australia!

    WOW – one day I’m coming over for your wonderful shows!


  139. Quit Market looks like such fun! Wish I was there … hope I am lucky enough to win the sample bundle. Thanks for sharing the goodies …. <3 Pat

  140. SOMEDAY, I’d love to have my own shop and go to Market. Until then, I’ll see it through you! Thank you!

  141. I’m really loving the teal winter hues from Bloom Creek and others that I see in the images. What fun! I’m looking forward to seeing more…up close and personal!

  142. I want to go – but Australia is sooooooo far away! I turn green with envy looking at all of those wonderful photos – fabric, colour, quilts – inspiration!!! What more could a girl ask?

  143. Looks like lots of fun. It’s always soooo hard for me to decide what to buy when I go to a quilt show! I wish I could afford it all.

  144. Oh! How I wish I was there with you…It looks so exciting and the booths are looking good. Keep us posted and what you do and what wonderful stuff you see. Thanks for the drawing….

  145. Looks like you’re having fun! Wish I could be there…
    Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to see more photos.

    Thanks for giving us all a chance to win. i’m crossing my fingers… and my toes! LOL!

  146. Oh my goodness, what fun. Sitting here in New Zealand I can only wonder at the work that has gone into the displays. This market is only for the wholesale market isn’t it?
    Would love to win the 3 sisters bundle. Fingers crossed.

  147. Yes, please, add me to the drawing!And have a wonderful time in Portland–wish I was there instead of 100 degree Sacramento!

  148. I would give my eye teeth (wisdom too) to go to a quilt market – anytime you want someone to tote and carry – I’m here:) – your pictures and comments are greatly appreciated. Dee

  149. I could win that?! Cool! as a homeschooling mom 0f 7 and recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer, your blog, site and emails inject quilty joy into my life. Your deliveries are prompt and wrapped nicely. Thank you, and wish me luck.
    ~anna in md

  150. Can only wonder what it would be like to visit the “Quilting Wonderland” at Portland. Just as well we have your Jolly Jabber so we can dream about going. Hope you gather some more great fabrics.

  151. I can’t wait to see some of the new fabrics that are coming out!!! Seeing those pictures puts me in the “sewing” mood!

  152. Thank you for sharing the pictures and snagging some fabric to give away! It is my dream to some day go to a Quilt Expo and/or Retreat. I get so excited seeing pictures of new items and it looks like so much fun. Being from Hawaii I will have much to ship home seeing we’re limited on our baggage….oh well….happy quilting everyone!

  153. I would love a chance to win and I wish I was at the Market with you all. Sounds and looks like so much fun. I’m so jealous.

    Love ordering from your site too- the fabric is beautiful and it arrives quickly after ordering. My heart starts pounding each time I click on your site.

  154. Looks like you are having fun! Wish I could be there. Love the Moda fabric line-my most favorite !! Hope to win the give away.

  155. oh what fun it looks like you had, all that lovely to die for Moda fabric. Wish we had something of that magnitude over here in Australia….we can dream…

  156. I wish I were there with you, I love sample spree!! Those fat quarters sound YUMMY! Portobello…LOL! Thanks for the opportunity to win them!

  157. Thanks for the pix. I’ve always wondered what goes on in those market mania weekends. Looks like tons of fun, but work as well. Thanks for the peek at what we public never get to see, till 3 mos later.

  158. Thnaks for sharing the photos. It is so energizing to see all of the lovely fabrics and quilts. New fabircs always tempt me to plan just one more project.

  159. I am so envious! Please see, touch, and love the fabric so you can share it with us later. And a give-away too… Thanks!

  160. Kimberly, thanks so much for sharing all the great pics and excitement you all had in Portland! I too wish I could have been there, makes my hands sweat thinking of all that fabric so close at hand!! i too thank you for a chance to win such a great bundle!!! and i hope to win as well, but congrats to whom ever is chosen!

  161. So fun to see all that lovely fabric and quilts, makes me wish I had a quilt shop so i could go to market as well! Looking forward to all the new fab and patterns coming to the Fat Quarter Shop!

  162. Looking at your pictures from across the Pacific in New Zealand,I can only speculate as to how much work participants have gone erecting their displays. It must be awe-inspiring to be there.
    I would just love to win 3Sisters fabric. Thanks for the opportunity.

  163. Wow – I would so love to go to see all the fun new stuff. Have a great time! Look forward to reading more about it and hope that just *maybe* I’ll win the beautiful fabrics.

  164. I would love to go to market!! This looks like an awesome bundle, which I would love to win. Hope you have a super good time.

  165. Welcome to my home state Kim! I hope you enjoy Portland and the sunny weather you brought us from Texas! Can’t wait to see what you’ve picked up for us to drool over.

    Conda >^..^<

  166. Glad you are buying all of this stuff we will have to have, lol. Thanks for giving this bundle away, it is scrumptious!

  167. One day…..one day…..I plan to get to market….that sample spree would be fabulous….hope I am not too old and infirm by the time I get there!!

  168. Greetings from Downunder! What a fantastic experience, all that fabric! I’d love to get there one day! I’d love to win, too.

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