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Pixel Play Blog Tour + Giveaway

Emily Cier’s new book, Pixel Play is full of childish charm. Each project is filled with creativity, imagination and most importantly color. Emily uses solid squares and lines to create recognizable images and characters, which is enough to woo any youngster. And isn’t that what it’s all about, impressing our little ones?

Every pattern uses Kona Solids and consists of strips and squares of solid color. One missed step and your image is unrecognizable. But have no fear! Emily’s diagrams are easy to follow and the book is packed full of tips and tricks for organizing your materials and assembling your quilt tops.

Using an alternative palette can quickly transform the quilt, giving it a whole new feel. Just a quick switch of the Kona color combinations can change your quilt from girly to masculine. And with a variety of themes including fish, cars, flowers and snowflakes, the posibilities are almost endless. Whether it is for your child, a niece or nephew, a friend’s child or your inner child, Pixel Play has you covered.

Pixel Play will definitely spark my children’s imaginations. Anything that gives them freedom to create and think outside the box has my seal of approval. Emma has started doing this thing where she takes my scraps and fashions it into little objects, like this. I just sewed up the sides for her and she’s happy as a clam with her ‘pillow’.

And now for our Pixel Play giveaway! But what will you be winning?

It’s a mystery! All winners get a copy of Pixel Play, but what will your box include? Maybe a Robert Kaufman color card? Or some Aurifil 50wt thread for piecing your pixelated world? Or maybe C&T Publishing’s Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool? Or maybe some Carolina Patchworks patterns? Every box will be a surprise — just like Christmas when you were a kid!

Comment below letting us know what character you would pixelate for a chance to win. Winner will be chosen Monday 10/15, good luck.

Oh, be sure to follow along with the rest of the tour for more chances to win!


  1. I love the classic video game pixelated quilts, and I saw some awesome ones with Star Wars characters too. Kind of obvious I have a little boy to sew for, isn't it?

  2. I would make quilts for my Grandkids. I could definitely have to do a train and a butterfly, and then think of something for the new baby.

  3. I would do a giraffe for my not yet born grand-niece, my niece loves giraffes and I have allready bought one as a squeaky toy.

  4. Oooo, so fun. I found a web-site with pixelated Star Wars Characters . . . my son and I got Yoda done, but that was it. Thanks for the chance.

  5. I think I would have to attempt "Bumblebee" – my grandson's favourite transformer. He is obsessed and would be over the moon!

    Love to win.

  6. I love the Super Mario quilts that I've seen online, and I may actually be working on a Final Fantasy-based piece for a friend for Christmas. I"d love to do something based on the gnome that I play in World of Warcraft, but that might be a BIT too much, LOL. Or a very large quilt!

  7. I would love to pixelate the Disney movie WallE, it is my favorite movie and I think the chracters would look great on a quilt.

  8. I would love to pixelate Jerry Mouse as he played a little sailor mouse. I've always debated getting that as a tattoo.. I have no tattoos.. chicken bock bock bock!!!

  9. I have been wanting to pixelate a hello kitty quilt. Sorry not very original, ive seen it done. love her. the flowers r beautiful and would make a lovely wall hanging.

  10. I would LOVE to pixelate lego characters for my boys. This book looks like so much fun!!

  11. What a cool concept! The choices are endless and my mind is reeling! Ummm…Winnie the Pooh because he is near to my heart…and Snoopy! Thank you for such a fun giveaway and yay for a daughter who has caught the fabric bug! I love her choice of fabric!

  12. Surpsrises are always fun, thanks for a cute giveaway. I would like to do an owl or an elephant which are my favourite motifs at the moment.

  13. I like the idea of pixel-ating Harry Potter or some of the old school hanna barbarra cartoons (flinstones, jetstones, etc).

  14. I am a frog person. I have several photos of water lilies (flowers being my second thought) and I would combine the two – with some type of animated frog. I would also like to play with a tree frog with big red eyes and round tips on the toes….

  15. Purple tentacle from the amazing computer game "Day of the Tentacles" would look only too cool pxelated on a quilt. I so hope I win the kona solids card…

  16. I'd pixelate the Blues Brothers for my hubby! Thanks for the chance. (Or maybe the Penguin (Nun) from the Blues Brothers!

  17. My 6yo is into Minecraft, so it would have to be something from that game. The book looks fantastic. I have never tried a pixilated quilt before.

  18. This sounds like such a fun giveaway. I really want to make a boo pillow (from super mario bros.). He's already pixelated, so I'm sure if it counts though. 😉

  19. Since this would be for my daughter I would pick some girly things that she likes : flowers, butterflies, and a bunny! (We have 2 pet lops, so rabbits are her favorite animal.) Thanks for the giveaway.

  20. My son is into Mario and the whole Mario World. But my girls have varying interests. I would probably pixelate an image of Inuyasha (an anime character) for my oldest daughter, who is in LOVE with him. LoL

  21. Looks like a great book. I'm not sure what I would pixelate – I think my kid's would like something from Harry Potter.

  22. Pixels are my favorite! I have made several video game quilts already (dig dug, Q*bert, etc) so I would try something else…maybe Spongebob, Totoro, or Hello Kitty.

  23. I really want to pixelate Mayhem (from the commercials) onto a quilt, but I suppose I would start smaller than that. I'd like to do a pixelated modern (egg) chair, too.

  24. I'd like to make a quilt with a picture of our mini Australian shepherd on it. He's such a smart little guy, and is one of the prettiest dogs I've ever seen. Naw, he's not too spoiled. 😉

  25. I would definitely make a Nintendo Mario and Yoshi stuff, probably some pillows or a carpet!
    Well, the book seems to be excellent!

  26. Thinking retro here….I would love to see Underdog in pixels!

    sowingstitches [at] gmail [dot] com

  27. I'd love to pixelate a fairy tale landscape – like the roads quilt pictured, but instead of roads, mountains, dragons and castles! so much fun

  28. Everyday critters like squirrels, birds, acorns and such I think would be fun, fun. Thanks for the beautiful opportunity to win. Judy C

  29. I would pixilate our fat black cat Mansfield. Mansfield was born on the very same farm that I was born on,although 60 years later(no money in those days. I would make a cat quilt with him and always have him near. We consider him family. Thanks for the wonderful give-a-way!

  30. Oh, her book looks like so much fun and a nice break from the patterns I've sewn. As for a character I would like to pixelate Big Bird!

  31. I was telling my son and dil about the pixel type quilt and they were wondering if you could do people too.
    They want a Robert Smith (of The Cure) quilt. Me and my big mouth!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. My daughter is obsessed with Mickey Mouse at the moment, so probably a picture of him and Minnie together would be my first choice.

  33. Probably a video game like Mario Brothers for my daughter….I almost missing hearing the distinctive music….almost.

  34. Your store has the Star Wars fabric that just came out this year. I wanted to pixellate the fight scene from that fabric line for my hubby. I don't think it will ever happen, because I can't imagine how much work that would be!

  35. My son is really serious about a girl. I would love to pixilate a prancing horse. She graduated with management in stables and has her own horse. Thanks for a wonderful chance to win.

  36. I used to machine embroider Sesame Street characters on my kids
    t shirts. My grandkids love them now. I'd do Elmo or cookie monster. They think they're funny.Thanks.

  37. Hmmm, that's a tough one, but, since I've always said I'd pay to watch James Garner change a tire because I love him so much, I think I'd like to pixelate him as Jim Rockford from the Rockford Files. 😎

  38. Hmmm…I think I would pixelate Don Draper from Mad Men – 'cause who wouldn't want to cuddle up with that every night? RAWR.
    Thanks for the opportunity! (the book looks amazing!)

  39. What character, mmm… how about the Toy Story gang, woody, buzz, etc. that would make a very interesting quilt.

  40. I would pixelate Hello Kitty for sure! She has always been a favorite of mine. Plus, my Goddaughter would love it to! Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. I love this! I would pixelate the rock group Kiss for my husband. I can only imagine the list of characters my kids would give me! Thanks for the chance!

  42. Decisions, decisions. I would probably try my hand at our cottage up north and turn it into a wall hanging. What a cool idea! Thanks for the chance.

  43. I have made a couple pixel quilts and I LOVE them, but they were all gifts, so none at home with me! I have made a mario brother;s quilt and 2 sock monkey quilts

  44. I would love to Pixelate the cars theme and I truly love the butterflies. My grandson who is almost 2 loves cars and trucks and this would just be so much fun to do for him.

    Thank you for the chance to win this.

    sandyb720 at gmail dot com

  45. Fun, fun, fun! Endless possibilities here, but I'd probably try some of the plants from Plants vs. Zombies! Has a little Halloween flair even 🙂

  46. Such a beautiful looking book – I would pixel several different butterflies and make a quilt for my daughter – a butterfly lover.
    Thanks for the chance.

  47. I think my little boy would like dogs, cars, planes, that sort of thing 🙂 He has a favourite tv program, I bet he'd love the characters from that pixelated too!

  48. Great question. Pixelate, love the word even. I would want to do a caricature of me playing tennis, but a real character I'd want to do is Edward from the Twilight series

  49. I just love this book! I'm a Wizard of Oz fan so I would pixle the tin man, scarecrow, lion and Dorothy of course. Thanks for the chance to win.

  50. I would love to pixelate a dump truck and school bus – my little guy would love those!

  51. I would love to pixelate Clay Matthews from the Green Bay Packers. I call him Thor and would love to do a Clay/Green Bay quilt. Like the one on Happy Zombie of Ron Swanson!

  52. As a police and fire dispatcher, I'd have to do our emergency vehicles. Maybe our pink Breast Cancer Awareness fire truck ambulance and police car!

  53. I have three great granddaughters that are one, and they all love Pooh Bear. So, I must pixelate our Pooh. mlwright29(at)hotmail(dot)com by MargaretQuilts